Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
31 I Have A System
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Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy
Author :invayne
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31 I Have A System

Misaki nodded her head as she carefully leaned the door against the wall. She then went back and sat down on the bed. She was afraid to touch anything in case she broke something else. "Chiho what do I do?"

"Mitsu..." Chiho had no idea how to answer Misaki's question. All she knew was her best friend was now very strong. After a bit of thought, Chiho asked: "Mitsu, you said your hud is still visible. Are you able to open your inventory?"

Hearing Chiho's question Misaki raised her finger and tried to hit one of the buttons that she could see but was not able to. Seeing how she could not touch the hud Misaki decided to verbalize the commands: "[Menu]"

A holographic screen appeared in front of Misaki. That had all the menu options that she would have had in game. "Chiho are you able to see the menu?"

"No, I can't see anything. Why? Are you able to pull up the game menu?" Chiho asked.

Misaki nodded her head as she said: "[Inventory]"

This time a window appeared that was more 3d looking. Misaki reached out her hand and tapped on the inventory slot that had her Queen's Blade. A flash of light filled the room and when it dimmed, Misaki found her Queen's blade in her hand. "Ummm… Chiho I have a system..."

Chiho looked at the huge sword that was double the size of Misaki and nodded her head in amazement. "Does this mean you can bring anything you want out of the game?"

"Let me give it a try with something that should never be seen in this world but I need a bigger spot to take it out since it is very large." Misaki answered. She wanted to see what would happen if she took the Treant King's head out of the inventory.

"Alright I will have Jiji send a car over and we can go to one of our warehouses. We have one that is almost the size of a football field." Chiho said before making a call on her mobile phone.

Misaki took this time to see if she could put things back into her inventory while Chiho was on the phone. She took her Queen's Blade and pushed it into the inventory. There was another bright flash of light and her Queen's Blade was back inside her inventory again. Next, she carefully took a book from her bookshelf making sure to not use to much strength and pushed that against her inventory. Once again a flash of light occurred and the book showed up in her inventory. Seeing this Misaki felt a little excited now. If she could bring her things out of the game and she can put real-world things into her inventory, would that not mean she can use them in game?

An hour later Misaki and Chiho found themselves in a very large warehouse that could hold two large planes end to end. Misaki and Chiho stood in the middle of the warehouse. Misaki was amazed that Chiho's family even owned anything like this. "It should be okay for you to take it out here Mitsu. If anyone around here sees we can easily make sure they never speak of what they saw."

With Chiho's assurance. Misaki opened her inventory once again. She knew she could put real world stuff into the inventory but she did not know about things that do not exist in this world could be taken out. Misaki pressed on the Treant Kings head. A flash of light once again happened and in front of the two girls was a large wooden head. "Mitsu is this what i think it is!?"

"Yes it is. It is the Treant Kings head that I stuffed into my inventory before it disappeared after killing it. But this goes to show that I can bring anything out of the game that I want. Well as far as we know. I can also stick anything from the real world into the inventory as well." Misaki pressed her hand onto the Treant King's head and said: "[Collect]"

With her command, the Treant King's head disappeared and was once again inside Misaki's Inventory. "Mitsu! You are so lucky! I wish I had a system!"

"I didn't want one though… Chiho please keep this from everyone else. I don't want others to find out. For now, let's go back to my place. I want to play some more Eternal Phantasy. Maybe I will be able to find how I was able to bring a system into the real world." Misaki could only think of the message that said something about an upload being successful. But she didn't understand how this happened. Or how teaching an in game object would cause such a thing.

"Okay let's go back to your place then. We can go have a hot bath to relax and I can then inspect every inch of your body!" Chiho said jokingly.

"Just be gentle..." Misaki said jokingly as she blushed.

"Oho? Is Mitsu opening up to the world of yuri?" Chiho said as she hugged Misaki's arm.

"You wish!" Misaki normally would have shaken Chiho off but right now but she was afraid she might use too much strength and hurt her best friend.

Chiho knew that Misaki was not continuing the joking around because she was afraid to hurt her so Chiho let go of Misaki's arm and said: "All joking aside let's go. I will send Tetsu to get a few things to test your strength and maybe allow you to practice controlling it better. Until then I will be your hands."

"Thank you Chiho. Otherwise, I might end up breaking everything in my house before the end of the day." Misaki was saying this in all seriousness. She was having a very hard time controlling her strength.
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