Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
188 Ruler Of Earth Part One
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Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
Author :invayne
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188 Ruler Of Earth Part One

Misaki quickly made it to the Canadian, United States border. She could see the area the weapon was fired from easily. It seemed that the wave from the weapon spread out into a cone. "Whatever this weapon may be, let's see if it can hurt me." 

Misaki continued flying into the United States territory. She flew down through the State of Maine all the way down to Massachusetts which were completely devastated by the weapon. When She came to where New York City was supposed to be she saw nothing but water. Under the water, she could see the remnants of a city. It was only when she made it to the outskirts of New York City did she finally see signs of life. A large defensive line was erected. Many soldiers patrolled the area with a strange weapon on their back. 

 "If I recall, the United States stopped Eternal Phantasy from being released a few days before the release date when they found out the game company could fry a person's brains and kill them. Eternal Games was supposed to remove this function before the release which ended up not happening before monsters began appearing in this world." Misaki spoke her thoughts out loud. She scratched her chin and decided to try her luck in making contact with them. 

The soldiers on the ground saw something flying towards them, all began to shout. "Enemy! Prepare to fire!"

"Wait! That seems to be a girl!" One soldier shouted.

"Haha, I haven't seen a girl in years! And this one looks pretty young, just ripe for me to release some stress on!" 

Misaki, having good hearing as it was, frowned and waved her hand. She might not know many languages but she did understand English, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to play some online games. She completely lost interest in trying to make contact with these humans after what they had said. Before any of them knew what had happened the entire defensive line was blown away. Misaki landed on the ground and picked up one of the weapons from a hand that was separated from its body. She looked the weapon over and fired it at a lone tree. The tree slowly began to wither away until finally, it turned to dust.

"So this will slowly suck the life force out of things. It seems the larger marks might be from a bigger version of this weapon. Now to see if it has an effect on me..." Misaki placed her hand in front of the weapon's barrel and pulled the trigger. Whatever waves this weapon shot out were invisible to the eye but Misaki could still feel something hitting her skin as it was being repelled. "No no effect on gods or goddess then. But with a little research, we might be able to build a weapon that was equivalent to this that did work on gods and goddesses..."

Misaki flew the whole defensive line from the east to the west coast killing any humans she saw and taking the new weapons. Although they did nothing to gods it might be possible for them to kill beings that had yet to reach godhood but were close to it. Her inventory now had over ten thousand of these weapons. One thing Misaki found was that she didn't see a single monster insight which told her that they were probably already all killed. This thought made her frown thinking of how many of her kin were slaughtered just because they wanted to get something to eat. 

She went from human settlement to human settlement and used this new weapon on them. She was testing out all the functionalities seeing what it could destroy and what it couldn't. But she found that anything besides her was affected by this new weapon. "I have to hand it to the Americans. They came up with a powerful weapon. Not a full diver in sight but yet they were able to kill all my kin. "

Misaki came upon one town that was surrounded by walls. The top of the walls had barb wire coiled around the top. But what she saw going on inside made her laugh. Down below was a bunch of humans having a large orgy out in the middle of the streets. An older man in his fifties had two girls servicing him and was yelling out something about the survival of the human race required everyone to mate non stop and have children. His words really made her laugh out loud. "What survival of the human race? No humans are allowed to live on my planet!" 

With a wave of her hand the sky opened up and a large fiery rock the size of the walled off town came down and hovered in the air. Misaki took a deep breath and yelled out in English: "Fuck your way through this!" 

All the people who were in the middle of mating with each other all turned their heads skywards. Fear filled their eyes as they watched the massive fiery ball slam into the town. A huge explosion as big as a few atomic bombs had just gone off. Misaki dusted off her hands and gave a humph, before flying off to the next human settlement.

Misaki worked quickly as she sped through the whole western and midwest states. She wiped out every human settlement she found. Once she reached the eastern border she took care of the southeast coast before working all the way up to Washington D.C. But to her surprise when she reached the border of Washington D.C. what she found was a barrier several layers thick. "Oh ho? Seems we either have some new tech or a bunch of full divers..."


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