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291 The Act Begins

Bantering with the two of them was really fun for Jun Hua. It has been a long time since she got the chance to meet with them and relaxed like today. It seemed like the time has turned to the past again when she was still in the Ming Kingdom and their plan hadn't started.
After a few rounds of talking, the sky turned dark. They ate dinner before returning to their own room. The next day would be the time for them to return to their own place. Jun Hua sat on the chair inside her room as she looked outside through the window.
"Time sure flies," Jun Hua murmured that night. The first time she met with them, she barely crossed 14 years old. Since then, a lot of things happened and now she was 16 years old. The time it took for them to do their plan has extended.
"Miss, do you want some snacks?" Xia offered the pastries she purposely brought.
Jun Hua nodded and took a few of them. Tasting the food, she smiled as she once again remembered the feeling of eating together with her friends. Today dinner was especially fun with the two of them bantering as usual.
"I want to rest. You can leave me."
"Yes Miss," Xia retreated outside. She was about to guard the door when she realized that Soujin was standing there.
"Has Jun Hua fallen asleep?"
"No, she hasn't."
Soujin nodded and walked inside. The little girl was watching the views outside and didn't turn around when he came in. The visage of the girl was similar to a fairy with that kind of melancholic expression. Soujin sighed to himself as he felt that every time he saw the girl, she has turned even more beautiful than before.
"Can't asleep?" he asked.
Jun Hua shifted her gaze. "Not really. I have just realized how fun it is to eat with the two of you."
"I believe that we only did that once before, right?" Soujin only remembered one occasion when he brought Jun Hua to meet with Yan and Ming Hui. Other than that, he never took her with them.
Jun Hua smiled stiffly. She forgot that she only did that once as Jun Hua. The rest of them were done when she was dressed as Jun Min. She stared at the man eyes. He was known to be sharp, but for recognizing her, he couldn't do it.
"The experience is there," Jun Hua evaded the question.
Soujin shrugged. He changed the conversation swiftly. "We will return to Long Han City with the others. What is your plan ahead?"
"I will also return to prepare for that plan," Jun Hua answered. "As for Kai Kingdom, how do you want to manage it?"
"I will leave some of my and Yan's subordinates here as the capital will be Long Han City," Soujin answered leisurely.
"Then, you should do it," Jun Hua smiled.
"Didn't the Mountain Kingdom want to have a share?"
"I will take the areas around the Mountain Kingdom. The far area would be yours to take."
In the first place, they have reached an agreement that the areas would only be divided until it was the time for the unification. For Jun Hua, it didn't really matter who would hold onto them now as in the end, it would be one again.

Soujin nodded. "Rest well. You would not want to get sick again."
"Good night," Jun Hua said before Soujin walked outside.
"Good night," answered Soujin. This was the first time he knew that even saying something as simple as greeting with the person you have feeling for would be this great. This made him wanted to finish the war as soon as possible even more.
Jun Hua climbed to the bed and pulled the blanket up. It was time for her to get some sleep.
The next morning, Yan was speechless upon seeing that his friend was highly energetic from the morning. Soujin woke up early in the morning and did his morning exercise. However, the way he did it made Yan suspicious. Did there anything happened that he didn't know?
Jun Hua woke up early too since the journey would be a long one. She saw Yan was standing rooted in one place. Out of curiosity, she came to his side.
"Good morning, Prince Yan," she greeted politely.
Yan turned around and felt disappointed because Jun Hua wore a veil again. He has been hoping that the girl would not wear the veil since she didn't wear it the day before.
"Good morning, Princess Hua. You're early today," Yan remarked.
"It will be soon the time to go, I need to prepare first," Jun Hua answered.
Yan nodded. "Hope you can have a safe journey."
"You too," Jun Hua answered. After that, she walked to the dining room to have some breakfast.
Yan turned his attention back to Soujin, but he found that the other party was looking at him with such an evil gaze. Suddenly, he felt that the temperature of this place has dropped until it was exceedingly low. He wanted to scream, what did he do wrong?
Soujin handed him the wooden sword. "Since you seem to be so interested in my training, why don't we train together?"
"Didn't we have come to the agreement that the beating only for the sake of my image?" Yan wanted to cry. In the first place, the beating only happened because he needed to keep the useless image in front of the emperor. After that, the guy in front of him was only serious in their banter as usual, but not to the point of beating him. What made him change his decision so quickly today?
"Shall we start?"
Even until the end, Yan didn't understand just what he did to make him deserved the beating. On the other hand, Soujin was satisfied upon venting his emotion towards Yan and beat him up like usual. When it came to the parting time, Yan couldn't get out from his carriage, so he silently cursed his best friend out of anger.
"Prince Yan is not here?" Jun Hua looked around.
"He's already in the carriage. Take care of yourself, Hua'er."
"You too…. Soujin," somehow, it felt awkward to say his name directly when she was dressed as Jun Hua, but she still did it. Finishing the farewell, she returned to her carriage quickly.
Upon hearing the way Jun Hua called his name naturally, he felt that his heart was leaping in joy. Usually, she would use the honorific like general of prince. Soujin suppressed his feeling as he returned to his horse. It was time to return back to their place. After the return of Soujin to Long Han City, the declaration of Nanglong family starting a revolt against the Ming Kingdom spread out.
People who heard the news know, another big war would break out.