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24 Imma going to take some rest :



I'm very sorry to inform you guys of this.

I'm not stopping from writing the novel it's just that I'm taking some rest. I was going to write the stories here and publish the chapters last week but it's just that my condition is not in a very good state now. I'm very unstable in the mental state nowadays, something triggered me so damn bad that I felt like sinking in the dark world again.

I'm in quite critical state now, so I'm sorry for not be able to publish more. I need my free times to make sure that I'm happy and stable. I need to entertain myself to make sure that I'm stable in my mind state.

I'm not crazy okay! Its just that I have this some kind of psychological disorder. I'm in my teenage ages, its normal to be depressed and mentally and emotionally unstable, I guess?

Hehe, see you when I see you! It's not going to be so long I guess only half a month of so. I can't et my readers go right? Hehe, love you guys!

P/s: I'm writing this from the school's computer lab

Gotta go now, just have few minutes left!
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Don't leave me!!! XOXO