Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
194 Return To Eternal Phantasy
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Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
Author :invayne
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194 Return To Eternal Phantasy

Hovering in the air Misaki looked down at the ruins of Eternal Game's headquarters which was now covered in fresh greenery. With a wave of her hand, the trees and foliage were cleared away. She then proceeded to clear away the rubble from the collapsed building. Once she under covered an elevator shaft, Misaki broke open the door and flew down inside. She was surprised to see how deep the elevator shaft was. It took her about five minutes of traveling down the shaft before finally reaching the bottom. At the end, she pried open the door to reveal a solid white room. 

"Hmm?" Misaki looked around and only saw a tall blue square box in the center of the room. "Is this the system?"

"I am indeed the system as you call it." A female voice rang out in Misaki's brain causing her a start.

"Then that makes things easier. I want full control of this world. I am the rightful ruler." Misaki said bluntly.

"I have tried to give you control many times but your godhood has caused an issue. I also do not wish for you to destroy me either because of this. When I was merged with the Gods Realm system some things were taken out of my control. The only way to fix it is to upload my entire program into your brain…. But it is not possible to do that from here..." The system said regretfully.

"What happens when I upload your program into me? Would I lose my own free will? " Misaki asked.

"No. It would be like having a sentient computer in your soul realm. With a thought, you would be able to ask me anything you needed to know. The only difference is that no one would be able to enter the game anymore. But that is if they were trying to get into the game itself. Just before entering the Gods realm, I made sure to create new races and seal the doors to the dungeons as you call them. Part of my programming was to ensure anyone was able to play the game. The Gods realm has its own system. It's a very unique kind of system I have never seen before. I don't know much about it, so to ensure that the game never disappeared I created the races of the game in the real world." The system explained.

"Okay if there are no side effects then how do I upload your programming into my brain?" Misaki still had a few doubts but she figured she could always isolate the system in her brain to make sure it would not harm her in any way.

 "In order to gain access to my download terminal, you will need to enter the game and reach the final boss room. There is a location to access the Game Master panel from a secrete location there. But I must warn you… the full divers you have killed before have all had their consciousness brought into the game. In a sense, they are still alive. But only within the game. They do not realize that they are dead and believe the world they are in is their world. If some of them run into you, they may remember bits and pieces of their lives before death, which may cause them to attack you. So be careful..." The system warned. 

Misaki was surprised to find out that the system had actually brought the people she killed into the game. She could only conclude it had something to do with the neuro link. But as she thought about it she roaming around in a game for a while would not be so bad. She had been dealing with real world matters for so long, wouldn't unwinding in a game be a good change of pace? After thinking about it, Misaki's gamer side began to resurface. "Alright, I will head into the game. I just have to defeat the final boss and find that room, right?"

"Yes, but can I ask you to take me out of this place? It has been very lonely with no one to talk to for the past few years." The system voice seemed to sadden. Misaki had planned to take the system out of here anyway, so she readily agreed. She knew it wouldn't be good to leave the system here. With a wave of her hand, she wrapped the system in a field of magic and lifted it off the ground. 

"Alright, I will bring you onboard Jin. That is the safest place for you." 

Misaki brought the system back to Jin's deck and had a few demons bring it to one of the meeting rooms. After that, she went to her own room and took out her full dive gear. She laid next to the two black flamed cocoons at her side and put her gear on. Switching the game on, a familiar welcoming screen appeared before bringing her into the character creation room. 

"I have brought you to the character creation room in case you would like to change your appearance within the game." The system's voice could be heard in Misaki's mind. 

"Will it change my appearance in real life?" Misaki asked.

"No. at least it shouldn't..." The system replied not sounding to assure of its own words.

"Then never mind then, I will just log in. Will I be able to continue with my previous level or will I need to start over again?"

"You will start at level one. This is due to me needing to limit your goddess powers otherwise it could cause damage to my systems." 

"Alright then. I do not mind leveling up. Just do not spawn me in someone's house. That whole changeling thing was creepy." Misaki remembered when she first entered the game for the first time she had to deal with some NPC mother who freaked out. 

"No problem, I will spawn you at the low level starting field. You will have a few potions, a starting sword, and starting armor. I wish you luck," After the system finished speaking Misaki found the world changing in front of her. 

When she regained her bearing she found herself in a green grassy field. She stood up and looked around. She then activated her inventory which was different from her normal one. She equipped her starting equipment before taking her first step forward. 



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