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26 Chapter 24: He was anxious


In front of the tall red building in the red district, there stand the figure of Tian Yu. His gaze was deep as he stared at the beautiful looking building.

" Oi, Tian Yu! What are you doing here? " Jin Feng who suddenly appeared grinned from ear to ear as he circles Tian Yu again and again. His eyes were curiously eyeing Tian Yu from top to bottom.

Nevertheless, Tian Yu pay him no heed.

Jin Feng, despite the fool he is, surely know that he was being ignored by Tian Yu but still, he continue with his act... well, up until he suddenly yelped and crouched in pain. Apparently a small pebble had been thrown at his forehead with a little amount of Qi. So, currently he was crouching while tearfully cries like a grown-up child. Such an a embarrassment for the Jin family.

Jin Feng raised his voice and glare around looking for the culprit who had thrown the pebble, " Who the heck dared!"

Xiao Fang, who had also suddenly appeared a while ago snickered. To be honest, the one who had flicked the pebble was him. There was no real reason behind it, he just simply felt like wanting to throw the pebble on Jin Feng's forehead. After all, it's amusing for him.
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The scene that Jin Feng made had attracted quite a good bunch of onlookers. Well, it's rare to see such a scene where an adult was acting like an wronged child, moreover in this extraggerate way...

but, when they saw that it was actually the infamous young master of the Jin family, they had the he-was-at-it-again face.Xiao Fang smirked deepended, it amused him so much looking at the foolish friend of his. Jin Feng huff and puff, his forehead was red and blue-ish. 'Oh! His handsome face was ruined!'

Xiao Fang shook his head, still amused and followed after Tian Yu who was now entering the red building. The both of them left the still acting Jin Feng outside. Xiao Fang had a glint pass through his eyes, he was incipating and interesting show, his imaginary fox tail was swinging from left and right.

Yet, suddenly the devilish smile on his face dropped and his step stopped.

As if it was in slow motion, a girl crossed him. The wind from her movement had made her bangs swayed to the side, revealing a symbol on her forehead that he know more than anyone else. His heart stopped and he froze.

' It's been hundreds of years already...'

It took some time for him to snap out from his stunned condition, but when he did, Xiao Fang immediately turned around and rushed to follow the girl. He who had never rushed, pushed the crowd who was blocking him in depression.

He need to find that girl,

His face revealed a very rare anxiousness,

He was anxious... chasing after that girl.




Tian Yu was immediately surrounded by the girls. It can't be helped as he was a handsome man, with his blood mask he emits a dignified aura.Moreover, what attracted the girls the most was that they have good judgement and know that the man was a rich noble. The girls fawn after him, two of the girls even tried to plaster their soft bodies onto him but before they succeed his ice cold eyes swept after them, stopping them in track.

It irritates him to be surrounded by the girls that was not Bai Hua. He dislike their touches.

At this time, the madam was desending when she saw the familiar figure. She was terrified but at the same time overjoyed. Her girls may not know about his identity as their world in the red district was different from the nobles. Moreover, he just come yesterday, him coming over here give her a good opportunity. For what the opportunity is, no one know except for her and some people. Silently, a small grin platered onto her face and it vanished when she walk over to them.

She was curious about the reason for his second visit, fron the information collected she know that this wangye won't be searching for joy and pleasures here.

When she arrived she shooed the girls away, despite their discontent.

" Aiyoo, your highness, you come again. What can I do for your highness?"

Tian Yu turned his head to look at the brothel madam with an expressionless face, " The main dancer yesterday, I want to redeem her"

Immdiatelly after his words arrived, the madam eyes widened in disbelief, she started to wonder if she heard him correctly but looking at the Yu Wangye, she doubted that he will be lying about this. Nevertheless this was odd, yeah it's odd when it come from his highness' mouth.

Later, the madam smiled- a professional smile, " I'm sorry but she is special, our main attraction... " she refused and when she does , the temperature dropped a few degree and she can feel the pressure from him.She continue, " ... The girl, Mei Xiang and I had reached an agreement, without her consent , no one could redeem her."

Tian Yu might not know but the madam had cleverly used Bai Hua as shield.

" I will pay you whatever amount it were, state it!"

" I'm sorry but still can't do." the madam stances was clear, she won't let anyone to redeem Bai Hua.

"but if your highness still insisted, you can meet with Mei Xiang yourself." the madam was obviously not dumb,she know that it's not a good gamble to continue refusing a wangye, she still need to show some respects. So she let Yu Wangye to meet with Mei Xiang and discuss about it themself, after all the decisions was not her's to begin with.