Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
183 Do Not Disturb Feng Wei’s Sleep!
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Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
Author :invayne
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183 Do Not Disturb Feng Wei’s Sleep!

Loud explosions sounded out shaking Jin causing Misaki to open her eyes. "Jin what is going on?"

"As soon as we crossed the mountain range we came under fire. I thought by going through the mountains we would be able to avoid any detection if they had some kind of systems made up but it looks like I was wrong. Those missiles have a magic core. Once detonated, depending on the rank of the core, it will do a huge amount of damage." Jin explained.

Misaki's face turned black. That was her kin they were using against her!

"Mother?" Feng Wei sat up rubbing her little eyes as she called out sleepily.

"Everything is fine Little Wei, be a good girl, and go to sleep. Mother will take care of everything." Seeing how Little Wei was disturbed from her peaceful slumber made Misaki even angrier! She shot out of the room and out towards the deck. She saw a missile flying towards them. She flew out of Jin's shield, reached out her hand, and caught it! "Why do you all think missiles are the answer!? Nobody wants you trashy out of date tech!" 

Misaki tossed the missile back at the place it came from. She could hear yelling down below and was able to understand what they were saying, so she could decern that they were all full divers. Right as the missile got close, a magic shield formed covering a large area. The missile exploded when it hit the shield but caused no damage. "Humph!"

Misaki flew down to the shield and looked at the people behind it and smiled. "You all seemed to have worked hard! Haha! To think, so many useful humans here. Russians really know how to breed them. When I saw the humans in China, I was pretty disappointed but here we have a full army of full divers all of a decent grade for a human. I will give you all a choice, join me, and become my follower or die. I will let you choose."

"Why should we follow you? We will never betray our country!" A man in a high ranking military uniform yelled out.

"Is that so?" Misaki kinda liked it when they did not give her the time of day. It allowed her to show a little of her strength. Misaki flew in front of the shield, raised her hand, pinched her index finger and thumb together, and then flicked the shield. Upon contact, the whole shield shattered instantly turning into balls of light. "It doesn't seem to me that you can stop me from doing what I want. If I want to kill you it is as easy as 1,2,3!" 

Each time she said a number one of the Russian soldiers died. The way she so effortlessly shattered their shield and also killed his men just by counting, the man in the high ranking uniform froze. They had never met such a formidable enemy since they learned how to kill the monsters. "What, what do you want?" The man in the high ranking uniform asked.

"I just want you all to submit to me. When you do, I will make you all demons. As a demon, you will get to ascend to the Gods realm with me. Right now I have millions of demons running around taking over third world countries. While I do the first world countries. China and everything south of it is already under my control. This includes Japan. Your country is next. Then Europe, then North America. The world will be mine. It's up to you whether or not you are going to die like dogs or join me and live a life you never would have thought possible. 

"If you wish to join me come stand by my side. If you do not stay where you are I will give you all five seconds, 1..." Misaki did not even get to count to two before every soldier present ran over to her side and stood behind her. Now she could have easily just made them submit with her Goddess Aura but she felt this way was more fun. 

All that was left standing on the other side was the man in a high ranking military uniform and about one hundred others. Misaki looked at them, still smiling. She turned around and then looked at the few thousand that turned traitor quickly and smiled even brighter, but slowly that bright smile became darker, and gradually a mass killing intent flooded out of her body towards these full divers. "Now normally I would have you all will the fact that you want to submit to me and follow me but… Today you did something you shouldn't have… You disturbed my little girl's sleep. By tossing your toy missiles at Jin. It woke her up… now, this we can not have. So as of now, you will all die. Sorry~!" 

Misaki tilted her head and smiled brightly once again as she waved her hand, the mass of soldiers that were standing there waiting to become Misaki's followers' eyes all went wide when they heard her words but before they could say anything they all turned into a puddle of blood. She then turned her attention back to the man in the high ranking uniform waved her hand and everyone but the man in the high ranking uniform turned into a pool of blood as well. "You, I will keep. You will tell me where all your people are stationed and tell them not to attack because if they do." Misaki looked around her and smiled causing the man in the high ranking uniform to shiver in fear. "They will end up like this. Now I am sure you know what is best." Misaki Waved her hand and put a seal on the man in the high ranking uniform and said: "This seal will make it so that if you go against me in any way, you will die. So if you do not want to die make sure you stay a good boy."


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