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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Author:The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow

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“Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness! No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small… As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tin...
《Forty Millenniums of Cultivation》 Text
Chapter 1: Artifact Graveyard
Chapter 2: Hologram Projector
Chapter 3: The Uncanny Dream
Chapter 4: Fiend Blade Peng Hai
Chapter 5: Exam Simulation
Chapter 6: The Great Dark Age
Chapter 7: Second's School Goddess
Chapter 8: Repairing a Crystal Processor
Chapter 9: Salted Fish and Shoes
Chapter 10: Possessed by a Ghost
Chapter 11: As if a Dream
Chapter 12: Ecstatic Enough to Fly
Chapter 13: Reincarnation of a Glutton
Chapter 14: Little Border of Hidden Lake
Chapter 15: Audacious
Chapter 16: One Strip of Sea Cucumber
Chapter 17: Aunty of the Ghost Market
Chapter 18: Strengthening Drug
Chapter 19: Militant Wolf Slayers
Chapter 20: A Man Doing Body Exercises
Chapter 21: Dividing Four By Zero
Chapter 22: Fed Until Satisfaction
Chapter 23: Eating Without Discrimination
Chapter 24: A Leap of Advancement
Chapter 25: The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives
Chapter 26: Someone Fiercer Arrives
Chapter 27: Actually, He's the Fiercest
Chapter 28: Of Course He Needs to be Aggressive
Chapter 29: Fiend Blade Forger
Chapter 30: You Are So Arrogant~
Chapter 31: I'm No Salted Fish!
Chapter 32: He's a Monster!
Chapter 33: A Night of Unbearable Pain
Chapter 34: A Savage Beast Emerges From its Cage
Chapter 35: The Hour of Intense Battle
Chapter 36: Li Yao Enters the Field!
Chapter 37: Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!
Chapter 38: Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island
Chapter 39: The World Of Cultivation, Is as Vast as the Skies and Seas!
Chapter 40: The Different Types of Cultivators
Chapter 41: The Flagship, The Distant Expanse!
Chapter 42: Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars!
Chapter 43: Sky Fantasia Academy
Chapter 44: A Collision of Essence Particles!
Chapter 45: Debating on the Grand Dao
Chapter 46: The Refiners’ Holy Land
Chapter 47: Ding Lingdang
Chapter 48: Invitation from Grand Desolate War Institution
Chapter 49: Small Ji, the Crystal Beast
Chapter 50: The Codes of an Refiners
Chapter 51: The Blades of Human Civilization!
Chapter 52: A Dense Fog and the Delusion Vine
Chapter 53: Instant Kill!
Chapter 54: Three Major Killing Weapons
Chapter 55: Trading Artifacts
Chapter 56: First in the Rankings!
Chapter 57: Three Options
Chapter 58: A Commander Appears
Chapter 59: Paralyzed!
Chapter 60: A Crazy Backdoor
Chapter 61: Where's Li Yao
Chapter 62: One Move Ahead
Chapter 63: Slaughtering Everything In Their Paths!
Chapter 64: A Torrential Storm Shower
Chapter 65: Ghost Dragon-7
Chapter 66: Demonic Blood Cannon
Chapter 67: The Armageddon Rebellion
Chapter 68: To Silence or Not
Chapter 69: The Tree of Memories
Chapter 70: Fiend Star Yao
Chapter 71: The Transformation of the Fiend Star Yao!
Chapter 72: A Lizard Transforming to a T-Rex
Chapter 73: Explosive Kill with One Shell
Chapter 74: Time and Tide Wait for No Man
Chapter 75: Abandoning All Civility
Chapter 76: A Hammer Decides
Chapter 77: The Scarlet Flame Queen
Chapter 78: The Wind Sweeps and Spreads the Clouds
Chapter 79: Sticking to His Dreams
Chapter 80: Idol!
Chapter 81: Fiend Blade’s Saber
Chapter 82: Small Grayfield
Chapter 83: Your’s is but a Cannon!
Chapter 84: Jumping to the Peak!
Chapter 85: Mining Clan High School
Chapter 86: School Bullying
Chapter 87: Eve of the College Entrance Examination
Chapter 88: I Have Decided!
Chapter 89: College Entrance Examination Champion!
Chapter 90: Breaking News
Chapter 91: Where is the Champion of the College Entrance Examination?
Chapter 92: From out the Boiler Room Came the Champion!
Chapter 93: Igniting the Whole City
Chapter 94: Worst Situation!
Chapter 95: The War over the Genius
Chapter 96: The Final Decision
Chapter 97: The Farce and the Miracle
Chapter 98: Taking the First Step
Chapter 99: Remote Reaches
Chapter 100: The King of Metal Forging
Chapter 101: Virtuosic
Chapter 102: The Final Stretch
Chapter 103: Towers of Bones
Chapter 104: Meeting with an Old Senior
Chapter 105: Sworn Duty of a Cultivator
Chapter 106: Thunderstorm
Chapter 107: Scarlet Calamity
Chapter 108: Lightning-like Pair of Hands
Chapter 109: Taiyi Lightning Railgun!
Chapter 110: Thunderstorm!
Chapter 111: Who are the Cultivators?
Chapter 112: Cultivators Are Here!
Chapter 113: Drawing the Sword
Chapter 114: Volcanic Eruption
Chapter 115: New World
Chapter 116: The Bottom Line of Civilization
Chapter 117: Lingering Souls of Heroes
Chapter 118: Heaven Origin Cultivators' Nexus
Chapter 119: Sensational News
Chapter 120: Foundation of Cultivation
Chapter 121: Full Speed Ahead!
Chapter 122: The Flying Sword is Also Crazy!
Chapter 123: Little Bluebird
Chapter 124: Big Battle Formation
Chapter 125: An Overbearing Apology
Chapter 126: Heavenly Refining Tower
Chapter 127: Wasteland's Wild Waves
Chapter 128: Chaos Edge and Iron Fist
Chapter 129: We are Unorthodox?
Chapter 130: Project Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 131: King of Magical Equipment
Chapter 132: Mass-Production Storm
Chapter 133: Skeleton of a War God
Chapter 134: Supernova
Chapter 135: Determine Your Fate on Your Own!
Chapter 136: Eldest Senior Brother and the President
Chapter 137: Legend… Start!
Chapter 138: I Will Steamroll You One by One
Chapter 139: The Ability to Play a Pig to Eat the Tiger
Chapter 140: 10:1
Chapter 141: Sleeping Can Also Turn You Into God
Chapter 142: Fire and Ice
Chapter 143: Four Experts? Explode for me!
Chapter 144: Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 145: First Generation Tai'e Crafting Furnace
Chapter 146: Super Perceptive State!
Chapter 147: The Miraculous Moment
Chapter 148: Professors, Please Give Me Some Pointers!
Chapter 149: Young Man, I Have High Hopes For You!
Chapter 150: Armadominus
Chapter 151: Building Foundation Egg
Chapter 152: You Are a Glass Jaw
Chapter 153: Falcon King Soaring Into the Sky in One Leap
Chapter 154: As Though Two Completely Different People
Chapter 155: Thousand Tempering Hundred Refining
Chapter 156: I Am Going to Bully You as I Wish
Chapter 157: Arrival of a Group of High School Students
Chapter 158: The Three Treasures of the Grand Desolate War Institution
Chapter 159: The Monster within a Jungle of Steel
Chapter 160: Tit For Tat
Chapter 161: A Showdown Between Refiners
Chapter 162: Supersonic Collision!
Chapter 163: Seven Layered Heavens, Hidden Dragon Scales!
Chapter 164: The Fiend Star Appears! Nine Star Explosion!
Chapter 165: Armory
Chapter 166: The Fierce Battle of Verdant Tarn City
Chapter 167: Levels of Demon Beasts
Chapter 168: He’s Dead Weight!
Chapter 169: Death Squad
Chapter 170: The First Battle
Chapter 171: Super Shocking Firepower
Chapter 172: The Blood Lotus Slowly Blossoms
Chapter 173: Main Competitive Strength
Chapter 174: Li Yao's Transformation
Chapter 175: Heavy Artillery and Insane Saber!
Chapter 176: Let’s Do It Big!
Chapter 177: So You're That Monstrous Genius?
Chapter 178: Killing Their Way Into the Financial District
Chapter 179: Fearsome Gun Fighting Technique
Chapter 180: Thunder Palm
Chapter 181: Demon General!
Chapter 182: The Bravest One Wins!
Chapter 183: Want to Kill Me? Taste The Hellfire-Lightning!
Chapter 184: Total Victory
Chapter 185: Lawful Punishment
Chapter 186: The End of Hunters
Chapter 187: Lone Hunter
Chapter 188: Hunting Efficiency
Chapter 189: Self-Crafting a Magical Equipment!
Chapter 190: Just Out of the Furnace!
Chapter 191: This Magical Equipment is Somewhat Interesting
Chapter 192: 30,000 Credits!
Chapter 193: One Against Two Thousand?
Chapter 194: Impossible Misson
Chapter 195: Escape
Chapter 196: Eliminate Li Yao First!
Chapter 197: Can He Fly to the High Heavens?
Chapter 198: If You Want to Kill Me, Let's Die Together!
Chapter 199: Daggers Drawn
Chapter 200: Ambush on All Sides
Chapter 201: Final Plan
Chapter 202: Three Jade Chips?
Chapter 203: Final Winner
Chapter 204: The Invitation of Long Wenhui
Chapter 205: The World Is So Big
Chapter 206: Doesn't Know What's Good For Himself
Chapter 207: The Best Partner
Chapter 208: The Most Special Examination Hall
Chapter 209: The Tenth Star, Jiang Shaoyang!
Chapter 210: I'm a Genius
Chapter 211: Toothpick War!
Chapter 212: Contest Between a Monster and Another Monster
Chapter 213: Soaring Will to Fight
Chapter 214: A Test Filled With Traps
Chapter 215: What in the Bloody Hell is That!
Chapter 216: It's a Tyrant
Chapter 217: Isn't This Too Brutal?
Chapter 218: The Tarantula vs the Wolf King
Chapter 219: Can't Touch Its Ass
Chapter 220: The Gruesome Battle
Chapter 221: Different Roads
Chapter 222: The Birth of the Sun
Chapter 223: Invisible Peak
Chapter 224: The Future Road
Chapter 225: Ding Lingdang's Secret
Chapter 226: I Will Protect You
Chapter 227: Rebirth of the Mystic Bone
Chapter 228: You Will Wear the Suit!
Chapter 229: Death Training Camp
Chapter 230: Chief Instructor's Got His Eyes on You
Chapter 231: Crystal Suit First Experience
Chapter 232: Pushed It Too Hard
Chapter 233: Astonished Training Planner
Chapter 234: No. 100
Chapter 235: Training in the Crystal Suits Graveyard
Chapter 236: Seven Ways to Hide Edge
Chapter 237: Ecstasy
Chapter 238: The King of Crystal Suits
Chapter 239: Stars Falling on My Head
Chapter 240: Way Too Presumptuous
Chapter 241: Steel V.S. Steel
Chapter 242: Fatal Gap
Chapter 243: A Training Camp Named Universe
Chapter 244: Slashing My Way Forward
Chapter 245: Second Match, Begin!
Chapter 246: Double Hunting
Chapter 247: Perish Together?
Chapter 248: Dark Desolate Domain
Chapter 249: Vast Universe and Silver-blood Demons
Chapter 250: Crazy Digestion
Chapter 251: Arrival of Enemies
Chapter 252: Blood Hand and Night Owl
Chapter 253: Two Demon Generals? Die Now!
Chapter 254: Strong Desire to Survive
Chapter 255: The Soul Stealer and the Lion Dragon Demon
Chapter 256: Hidden Dragon Bombards the Sky
Chapter 257: Super Pressure, Brand New Self!
Chapter 258: Home with Windfalls
Chapter 259: Magnificent Era to Come
Chapter 260: Main Battlesuit Calls for Bids
Chapter 261: Godlike Man
Chapter 262: Tale of Time
Chapter 263: Fiend Star Refining Workshop
Chapter 264: Three Magical Equipment Magazines
Chapter 265: Fight a Shark
Chapter 266: Laws of the Outlaws
Chapter 267: First Bucket of Gold
Chapter 268: The Unknown and the Defective
Chapter 269: Invisible Bug
Chapter 270: Black Worm
Chapter 271: Long Time No See, Old Friend
Chapter 272: A Track Worth Over a Hundred Million
Chapter 273: Sweeping Stones
Chapter 274: Solar Eclipse
Chapter 275: Brutal ALKAID
Chapter 276: Windchaser
Chapter 277: Unbreakable Record
Chapter 278: Secret Treasure and Marrow Crystal
Chapter 279: Mutation of Little Black
Chapter 280: Neltharion
Chapter 281: Shareholder
Chapter 282: Operations Director
Chapter 283: Mountain Sea Sect's Choice
Chapter 284: On Fire!
Chapter 285: Advertisement
Chapter 286: Demon Beast Detector, Young Pioneer Version
Chapter 287: Unstoppable
Chapter 288: Heavy Bomb
Chapter 289: Invincible Opponent
Chapter 290: Foggy Booth
Chapter 291: Crucial Question
Chapter 292: Phantom Entities
Chapter 293: Let's Fight Side by Side!
Chapter 294: Amazing Idea
Chapter 295: Mournful Mist and Sword Torrent
Chapter 296: Birth of the Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 297: Extreme Tests
Chapter 298: Fight Lingdang
Chapter 299: I Love You
Chapter 300: Magical Equipment Exposition
Chapter 301: Twenty Years Later
Chapter 302: Better Life
Chapter 303: Sea of Stars
Chapter 304: Foggy Booth
Chapter 305: Grand Entrance
Chapter 306: Seafood Fried Rice and Egg Fried Rice
Chapter 307: Face Slapping!
Chapter 308: Magical Equipment Purchaser
Chapter 309: Shopping Around
Chapter 310: First Deal
Chapter 311: Deadly Flaw
Chapter 312: 700°C Battleground
Chapter 313: Explosion-reacting Plate Armor
Chapter 314: Men of the Military
Chapter 315: One-on-one Clash
Chapter 316: Flying Crystal Racing
Chapter 317: Match in Lightning
Chapter 318: Rush Hour!
Chapter 319: Rise From Ashes!
Chapter 320: Your Opponent Is a Warship!
Chapter 321: Evening Glow Warship
Chapter 322: Railguns and Warships, Invincible Partners!
Chapter 323: Magnificent Warship Connoisseur
Chapter 324: Narrow Escape
Chapter 325: Imposing Demonstration
Chapter 326: Merciless Counterattack
Chapter 327: Unexpected Return
Chapter 328: Capture a Crystal Warship!
Chapter 329: Let's Burn, Phoenix!
Chapter 330: Close Combat
Chapter 331: Gotcha!
Chapter 332: Cicada Out of Ecdysis
Chapter 333: Jiang Sheng's Expectation
Chapter 334: Unrestricted Warfare
Chapter 335: Occult Orbs Fellowship
Chapter 336: Children of Occult Orbs
Chapter 337: Let's Do It!
Chapter 338: Peak of Refinement Stage
Chapter 339: First-degree State of War
Chapter 340: Against the Current
Chapter 341: Mission
Chapter 342: Assault
Chapter 343: Intensified Spiritual Blast!
Chapter 344: Expert Demon? Fire In Your Face!
Chapter 345: Blood Saber!
Chapter 346: Dangerous Blood Saber Stealing
Chapter 347: Nascent Soul and Black Ocean
Chapter 348: Building Foundation!
Chapter 349: Breakthrough and Harvest!
Chapter 350: Hope and Vigor!
Chapter 351: It Was You, Li Yao!
Chapter 352: Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber
Chapter 353: Live Short and Prosper
Chapter 354: My Experts from the Star
Chapter 355: Stellar Magical Equipment
Chapter 356: Incomparable Benefits
Chapter 357: Orb Patrollers, Empyreal Star City
Chapter 358: Inexplicable Hostility
Chapter 359: Really Not Your Fault
Chapter 360: Appetizer
Chapter 361: Duel of Dignity
Chapter 362: Return of the Witch
Chapter 363: Burning Tank
Chapter 364: Team Blue Bronze's Invitation
Chapter 365: Monsters
Chapter 366: Terrifying Couple
Chapter 367: Key to Victory
Chapter 368: Heaven's Artillery
Chapter 369: Seed Explosion State
Chapter 370: Obliterating
Chapter 371: End Of Practice, Ready For Battle!
Chapter 372: Target: Mystic Glacier
Chapter 373: Shattering the Void
Chapter 374: Ancient Battleground
Chapter 375: Lonely Flying Sword
Chapter 376: Devastating Icy Revenants
Chapter 377: Assault in Firn
Chapter 378: Deadly Fog
Chapter 379: Harvest
Chapter 380: Center of Attention
Chapter 381: Eggs and Fossils
Chapter 382: Top of the Rank of Stars!
Chapter 383: Flash Claw, New Treasure
Chapter 384: Stars to Destroy List
Chapter 385: Ghost Ocean, Fearsome Kraken
Chapter 386: Slaying a Deadly Demon
Chapter 387: Temple of Fallen Stars
Chapter 388: Best Warriors, Three Nascent Souls!
Chapter 389: My Cup of Tea
Chapter 390: Astonished Nascent Souls
Chapter 391: Primeval Force!
Chapter 392: A Month of Absorption!
Chapter 393: Final Competition
Chapter 394: Central Zone
Chapter 395: Who's the Best?
Chapter 396: Success!
Chapter 397: Last Defense Line
Chapter 398: Blazing Hydra, Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 399: Hometown
Chapter 400: New Generation
Chapter 401: Best Friend
Chapter 402: Heaven's Artillery, Launch!
Chapter 403: Interstellar
Chapter 404: Natural Paradise?
Chapter 405: Tide Rises Like Spears
Chapter 406: What a Formidable Being!
Chapter 407: 6,600 Meters Underground
Chapter 408: Frightening Silver Lake
Chapter 409: All Looted!
Chapter 410: Skeleton Dragon!
Chapter 411: Underground Ocean, Undersea Town!
Chapter 412: Super Green Acid Cannon!
Chapter 413: Formidable Beasts!
Chapter 414: Left For Dead!
Chapter 415: Soaring Killing Scent!
Chapter 416: Spectral Cultivator from 7,000 Years Ago!
Chapter 417: This Is a Trap!
Chapter 418: Underground Stories!
Chapter 419: What Is Dead May Never Die!
Chapter 420: New Captain, Li Yao of the Heaven's Origin
Chapter 421: Sparkle, Awakened!
Chapter 422: You Can Even Sail a Starship?
Chapter 423: Vulture Unchained!
Chapter 424: Begin the Slaughter!
Chapter 425: Ares Reincarnated!
Chapter 426: Killing Spree!
Chapter 427: Ancient Demon
Chapter 428: Preternatural Horror!
Chapter 429: Desperate? Definitely Not!
Chapter 430: One Minute!
Chapter 431: Spiral Thrusting!
Chapter 432: Li Yao's Choice
Chapter 433: Resounding Hero
Chapter 434: Challenge the Storm
Chapter 435: No Longer Alone
Chapter 436: Star Spirits
Chapter 437: Stride Forward!
Chapter 438: Go Forth, Sparkle! (End of Volume I)
Chapter 439: Splendid Universe
Chapter 440: First Contact
Chapter 441: Flying Star Sector
Chapter 442: Chaotic Constellation
Chapter 443: Heavenly Saints City
Chapter 444: Skill Card
Chapter 445: Kermis Visiting
Chapter 446: News Store
Chapter 447: Incoming Space Pirates!
Chapter 448: Storm Prison
Chapter 449: Sneaking In
Chapter 450: Rabid Dogs
Chapter 451: Spare My Life, Senior!
Chapter 452: Ten Seconds To Go!
Chapter 453: Great Horn Exo Society!
Chapter 454: Noodle Man!
Chapter 455: Joining Great Horn
Chapter 456: Rudimental Work
Chapter 457: Dominator of Darkness
Chapter 458: Appalling Expert!
Chapter 459: Stormy Sword, Cut Your Throat!
Chapter 460: Game of Spear and Shield
Chapter 461: Simulated Test
Chapter 462: Spiritual Shield Generator
Chapter 463: Dim Flame Belt
Chapter 464: True Fusion, Space Swirl!
Chapter 465: Leopard Jumping at the Sun!
Chapter 466: Quenching Thirst with Poison, Breakthrough in the Space Swirl!
Chapter 467: Cultivator or Immortal Cultivator?
Chapter 468: Fengyu Zhong's Fury
Chapter 469: The Weakest
Chapter 470: Transfer System
Chapter 471: Different Ideologies
Chapter 472: World of Crystal Suits
Chapter 473: Glimmers
Chapter 474: Flying Sword Expert
Chapter 475: Just Who Might You Be?
Chapter 476: Matching Zone
Chapter 477: Fighting in Ice Ocean
Chapter 478: Is This Possible?
Chapter 479: Where Dreams Come True
Chapter 480: Skyhill Sword Seminar
Chapter 481: Noble Families of Refining
Chapter 482: Every Party Has an Ending
Chapter 483: Bai Kaixin's Secret
Chapter 484: Arriving in Skyhill
Chapter 485: Unfamiliar Guest
Chapter 486: Sword Tasting Gettogether
Chapter 487: I Admit My Failure
Chapter 488: Such Training! Such Technique!
Chapter 489: Dumbfounded
Chapter 490: Starved
Chapter 491: Thumbs
Chapter 492: Butcher's Cleavers
Chapter 493: Hitting the Cow Past the Mountain!
Chapter 494: Sweet and Satisfying!
Chapter 495: Two Surpassing All!
Chapter 496: Which Li Family?
Chapter 497: Behind a Genius
Chapter 498: Vicious Rules
Chapter 499: Comeback
Chapter 500: Handmade Chip
Chapter 501: Edgeless Sword, Blood Dragon Tooth!
Chapter 502: Critical Strike!
Chapter 503: Best Explanation
Chapter 504: Spider's Thorn
Chapter 505: Eleven Fingers
Chapter 506: Inhuman
Chapter 507: The Temple of Immortals
Chapter 508: Secrets After Secrets
Chapter 509: Great Era of Chaos
Chapter 510: Ants and Monkey
Chapter 511: Super Explosion Expert
Chapter 512: Great Bargain
Chapter 513: Master Li Yao, We Are Here for You!
Chapter 514: Malicious Li Yao
Chapter 515: Natural-born Immortal Cultivator!
Chapter 516: Chopping Hands
Chapter 517: Sword Seminar in Space
Chapter 518: As Venomous as Viper
Chapter 519: Sparks in Darkness
Chapter 520: Let's Fight!
Chapter 521: Boom!
Chapter 522: Kill When He Must
Chapter 523: I Admit My Failure, Master
Chapter 524: Karma
Chapter 525: New Scheme
Chapter 526: Scaring Everyone
Chapter 527: Bleeding Space
Chapter 528: Fengyu Zhong's Senses
Chapter 529: Such a Fool
Chapter 530: Another Scheme
Chapter 531: Unbelievable Luck
Chapter 532: You Will Regret It
Chapter 533: Fury of Core Formation
Chapter 534: Great Horn's Decision
Chapter 535: Planetary Rings
Chapter 536: Space Steles
Chapter 537: Desperadoes
Chapter 538: Bloody Cloak!
Chapter 539: Slaughterhouse in Space
Chapter 540: Devil's Cry
Chapter 541: A Hundred Times Crazier!
Chapter 542: Homecoming
Chapter 543: White-Haired Gun King
Chapter 544: I Need You!
Chapter 545: He Is Asking to Be Killed
Chapter 546: Rough Iron Plateau
Chapter 547: Path to Core Formation
Chapter 548: Appearance of Qi-trainers!
Chapter 549: First Interaction!
Chapter 550: Invincible in the Refinement Stage
Chapter 551: Resonation! Resonation!
Chapter 552: Plan B, Initiated!
Chapter 553: Teenager of Furious Bear
Chapter 554: Defend the Savageness
Chapter 555: Test Passed?
Chapter 556: Unnegotiable
Chapter 557: Choices Five Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 558: God Slaying!
Chapter 559: Born in Iron Plateau, Die in Iron Plateau!
Chapter 560: Eggs of Apocalypse
Chapter 561: Superlative Height
Chapter 562: Wu Mayan
Chapter 563: True Qi Container
Chapter 564: Sonic Sword, Wolf Fang!
Chapter 565: Clash of Thunder and Lightning!
Chapter 566: Temple of Techniques
Chapter 567: A Thousand Bridge Veins!
Chapter 568: Does It Not Hurt?
Chapter 569: Titan Warriors
Chapter 570: Heritage of Fighting Will!
Chapter 571: Li Yao's New Technique
Chapter 572: Unbelievable Craziness!
Chapter 573: Sky Scorpion Armor
Chapter 574: Tail Turning!
Chapter 575: One Punch Is Enough!
Chapter 576: Charging at the Apocalypse!
Chapter 577: Six Tribes Gathered!
Chapter 578: Showing Off!
Chapter 579: Challenging the Apocalypse!
Chapter 580: Manic Warriors!
Chapter 581: Unstoppable!
Chapter 582: One Fist and One Sword!
Chapter 583: Calamity Level!
Chapter 584: Slaying the Calamity
Chapter 585: Best Warrior of Iron Plateau!
Chapter 586: Victory Ceremony!
Chapter 587: Banished!
Chapter 588: Reincarnation!
Chapter 589: Swallow or Be Swallowed
Chapter 590: If Not Me, Who?
Chapter 591: Oasis Plan!
Chapter 592: Weird Chief
Chapter 593: Everybody's Got a Secret
Chapter 594: Shocking News!
Chapter 595: Beside the Black Tooth River
Chapter 596: Truth Cabinet
Chapter 597: Too Exaggerated
Chapter 598: Monstrous Deduction
Chapter 599: Point of No Return!
Chapter 600: Warrior's Wrath!
Chapter 601: Start a War!
Chapter 602: Beginning of the War!
Chapter 603: Apocalyptic Extension!
Chapter 604: Eerie Temple
Chapter 605: The Other Side of the Scheme
Chapter 606: Tank of the Burning Sun Tribe
Chapter 607: Rush Hour
Chapter 608: You Are a Space Resident!
Chapter 609: Joining Hands!
Chapter 610: Great Horn Again!
Chapter 611: Imminent Peril
Chapter 612: Let's Talk Nicely!
Chapter 613: Truth… Is Out?
Chapter 614: Tell You… Honestly?
Chapter 615: Mysterious Origin
Chapter 616: One Question!
Chapter 617: Yan Chifeng's Ambition!
Chapter 618: Thunderous Roar Roars!
Chapter 619: Breaking the Death Curse!
Chapter 620: The Real Player!
Chapter 621: Mountain King!
Chapter 622: Best Versus Best!
Chapter 623: Mysteries Behind the Blood Stripes
Chapter 624: Bloody Evolution!
Chapter 625: Yan Xibei's Counterattack!
Chapter 626: Melding Completed!
Chapter 627: Great Path of Immortality!
Chapter 628: Make a Road, Set a Fire!
Chapter 629: Strongest Strike!
Chapter 630: Make a Legend!
Chapter 631: Simmer! Superlative!
Chapter 632: Underground Changes!
Chapter 633: Doom of the Foreign Blood
Chapter 634: Ultimate Core!
Chapter 635: Father Xiong's Father
Chapter 636: Will You Practice the Technique?
Chapter 637: Invincible in Iron Plateau!
Chapter 638: Perfect Solution!
Chapter 639: Ridicu
Chapter 640: Magnate of the Magnates
Chapter 641: He Will Not Be Easy to Deal With
Chapter 642: Glorious Sunlight Group
Chapter 643: Welcome Gift!
Chapter 644: Your Fists Are Too Strong
Chapter 645: A Real Master
Chapter 646: Chain Gun?
Chapter 647: Ares Laboratory
Chapter 648: Tortoise and Snake Locking the Mountain
Chapter 649: Edge Sharpeners' Meeting
Chapter 650: Little Dummy
Chapter 651: Something Weird
Chapter 652: Half a Year Later
Chapter 653: Principle of Eating
Chapter 654: Master Is Back
Chapter 655: Hard and Soft, the Unparalleled Extension
Chapter 656: Unparalleled Desperation!
Chapter 657: Core Technology Holder
Chapter 658: I Need a Sandbag
Chapter 659: Air Change!
Chapter 660: Invincible Man!
Chapter 661: Arriving in Cross Wind
Chapter 662: I Like to Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 663: Almost Mentally Deranged
Chapter 664: Strengthened Mystic Skeleton
Chapter 665: Cultivation Bond
Chapter 666: High Risks, High Returns!
Chapter 667: Edge Sharpeners' Meeting Begins!
Chapter 668: I Want a Master!
Chapter 669: A Great Joke
Chapter 670: Super Advanced Core Component
Chapter 671: Why Are You Crying?
Chapter 672: The Spirits of Ancient Refiners
Chapter 673: Dividing Gold Splitting Jade, Nine Dragons On Body!
Chapter 674: Star Basher, Divine Anvil!
Chapter 675: The Best Master!
Chapter 676: Planet V.S. Planet!
Chapter 677: Ice God Clash!
Chapter 678: Xiao Xuance's Proposal!
Chapter 679: Grand Illusionary Legion!
Chapter 680: Next Millennium
Chapter 681: How Did You Know?
Chapter 682: The Mist Plan
Chapter 683: Genius and Mentally Retarded
Chapter 684: Unresolvable Conundrum
Chapter 685: Better Be a Thief
Chapter 686: Brain Concussion Plan
Chapter 687: The Real Game!
Chapter 688: War of the Nascent Soul Stage
Chapter 689: Minor Test
Chapter 690: Death of Apollo
Chapter 691: Arrival
Chapter 692: Enough Is Enough!
Chapter 693: Heroes After Death
Chapter 694: Battlefield of Extraterrestrial Devils
Chapter 695: Devilized People
Chapter 696: Devils' Altar
Chapter 697: Slaying a Nascent Soul
Chapter 698: Worth a Try!
Chapter 699: Let the Vulture's Game Begin!
Chapter 700: Assassination and Assassination
Chapter 701: Trump Card and Trump Card
Chapter 702: Feathered Dragon Saber
Chapter 703: You May Die Now
Chapter 704: End of the First War
Chapter 705: Death of Sand Scorpion
Chapter 706: New Era
Chapter 707: Undercurrents Everywhere
Chapter 708: Reborn in a Labyrinth
Chapter 709: Rules of Darkness
Chapter 710: Man of the Time
Chapter 711: Two Tigers on One Mountain
Chapter 712: Bai Xinghe's Charisma!
Chapter 713: Buy Me, Sell Me
Chapter 714: Carrot and Stick
Chapter 715: Spider Den
Chapter 716: Black Market of Silver Wing
Chapter 717: Fake It Until You Make It!
Chapter 718: You Know Too Much
Chapter 719: Bite the Bait
Chapter 720: Progressive Concession
Chapter 721: No Innocent Souls Under My Saber!
Chapter 722: Li Yao's Methods
Chapter 723: Terror Bomb
Chapter 724: Four Brutal Bandits
Chapter 725: Fengyu Zhong's Promises
Chapter 726: Bai Wulei
Chapter 727: Full-Blown War!
Chapter 728: Hunt Bai Xinghe!
Chapter 729: Ambushes on All Sides
Chapter 730: Broken Hand
Chapter 731: Three Purposes
Chapter 732: Mutual Deterrence
Chapter 733: Great Array of Gold Threads!
Chapter 734: Surging Nether River
Chapter 735: Palace of Stars
Chapter 736: Mutual Deterrence Is Broken!
Chapter 737: Questions Before Death
Chapter 738: Show You Some Respect
Chapter 739: Thank You, Li Yao
Chapter 740: Pry into the Secrets of the Stars!
Chapter 741: Hopes to Go Home
Chapter 742: Two and a Half Rules
Chapter 743: Children of Destiny
Chapter 744: The Last Flying Star Citizens
Chapter 745: Out of Two, One Will Live
Chapter 746: Bai Xinghe's Purpose
Chapter 747: Dragon King Is Mine!
Chapter 748: A Second Time!
Chapter 749: Never To Bend
Chapter 750: I Beg You!
Chapter 751: Never to Regret
Chapter 752: Secret Training Room!
Chapter 753: A Five-Hundred-Year Battle!
Chapter 754: Return of the King!
Chapter 755: Fierce Flood!
Chapter 756: To Kill, to Save!
Chapter 757: A Truth That Nobody Believes
Chapter 758: Boss Bai!
Chapter 759: Bandit and Dog
Chapter 760: No Way Out
Chapter 761: Out of Expectation
Chapter 762: Mice
Chapter 763: Essence of the Star Ocean Imperium!
Chapter 764: Dead End
Chapter 765: Yan Xinjian's Training Log
Chapter 766: Ironic Truth
Chapter 767: Five Hundred Remaining Souls
Chapter 768: Strive for Core Formation!
Chapter 769: A Thousand Days of Training
Chapter 770: Breaking Out of Seclusion
Chapter 771: New Version of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers
Chapter 772: This Is the Last War!
Chapter 773: Space Gate
Chapter 774: Li Yao's Scheme, Begin!
Chapter 775: Reappearance!
Chapter 776: The Gone Starship
Chapter 777: Our Cause Will Succeed!
Chapter 778: The Real Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 779: He's Coming!
Chapter 780: Dawn of the Imperium
Chapter 781: Who's the Lotus King? Who's the Sea King?
Chapter 782: Got Eyes on Me
Chapter 783: Crucify Xiao Xuance!
Chapter 784: I Am Not Bai Xinghe
Chapter 785: Make or Break
Chapter 786: Four Experts
Chapter 787: Imperium of True Human Beings
Chapter 788: Demeanor of the Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 789: Super Decapitation Operation
Chapter 790: You Want to Play Chess? I Knock Over the Board!
Chapter 791: The Flying Star Sector Is Peaceful Tonight!
Chapter 792: Face for Face!
Chapter 793: The Brave Will Win!
Chapter 794: "Mirror"
Chapter 795: Cover the Retreat
Chapter 796: Transformation
Chapter 797: Brilliant Sparkle!
Chapter 798: Instant Movement, Breaking In!
Chapter 799: Life and Cell
Chapter 800: Shameless and Domineering
Chapter 801: Suppressing the Nascent Souls!
Chapter 802: Why Is There Music?
Chapter 803: Superlative Height of the Core Formation Stage!
Chapter 804: Dare to Duel Me?
Chapter 805: Doom of the Villain
Chapter 806: World of Star Brain
Chapter 807: A Ten-Thousand-Year Bloody Battle
Chapter 808: Secrets of Star Children
Chapter 809: Men of Different Beliefs Go Separate Ways!
Chapter 810: The Last Cultivators
Chapter 811: You Got Me!
Chapter 812: This Is the Future!
Chapter 813: Collision of Souls!
Chapter 814: Vulture Plan!
Chapter 815: One Year's Progress
Chapter 816: Portent of the Imperium
Chapter 817: Doomed
Chapter 818: Save the Heaven's Origin Sector
Chapter 819: Fight for the Future!
Chapter 820: Cosmic Slingshot
Chapter 821: New Strength
Chapter 822: Li Yao's Changes
Chapter 823: Return to the Heaven's Origin Sector!
Chapter 824: Mouse Bai
Chapter 825: Breaking the Cocoon
Chapter 826: Dark Reflection
Chapter 827: Roaring Bloody Tide
Chapter 828: Battlefield of the Heaven's Origin Sector!
Chapter 829: The Most Difficult Scheme
Chapter 830: Doom of the Blood Stripe Virus (End of Volume II)
Chapter 831: Twelve Ancient Demon Clans
Chapter 832: Uncanny Incidents
Chapter 833: Master of the Demon Planet
Chapter 834: Chaotic-Blood Demons
Chapter 835: Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!
Chapter 836: Blade of Chaos
Chapter 837: Lei Qi
Chapter 838: Seventy-two Changes
Chapter 839: First Princess of the Gold Crow Kingdom
Chapter 840: High-Level Demons with Halos
Chapter 841: Twist and Turn
Chapter 842: Deep Inside Hundred Desolation Mountain
Chapter 843: Incoming Nether Springs
844 Sharpness of the Foreign Blood
845 Li Yao's New Ability
846 Humanization
847 Bone Fire and Elegant Accen
848 Hereditary Information
849 Cell Infiltration
850 Transformation of Cultivation
851 Greetings, Elder
852 Adventure in the Primeval Era
《Forty Millenniums of Cultivation》 Volume 2
853 Atavism
854 Another Clash
855 Who's Wiping Out Whom?
856 Blood Moon Wolf Raiders
857 Just Roar, the Primeval Force!
858 Terrifying Primeval Appearance
859 Cell Obliterating Cannon!
860 Red Tide Plan
861 So-Called Saintess
862 Understandable
863 Void Turmoil City, Fire Ant King!
864 Trip to Void Turmoil City
865 Séance and Ghost Flowers
866 Skeleton Island
867 Defian
868 Gladiators
869 New Blood
870 Information Bugs
871 Lightning Dungeon
872 Precise Control
873 Laughter of the Scumbags
874 First Appearance of Chaos
875 Sacred Mausoleum
876 Shooting Star Fiery Salamanders
877 Foam Like Butterflies
878 Thousand Corpse Abyss
879 Throne of Genes
880 True Meaning of Chaos
881 Explore the Mausoleum, Wake Up Chaos!
882 Necessary Sacrifices
883 Trap in the Training Beasts
884 Classified Files of Bloody Claw
885 Perfect Weapon
886 Are You Ready, World?
887 To the Mausoleum of Chaos!
888 White Silver Death Desert, the Sea That Swallows Stars!
889 The Mausoleum Is Open!
890 'God' Has Appeared
891 The Massacre Forty Thousand Years Ago!
892 War. War Never Changes
893 Insane Experiments
894 Mass-Produced Perfect Warriors
895 The Sword That Sucks Blood
896 The Real Head
897 New Intruders!
898 Hidden Blood and Hidden Stories!
899 Fire Ant vs. Nether Spring
900 Mantis That Hunts Cicada
901 The Lurking Bird
902 Invisible Strokes
903 Divine Blood of Chaos
904 War of Words
905 Unwavering Pessimist!
906 A Way Out!
907 A Third Life Form!
908 Unmentioned Issues
909 Weird Bronze Gate!
910 Mutation Black Gas!
911 Inside the Darkness
912 Don't Believe Him!
913 The Secret Treasure Is Now Mine!
914 Wrong chap
914 Turbulences Above the Death Deser
915 Origins of Demons!
916 Wrong chap
916 Ultimate One Sect, Ba Yanzhi!
917 New Home!
918 Divine Water of Kunlun
919 Total War!
920 Blood in Empyrean Terminus!
921 Scheme of the Ultimate One Demons!
922 Look for Kunlun!
923 Original Point of Evolution!
924 The Only Hope!
925 No Hole to Sneak In
926 Li Yao in Darkness
927 Gloomy Wind in the North Pole!
928 Mad Medic!
929 Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle!
930 New Plan?
931 Terrifying Nether World!
932 Experiment Subjects!
933 Camp of Special Captives!
934 Are You Even a Human Being?
935 Fisticuffs!
936 Bombs, More Bombs!
937 Do It!
938 Rats in the Cage
939 Miracle
940 Prison Break!
941 Remote Confrontation!
942 Uncrackable
943 Fire Ant King's Amazement!
944 Grand Cannon! Grand Cannon!
945 What About Another Miracle?
946 All Looted!
947 Frost Storm Flowers, Spurt!
948 Mystic Skeleton Again!
949 Let Out the Unparalleled!
950 Get Up and Leave!
951 Ultra-Level Federal Hero!
952 The Hardest First Step
953 Your Words Against Mine
954 Han Tuhu's Questions
955 Giant Crab Operation!
956 Meat or Mincer!
957 Nascent Soul? Demon Emperor?
958 Overwhelming Demonic Energy!
959 Red Tide, Break Out!
960 The Courage to Set Fire!
961 New Strength!
962 Li Yao's Formidability!
963 Uncontrollable Evolution!
964 Spore Stratagem!
965 Most Wanted!
966 Immaculate Trap!
967 Double Strategical Deception!
968 No Choice But War!
969 Sneak into the Pantheon of Demons!
970 Rebirth of Mystic Skeleton
971 Paving a Brilliant Path!
972 Problem of the Cosmos Ring
973 Catastrophe in Void Turmoil City!
974 Perfect Infiltration…
975 Blow Up a Devilish Warship!
976 Teleportation House
977 The Third Disciple
978 Secret Channel!
979 Spores in the Red Tide!
980 For Peace!
981 Jin Tuyi's Suspicion
982 Impasse
983 Point of Breakthrough
984 Five Oysters
985 First Interaction
986 Secret Dialogue!
987 Three Sectors in One, Invincible in the Universe!
988 The Federation in the Enemy's Eyes
989 Another Choice!
990 Li Yao's Desperation?
991 Black Fire Stone and the Sentinel Part I
992 Black Fire Stone and the Sentinel Part II
993 Air Fight!
994 The Most Crucial Information
995 Truth of the Red Tide Plan!
996 Fatal Teleportation!
997 One Shot in the Head, One Stab in the Heart!
998 The Dragon-Butchering Cleaver!
999 Why Don't You Just Ask Him?
1000 Five Purposes!
1001 The Third Skill!
1002 Jin Xinyue's Determination!
1003 Nothing to Regre
1004 Debate of the Living and the Deceased!
1005 Affirmative Action for Ghosts
1006 Everything Is Under Control!
1007 Skyfire Is on the Move!
1008 Blink Operation!
1009 Impossible Infiltration!
1010 Release the Tidal Force!
1011 The Arts of Infiltration
1012 Infiltration in Public!
1013 Three Bugs!
1014 Swap
1015 Endless Examinations!
1016 Stabbing into the Heart!
1017 Sabotage Plan
1018 Unresolvable Paradox?
1019 It's Acting Time!
1020 Blood Demon's Smile
1021 Cerebral Sclerosis
1022 A Moron
1023 A Storm Is Coming
1024 First Wave of Teleportation, Begin!
1025 Angry Bullets!
1026 Hidden Dragon Bombarding the Sky!
1027 Out of Control!
1028 The Way To Escape!
1029 You Have Failed!
1030 Appearance of the Spore!
1031 Yes, Commander!
1032 Something’s Wrong!
1033 Red Tide Rises Again!
1034 Reborn in Fire!
1035 Great Reshuffle!
1036 Dry Bones In the Grave!
1037 The Second Confrontation!
1038 Discussion of Dao!
1039 Trend of the Universe!
1040 The Original Plan!
1041 Jin Tuyi’s Threa
1042 Iron Triangle!
1043 Here Comes the Saintess!
1044 A Hundred-Year Plan!
1045 Belief of a Country!
1046 History Dus
1047 The Real Trial!
1048 It’s Decided!
1049 Adventure of the Cat-Eared Girl
1050 Birth of a Saintess
1051 New Crystal Suit!
1052 Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Blood Demon Form!
1053 The Way of Persuasion
1054 Attacking Elder Nether Spring’s Nest!
1055 Hellish River Cannon!
1056 Children of the Nether World!
1057 Fatal Infiltration!
1058 Abyss!
1059 Fabricating a Federal Hero
1060 How to Train Your Dinosaur
1061 Rekindled Ashes!
1062 Time To Go Home!
1063 Three Key Persons!
1064 Secret Sword Bureau!
1065 The Real Abyss!
1066 From Here to All Eternity!
1067 Li Yao’s Death!
1068 It’s Him?
1069 Defection!
1070 No More Disguise
1071 Be Alarmed and Confess!
1072 Thunderstorm, My Paradise!
1073 Sneaking Into the Inland!
1074 Heavenly Phantom and Grand Illusionary!
1075 Big News!
1076 The Competition Begins!
1077 Guo Chunfeng!
1078 Loopholes of the Storm!
1079 Guo Chunfeng’s Methods!
1080 Sneaking In With the Wind!
1081 Green Mis
1082 The Only Solution!
1083 Locked In Advance!
1084 Quick-Frozen Man!
1085 Human or Ghost?
1086 A Mourning Army Is a Winning Army!
1087 Sniper!
1088 Top Secret Meeting!
1089 Flawless!
1090 Anomaly of the Military!
1091 Trust...
1092 Patriots!
1093 Evilness Rises Again!
1094 Don't Cower. Just Fight!
1095 Dark Motives!
1096 Gif
1097 The Patriots Partnership!
1098 Tempest!
1099 What Evilness Are You Slaying?
1100 Death Ray!
1101 Death Ray’s Trap!
1102 A Battle of the Nascent Soul Stage!
1103 Serial Wars In Darkness!
1104 Medicine!
1105 Confrontation of Beliefs!
1106 Nine-Headed Ocean Monster!
1107 Into the Dirty Water!
1108 The Soul Searching Technique!
1109 The Real Competitors!
1110 Nonexistent Abyss!
1111 Tough Drugs For Tough Men!
1112 Lu Zui's Belief!
1113 Virus and Cell!
1114 Unstoppable Blade Aura!
1115 Come On, the Final Battle!
1116 The Wind Rises!
1117 More Troublesome Trouble!
1118 The Good Always Triumphs!
1119 Vulture’s... Death!
1120 Capture Guo Chunfeng!
1121 Sincere Talk!
1122 As Vicious As Viper!
1123 Twist and Turn!
1124 The Last Kilometer!
1125 Idiotic Choice!
1126 Old Artillerist!
1127 Flapping Red Flags!
1128 Crumbled!
1129 The Truth Is Out!
1130 Be a Blood Devil!
1131 Good or Evil!
1132 The Key to the Nascent Soul Stage!
1133 Mutual Appreciation!
1134 There's Only One Truth!
1135 Simpleminded!
1136 Dual Cores!
1137 Pouring Rain in Dark!
1138 Accidental Fall!
1139 Ten Square Victory!
1140 The Things About Mouse Bai
1141 It's Allies That I Fear!
1142 When the General Is at War!
1143 The Federal Army!
1144 A Mouse!
1145 I Can Only Help You So Much!
1146 Evil Never Laughs to the End
1147 Iron Commander's Determination!
1148 Duel of Dignity!
1149 You Are on the Wrong Path!
1150 Collision of Creeds!
1151 The Real Spirit of the Federation!
1152 One Attack to Settle Everything!
1153 Butterflies in the Storm!
1154 Repatriation!
1155 Fan Meeting!
1156 My Father Is a Hero!
1157 That's Me!
1158 Not Nonexistent?
1159 Abyss in the Cave!
1160 That Explains Everything!
1161 Young Ye Yuya!
1162 Born in Hatred, Die in Hatred!
1163 Fishing Crayfish!
1164 I Am the Blood Devil, and I'm Scared of Nobody!
1165 Stride Forward!
1166 Lu Zui’s Anomaly
1167 The Last Hope for the Patriots!
1168 New Leader!
1169 First-Hand Pain
1170 The Sword Grabber
1171 A Hundred-Year Rivalry!
1172 I am Ding Lingdang!
1173 Lu Zui’s Successor
1174 Do It Once!
1175 Latest News
1176 Era of the Great Universal Development!
1177 Double Swirl
1178 If You Want a Fight, Let’s Have One!
1179 Li Yao’s Wedding!
1180 Welcome to Earth!
1181 Something Is Terribly Wrong!
1182 Of the Same Origin?
1183 Problem Solved!
1184 Mutations of Black Wing!
1185 Pop’s Last Words! End of Volume III
1186 Dancing Butterfly
1187 Meeting of the Nascent Soul Stage!
1188 Destruction of the Imperium
1189 Too Much Debt Is No Debt!
1190 Longevity
1191 A Billion-Year War!
1192 Grandpa Plan!
1193 Female Teacher in the Future
1194 Black Hole and Cockroach
1195 Critical Question!
1196 Deterioration of the Imperium
1197 Balance of Life and Death!
1198 History as a Mirror
1199 Covenant Alliance in the Mis
1200 Pangu's Covenant!
1201 War of Successors!
1202 When a Father Wants a Son Dead
1203 Advantages of the Federation
1204 Golden Century!
1205 Developing Pangu's Relic!
1206 Army of Star Spirits
1207 Solar Soldiers!
1208 Li Yao's Grand Strategy!
1209 Black Hole Bomb!
1210 A World Without Spiritual Energy!
1211 Brand New Patterns of War!
1212 Ocean of People
1213 The Hands That Hold the Saber!
1214 It's Finally Here!
1215 Confrontation in Kunlun!
1216 Dark Flame Gold!
1217 The World Is Ours!
1218 Arriving in the Crab Nebula!
1219 Kunlun, the Primeval Battlefield!
1220 Pangu's Roar!
1221 Primeval War!
1222 Broken!
1223 Miner in Space!
1224 Giant!
1225 God-slaying!
1226 Special Force of the Primeval Era!
1227 The Immortal Cultivators Are Here!
1228 The Underestimated Imperium!
1229 Factory of Apocalypses!
1230 Debut of the Immortal Cultivators!
1231 First Contact!
1232 Mutual Cheating!
1233 We Are Here for Peace!
1234 Who's Being Hypnotized?
1235 Ill Intentions!
1236 Such Ugliness!
1237 Spare My Life, Deities!
1238 The Apotheosis of Lists!
1239 Book of Revelation!
1240 Parasitic Wasps and Incubators!
1241 Animal Rights Extremists!
1242 Wolves and Rabbits
1243 Law of the Imperium!
1244 Demagogism!
1245 Self-Destructing Worlds!
1246 Land of Drough
1247 Planet of Plague!
1248 Calamitous Pestilence!
1249 Destruction of the Martial Meritocrats!
1250 The Chiyou Cul
1251 Frogs in Warm Water!
1252 Natural-Born Original Sin!
1253 Civil War!
1254 Blackstar's Revenge 1
1255 Blackstar's Revenge 2
1256 Blackstar's Revenge 3
1257 Hero or Fiend?
1258 Will You Press It or Not?
1259 The Sick Beauty
1260 Eagle Flies!
1261 The First Clue
1262 Blackstar the Great!
1263 Motivation and Tutelage
1264 Raising a Ravenous Tiger!
1265 Straight Answer!
1266 Ideal and Reality!
1267 Triple Star-Lightning Flag!
1268 The Contribution Point and the Citizenship System
1269 Superstring Armor!
1270 Breaking into Kunlun!
1271 The Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterflies
1272 Colossus!
1273 Three Fundamental Laws!
1274 Manufacture Human Beings
1275 Kill You One More Time!
1276 Somebody's Inside!
1277 A Living God!
1278 Draconic Phoenix!
1279 Fatal Pulse Signals!
1280 She Is a Demi-Human!
1281 Infection and Wildness
1282 Virus Killing!
1283 You Must Not Be Swayed!
1284 The God Has Arrived!
1285 Regards from an Immortal Cultivator!
1286 On Fire!
1287 Draconic Phoenix, Activated!
1288 Fists Against Flesh!
1289 Terrible Metamorphosis!
1290 Pestering!
1291 The God Is Frightened!
1292 Kill the God in My Way!
1293 Beginning of the Great Development!
1294 Old but Never Die
1295 Thorn on the Belief
1296 Master of Debate
1297 Vaccines for Immortal Cultivators
1298 Monkey and Gun
1299 Who Is Li Linghai?
1300 Shine Brilliantly!
1301 Great Leap!
1302 Dazzled
1303 New Colossus!
1304 The Most Dangerous Woman In the Federation!
1305 Ace of the Aces!
1306 Civilization
1307 Unavoidable Doom
1308 DLC
1309 Real and Illusionary
1310 Father of ‘Civilization’
1311 Deconstructivism
1312 Draw Your Sword!
1313 The Young Immortal Cultivator
1314 March Into the Universe!
1315 Everything From Nothing
1316 Let’s Go To The Universe!
1317 A Greeting
1318 Invisible World
1319 Problems of the Sub-light Speed
1320 You Are The One
1321 When You Learn The Truth In the Morning
1322 Ding Lingdang’s Choice
1323 105% Alive!
1324 A Deal of a Hundred Years!
1325 Special Training! Special Training!
1326 The Arts of Colonization
1327 Everything Is Se
1328 Life Legacy
1329 Future of the Disciples
1330 See You In A Hundred Years!
1331 End of the Universe!
1332 Firefly in the Darkness
1333 A Lone Star's Journey
1334 Black Box
1335 Breaking Into the Unknown World!
1336 This Doesn’t Look Right!
1337 Bloodstained Paradise
1338 Combat Ability of the Ancient People!
1339 Orchid Sword
1340 The First Observation Report of the Foreign World
1341 Ancient Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator
1342 Hundred Ghosts Edic
1343 A Test!
1344 The Local Nascent Soul Stage Is Angry!
1345 Collision of Civilizations!
1346 As Vile As Such!
1347 Too Weak!
1348 Differences Between Traditional Arts and Modern Ones
1349 Whereabouts of the Appeasing Army
1350 Li Yao Is Out!
1351 Mayhem In the Ancient Sages Sector
1352 Optional Strategic Partners
1353 Twelve Gold Statues!
1354 Total Mess!
1355 Master Spiritual Vulture’s Infame
1356 Unimaginably Brutal!
1357 Legends of the Divinity Transformation Stage!
1358 Master Black Moon
1359 Hundred Victories Great Arena
1360 That Explains A Lot!
1361 Night Assault!
1362 Lord of Behemothic Eagle!
1363 Fire in the Pit!
1364 Elder Has Returned!
1365 Unfreeable Nightmare
1366 Man From the North!
1367 Ancient Cultivator’s Vision
1368 Disasters of the Cultivators!
1369 Causes of the White Lotu Cult!
1370 Heaven Battering Fiendish King
1371 Eunuch’s Conspirators!
1372 Bloodless and Tearless Years!
1373 Wolf, Sheep, and Grass
1374 The Birth of a Country!
1375 Classic Militarism!
1376 You Go, Your Daughter Stays!
1377 The Purple Pole Sword Sec
1378 Three Saints, Four Rapscallions, One Monk, and One Emperor!
1379 First Stop, the Purple Pole Sword Sect!
1380 Who's Right and Who's Wrong?
1381 Our Pas
1382 Deterrence
1383 Two Saints in Competition, the Dragon Spring Meeting!
1384 Tension Below the Hundred Blade Mountain!
1385 Greetings, Elder!
1386 The Elder Likes a Low Profile!
1387 Competitions In the Classical Age
1388 Bronze Censer Peak, Best Versus Best!
1389 The Consequence of Infuriating the Master!
1390 The Purple Pole Sword Sect’s Decision!
1391 Qi Zhongdao, Yan Liren!
1392 Life Is A Present...
1393 Observing Is Dangerous!
1394 This Is Too Unbelievable!
1395 Glory of the Dead End!
1396 He Has... Perished!
1397 Sophisticated Dialogue!
1398 The Fourth Sword!
1399 Attack of the Sword Maniac!
1400 Just a Swordsman!
1401 Steal the Thunder!
1402 Heir of Great Zhou!
1403 Is This a Ruse?
1404 Master Spiritual Vulture, Please Wait!
1405 Nice Sword!
1406 Astounding Performance!
1407 You’re In For a Treat!
1408 This Is What I’m Talking About!
1409 Rising To Fame!
1410 Incoming Febrile Typhoon!
1411 Commitment!
1412 Long Quest For Divinity!
1413 The Things About Wang Xi
1414 A Mannered Man!
1415 Ghost Shadows
1416 High Trees Are Hit First!
1417 Emperor Phoenix!
1418 Surging Flood!
1419 Fighting the Sky and the Earth!
1420 A Monk’s Mercy
1421 Such a Monk!
1422 What Mercy?
1423 Food Crisis!
1424 Uneasy Ghosts Below Roaring Tiger City!
1425 Magnificent Tigers!
1426 Heartless!
1427 The Respect That Must Not Be Given!
1428 Kill Me If You Want, But There’s No Food!
1429 Who's To Break the Array?
1430 Array Breaker!
1431 Reprehensible
1432 Fall of the Roaring Tiger Hall!
1433 Complete Suppression!
1434 Slay the Evils When There Are Evils and When There Aren’t!
1435 Defy the Heaven’s Will!
1436 All Looted?
1437 The Wine Cup Is Never Empty!
1438 Friend From the Sky
1439 Chat Over the Wine!
1440 The Wine Tank Named World!
1441 A Road Up Ahead!
1442 Hideousness of the Ghouls!
1443 Incoming Ghost Army!
1444 Compassion!
1445 Appearance of White Lotus!
1446 Something’s Wrong!
1447 Who's the Idiot?
1448 Joining Hands?
1449 Who Are You?
1450 On the Shipwreck!
1451 Special Agent Long
1452 Home of the Dead
1453 Divine Palace!
1454 Path To the Deitiesa€TM Realm!
1454 Path To the Deitiesa€TM Realm!
1454 Path To the Deitiesa€TM Realm!
1454 Path To the Deitiesa€TM Realm!
1454 Path To the Deitiesa€TM Realm!
1454 Path to the Deities' Realm!
1455 Intangible!
1456 Escape!
1457 Possibility of Cooperation
1458 Everything Is Under Whose Control?
1459 It Is You!
1460 One Step Close!
1461 Why Do We Have To Hurt Each Other?
1462 Purge the World!
1463 Union of the Five Super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators!
1464 The Way To The North!
1465 Rise of the Phoenix!
1466 Freezing Tempests!
1467 Horror of the Eternal Night!
1468 Above the Divine Palace!
1469 Tide of Ice Devils!
1470 Battle In Chaos!
1471 Firn Field Falls, Divine Palace Rises!
1472 The Truth About the Divine Palace!
1473 Body Explosion!
1474 Weird Illusion
1475 The Awakened
1476 Trump Card V.S. Trump Card!
1477 The Way to Break the Impasse
1478 Mysteries About Long Yangjun’s Birth!
1479 This Isn’t a Coincidence!
1480 Long Yangjun and Emperor Phoenix!
1481 Li Yao’s Shocking Speculation!
1482 Truth About the Mysterious Signal!
1483 How Losers Play the Game
1484 Terms of Cooperation
1485 Crystal Cameras, Activated!
1486 Small Dark Fores
1487 Warehouse of the Colossi!
1488 Quarrel!
1489 Where Is the Sparrow?
1490 They’re Here!
1491 End of Negotiation!
1492 To Flourish Your Family, Or To Destroy it?
1493 The Black Skeleton Is Awakened!
1494 Deity Raincloud!
1495 Cloud Qin, Han Baling!
1496 Prisoner’s Dilemma
1497 Li Yao Is Here!
1498 Refused Generosity Means Punishment!
1499 Fight! Fight! Fight!
1500 The Last Choice!
1501 Crazy Spiritual Vulture!
1502 Voices In the Black Skeleton
1503 The Unexpected Factors Are All Here!
1504 Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun
1505 The Real Deities’ Realm!
1506 The Divine Palace Below the Divine Palace!
1507 Bloating!
1508 Devil-Sealing War!
1509 Mutation of the Junk genes
1510 Doorkeeper
1511 World-Blighting Crisis
1512 More Concerns
1513 Twelve Angry Men
1514 The Altruistic Traitors!
1515 Backgrounds of Deity Raincloud
1516 One World, Two Buyers
1517 Heiye Lan
1518 Remnants of the Previous Dynasty
1519 Blazing Tyrannosaur!
1520 Hooray For My Wife!
1521 Join the Imperium!
1522 The Rise of An Imperial World
1523 A Country Born For Wars!
1524 Carve Up the Federation!
1525 Not a Threat, But a Fact!
1526 Is It Worth Gambling?
1527 What Are They Up To?
1528 We Will Count On You!
1529 Who’s the Mantis? Who’s the Sparrow?
1530 Tartarean General!
1531 Roars From Inside the Tartarean General!
1532 Dangerous Ally
1533 Time of Perils!
1534 Decide the Future!
1535 Master Bitter Cicada’s Tough Choice
1536 A Stab In the Back?
1537 New Choice!
1538 Long Yangjun’s Bad Idea
1539 Deterrence in the Enemy’s Back!
1540 Sleazy and Cruel Long Yangjun!
1541 Don’t Push Too Far!
1542 Star Picking Plan!
1543 Tricked
1544 Let’s Make Friends!
1545 The Last Preparations!
1546 Path of Ascension!
1547 Triple Identities!
1548 Infuriate the Sun! End of Volume IV
1549 Universe, I’m Back!
1550 Welcome From the New World
1551 Ferocious Beasts... On a Chopping Block?
1552 This Way, Please!
1553 Heavenly Light and Earthly Brute
1554 The She-Devil Has Arrived!
1555 War of the Federation and the Uranian Ring Sector
1556 Jin Xinyue, the Venomous Witch!
1557 Master of Seven Sectors!
1558 Headhunter
1559 Rise of the Tyrannosaur
1560 Wait, Who Is Li Yao?
1561 Fishes and Dragons, Fish Dragon City!
1562 Terrifying Monster!
1563 This is the Imperium!
1564 Bumpkins To the City
1565 Bosses, Do You Need Smuggling?
1566 Competition of Two Heroines!
1567 Grand Entrance of Ding Lingdang!
1568 The New Worlds and the Old Worlds
1569 Two Womena€TMs Competition of Beliefs!
1569 Two Womena€TMs Competition of Beliefs!
1570 Ocean of Jade Chips!
1571 Histories of the Nether World
1572 If We Burn, the Universe Will Never Be Dark!
1573 The Real Self
1574 In Short, Let’s Rob!
1575 Enjoy Life!
1576 Masterpiece
1577 Something’s Wrong With the Crystal Suit!
1578 Observe and Play
1579 Leave The Chance To Young People!
1580 Who Is Wu Yaxuan?
1581 Marvelous Refiner!
1582 I’ll Simply Keep Quiet And Watch Your Show...
1583 The Tang-Surnamed Girl's Purpose
1584 Competition of Routes On Firefly
1585 King of Adjustment!
1586 Truly Marvelous!
1587 The Mysterious Buyer
1588 Priceless Enlightenmen
1589 Enlightening!
1590 Senior Lin
1591 Big Show!
1592 This Is An Expert!
1593 Chilly Wind...
1594 Cicada, Mantis, Sparrow and Hunter
1595 Another Hunter
1596 The Dim Moon Squad
1597 Dark Side of the Moon
1598 Hold Back Your Techniques One Sec!
1599 Where Red Tide Ends, Dim Moon Rises
1600 My Turf, My Game!
1601 Space Jump Matrix
1602 Long-Gone Smile
1603 Cheng Xuansu’s Judgemen
1604 A Minor Acciden
1605 The Familiar and Yet Strange Infiltration
1606 I’m Not a Man of Violence
1607 New Situation!
1608 “Stick”
1609 Professional Enough...
1610 Speaker Cui!
1611 Unexpected Appointmen
1612 Black Wind Is Coming!
1613 Speaker Versus Captain!
1614 Uncanny Rio
1615 This Name Is More Low-Key
1616 Miracles Happen Occasionally
1617 No More Running!
1618 Li Yao Started Again...
1619 Immortal Cultivator 2.0
1620 Team Red Lotus!
1621 Good Cultivators, Bad Cultivators
1622 We Agreed To Keep A Low Profile Together...
1623 Trolling!
1624 Please Stay Back
1625 Raging Red Lotus!
1626 Master Lu
1627 The Face Behind Red Lotus
1628 Befuddled Captain Tang
1629 A New Superhero... Is Here!
1630 The Dark Star That Has Been Destroyed Dozens of Times
1631 The Birth of a Traitor
1632 Lu Qingchen’s Belief
1633 Rebirth Plan
1634 Big Bai Flee
1635 Bai Xingjian and Bai Kaixin
1636 Rise of a Garbage Fleet!
1637 Tales of Big Bai
1638 Should Be... Unattractive?
1639 Dominating Lin Jiu!
1640 The First Collision After a Hundred Years
1641 The Pig That Eats The Tiger...
1642 Beach Landing!
1643 Dinosaur In the Space!
1644 Porcupines In Winter!
1645 Fighting Nature Is the Greatest Pleasure!
1646 Return to the Federation!
1647 Start From the Uranian Ring Sector
1648 Half-Demon Girl
1649 New 'Civilization', New Federation!
1650 The Eighth Sector
1651 Grand Unification
1652 Father of the New Federation!
1653 Mystical Question
1654 Legend of the Mortal Immortals
1655 An Episode from the Imperium
1656 From Ghosts to Humans
1657 A World in a Grain of Sand
1658 Flowers to Brothers and Sisters of the Pas
1659 Life-and-death Decisions!
1660 Xiao Ming and Wen Wen
1661 Praise the Father Civilization
1662 Independence of the Spiritual Nexus
1663 Child of Mankind
1664 Mischievous Child
1665 Collapse of the Virtual Spirits Sector
1666 Two Little Surprises
1667 Help Me Consolidate It, Please!
1668 Let Me Help You Sort It Through
1669 Heartfelt Conversation
1670 I've Decided, It's Going to Be You!
1671 Crime of Illegal Possession!
1672 Law Is Supreme!
1673 Two Apples
1674 Brother Civilization?
1675 Nefarious Scandal!
1676 What Do You Want Exactly?
1677 Li Yao’s Snake Beauty
1678 The War Between Two Women
1679 I Am Going To Win!
1680 Great Avalanche
1681 Revolution!
1682 Monster Li, Bravo!
1683 Whet a Sword For a Hundred Years, Cut the Throat in One Attack!
1684 A Thick, Strong and Dependable Thigh!
1685 Better To Fight the Imperium Than To Piss Monster Li
1686 Jin Xinyue’s Real Ambitions!
1687 Queen of Darkness!
1688 Loopholes and Boundaries
1689 Rejection Reaction
1690 Jin Xinyue’s Solution
1691 Bottom Up!
1692 Complete Suppression!
1693 One Life For One Life!
1694 After a Century, Obliteration, Rebirth, Immortality!
1695 The Fleet Behind the Brown Dwarf
1696 Heiye Minga€TMs Decision!
1697 Summon, Arrive!
1698 The Hanged Man
1699 The Real Rise!
1700 The Old Immortal Cultivator and the New One!
1701 Clean the Mess
1702 Okay... That Explains a Lot!
1703 Tinder Lives, Civilization Lives!
1704 Source of the Tinder
1705 Sister Qingqing Again
1706 Prosperous Circulation!
1707 Village Teacher
1708 The Spiriters and Their Realm!
1709 The Open and Frank Tinder Plan
1710 Between Reality and Illusion
1711 Just Admit It. We Are Just Like That!
1712 A Leap In Evolution!
1713 Beyond the Divinity Transformation Stage!
1714 Report to the Government!
1715 Mo Xuan’s Belief
1716 The Hope of Absolute Peace
1717 The Way to Break Illusion
1718 Silver World
1719 Absolute Peace!
1720 Greatest Man Alive
1721 Fatal Trap!
1722 My Most Familiar Pace Is Back!
1723 The Professor’s Whole Scheme!
1724 Confrontation!
1725 It Can’t Be You Again, Monster Li!
1726 The Last Solution!
1727 Disguises In Disguises!
1728 Lord of Ventilation Tubes!
1729 Lock onto the Target!
1730 Specialist of Super Brain!
1731 Spiritual Nexus Sudden Death
1732 Tens of Thousands of Vegetative Patients!
1733 Total War!
1734 Neither Dead nor Alive!
1735 Shells
1736 Cerebral Laboratory
1737 Abyss in Space!
1738 Mental Recoil!
1739 Truth of the Spiriters' Realm!
1740 Deviant Spirits
1741 Save Mankind
1742 My Friend, You’ve Come For Possession?
1743 Extraterrestrial devils! Extraterrestrial devils!
1744 The Last Competition, Begin!
1745 Even Though I’m alone!
1746 We Don’t Have Much Time Left!
1747 Gathering!
1748 414 Is on the Move!
1749 The First Time After a Hundred Years!
1749 The First Time in a Hundred Years!
1750 The Supreme Emperor's Excalibur, Photon Phantom!
1751 I Can Fight 100,000 of Them!
1752 Horn of Charge
1753 The Primeval God-Sealing Cannon!
1754 A Shot After a Hundred Years!
1755 The Situation Looks Good!
1756 Abyss Jellyfish, Iron Troll!
1757 Unstoppable!
1758 Silver Tomb
1759 Mo Xuan, the Extraterrestrial Devil!
1760 Silver Slaughterhouse!
1761 Lost in the Spiriters’ Realm!
1762 Black Wind Arrives!
1763 Space Battle!
1764 Unkillable Rabid Dog!
1765 Misfortune Bringer!
1766 All Cannons Roar, Line Up and Shoot!
1767 Bai Xingjian’s Anomaly!
1768 An Accidental Journey in the Paradise
1769 Eternal, Wonderful New World
1770 You Are Under Arrest!
1771 Fish Them All!
1772 Crush the Big Bai Fleet First!
1773 Sordid and Shameless!
1774 Truth of the Extraterrestrial Devils!
1775 Soul Transplantation, Generation Update!
1776 Parasite Attack, Begin!
1777 Internet of Brains!
1778 Perfect Symbiosis
1779 Two Extraterrestrial Devils Joining Hands!
1780 Fellow Cultivator Mo Xuan, Come On and Give Me a Hand!
1780 Fellow Cultivator Mo Xuan, Come and Give Me a Hand!
1781 I Am a Human, Too!
1782 Brothers Together!
1783 All Illusions, Break Apart Now!
1784 Twelve Experts of the Ancient Sages Sector, Arrive!
1785 The Last Strength!
1786 Green Bird In Fire!
1787 Sing, Roar and Burn!
1788 In the Song!
1789 Another Extraterrestrial Devil!
1790 Loved
1791 Blossom of Hundred Flowers!
1792 Fierce Fight of Caged Beasts!
1793 The Joker Has Come!
1794 Wargame and the Chess Pieces Large and Small
1795 Remember My Name!
1796 Big Bai Is Coming!
1797 Five Hundred Years of Preparation!
1798 Didn't See This Coming!
1799 Monster Li's Explanation
1800 Have a Gratifying Fight!
1801 Colossi, Prepare to Attack!
1802 Masteress...
1803 Wormhole Bomb
1804 Fury of the Tyrannosaur
1805 Sweeping the Enemy!
1806 Enmeshed
1807 An Immortal Cultivator Who Loves the Federation
1808 Two Worlds, Two Classes
1809 Do You Want to Be... Really Alive?
1809 Do You Want to Be... Truly Alive?
1810 Perfect Country
1811 Origins of Humans and Devils
1812 A Devil Rises!
1813 It Has to Be Blown Up!
1814 Moth Darting at Fire
1815 An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth!
1816 Unbelievable Miracle!
1817 Suicide Squad!
1818 Another Two Hours!
1819 A Carrier Has Come!
1820 Those Who Are Ignorant Are Fearless!
1821 A Journey of Sparks and Lightning!
1822 Collision of Infinite Fire!
1823 Uncanny Tenebrum Energy!
1824 Black Satan!
1825 A Sword of Ten Thousand Kilometers!
1826 Collection of Extraterrestrial Devils!
1827 I am the Winner!
1828 What Are You Exactly?
1829 Escape from Earth!
1830 Collapse of Black Wind
1831 Escaping Star
1832 I'll Be Waiting for You at the Center of the Universe!
1833 To Where the Stars Are Brightest!
1834 Juniors
1835 Pomp and Circumstance
1836 It's Good to Be Home
1837 In the River of Time
1838 Let's Do It Together, Crawl or Leap!
1839 Secrets of Bai Xingjian
1840 The Ultimate Evolved Space Pirate!
1841 Close to the Truth
1842 Counterattack of a Great Man!
1843 Such a Trap, Such a Father!
1844 Child...
1845 Who's Protecting Whom?
1846 Battlefield Uprising?
1847 National Ceremony!
1848 Under the Monumen
1849 When Our Fates Entwined
1850 Home Is Ahead! End of Volume V
1851 New Techniques
1852 The Last Hyper Spiri
1853 Moonlight Bringer
1854 The Dying Spirits Sector
1855 Sand Painting
1856 The Gone Statue
1857 Enlighten the Child Civilization
1858 On Sirius
1859 Di Feiwen
1860 Choice of the Fleet of Brown Dwarf
1861 Surrender Only to You
1862 The Gate of the Divinity Transformation Stage!
1863 Fiery Eye, Heavy Cannon, Death Shadow!
1864 I'm in a Hurry. Come Together!
1865 Absolutely Dominating and Brutal!
1866 You Are Too Cruel
1867 The Most Troublesome Negotiator
1868 Di Feiwen's Scheme!
1869 Level-Twelve Citizen of the Imperium!
1870 Overthrow the Imperium!
1871 Master of Five Sectors!
1872 Business Lord
1873 Bound Interests
1874 Heartfelt Conversation
1875 Feats Are Feats; Faults Are Faults
1876 Xu Yulan's Confusion
1877 New Life on Ultimacy
1878 Everything from Nothing
1879 All Are Winners
1880 After the Choice
1881 When Faced with a Tiger
1882 The Arsonists
1883 Let's Wait and See!
1884 The Last Mission at the Edge of the Cosmos
1885 Changes in the Ancient Sages Sector
1886 Son of Destiny!
1887 Arrival of the Elder!
1888 Unparalleled Fiery Fiend!
1889 I Will Just Watch You Quietly...
1890 Let's Talk Nicely
1891 You Really Are Doomed
1892 Okay, I'm Coming
1893 Let Me Teach You a Lesson!
1894 This Is Destiny's Son!
1895 A New Chapter of the Ancient Sages Sector
1896 Is There Law?
1897 Monster of Monsters!
1898 One Thousandth
1899 Hundred-Year Glory
1900 Our Quest!
1901 New Epiphany
1902 One Inch from the Divinity Transformation Stage!
1903 Operation Archaeology
1904 The 'Fossil' Has Come Back to Life!
1905 Terror Sower
1906 Green-Haired Fiend