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Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Author:Dao Is Unfathomable

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Updates:Chapter 497: Fishing Again!

Tired of the schemes and strifes of city life, Bei Feng finally returned to his hometown in the countryside While picking asters ‘neath the Eastern fence; My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests; Rearing a few chickens and ducks, I shall lead a simple and leisurely life! However, who would have thought that fate would play a huge joke on Bei Feng? All kinds of magical items and beings of the Myriad Worlds could actually be fished out of the Ancient Well in his yard! Even a chicken reeled out of the well ended up chasing Bei Feng all over the yard and beating him black and blue! Speechless and aggrieved, he asked the Heavens: if, that day, he’d fished out a Dragon instead of a chicken, what would’ve happened to him! 垂釣諸天
《Fishing the Myriad Heavens》 Text
Chapter 1: Rustling of the Northern Wind
Chapter 2: Golden Silk Blood Eel!
Chapter 3: Myriad Heavens Fishing System: Commencing!
Chapter 4: The First Catch!
Chapter 5: The Waves Set Off By A Single Golden Silk Blood Eel!
Chapter 6: The Richest Man in Qingcheng, Wang Jian!
Chapter 7: An Idea to Start a High-End Restaurant!
Chapter 8: Interior Decoration Complete!
Chapter 9: Minor Illumination Breathing Technique!
Chapter 10: Seizing Heaven’s Luck, Comprehending the Profoundness of the Sun and Moon!
Chapter 11: Wang Jian Arrives!
Chapter 12: This is a bit awkward
Chapter 13: Exceedingly Strange Rules!
Chapter 14: Hundred Flowers Blossom Within A Single Night as Customers Willingly Line Up!
Chapter 15: The Willful Boss!
Chapter 16: Stupefied Wang Jun
Chapter 17: Trickery
Chapter 18: Willfulness of the Rich!
Chapter 19: Fish Head Bean Curd Soup!
Chapter 20: Two Dogs
Chapter 21: Blood Origin Fruit
Chapter 22: Passing Through The Outer Halls And Entering The Inner Chambers!
Chapter 23: Just Escaped From A Mental Hospital?
Chapter 24: The Vampiric Vine’s Menace!
Chapter 25: Wei Hui’s Motive
Chapter 26: Danger!
Chapter 27: Extreme Arctic Frost
Chapter 28: Tragic Li San
Chapter 29: Bandits!
Chapter 30: Slaughter!
Chapter 31: Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 32: There’s Nothing That Cannot Be Solved With A Fist!
Chapter 33: Lin Bai’s Unfortunate Tragedy
Chapter 34: The Vampiric Vine Blooms!
Chapter 35: Death Of The General Before The Troops Were Even Dispatched
Chapter 36: The Imperial Shrimp! [1]
Chapter 37: Wang Jun
Chapter 38: Price Inflation!
Chapter 39: Liu Ziyun Shocked To The Core
Chapter 40: Arowana
Chapter 41: The Efficacy Of The Vampiric Vine’s Flower Petal
Chapter 42: A True Thug Does Not Simply Lie Down And Take A Beating!
Chapter 43: The Best Way To Establish Dominance
Chapter 44: Heaven Destroys Those Who Don't Look Out For Themselves
Chapter 45: A Sudden Impulse
Chapter 46: Watcher!
Chapter 47: The Braver Man Will Emerge From A Meeting On The Narrow Road
Chapter 48: The Art Of Explosions!
Chapter 49: Mental Power
Chapter 50: Aftershocks
Chapter 51: Mutated Blood Origin Fruit, Blood God Fruit!
Chapter 52: Dragon Slaying!
Chapter 53: Fishing Is An Activity Filled With Risks! One Must Exercise Caution When Fishing!
Chapter 54: Visitors From The Nie Family!
Chapter 55: Fashioning a Fist Technique!
Chapter 56: Candidate
Chapter 57: Zhang Hu’s Shock!
Chapter 58: Heart of a Fierce Tiger!
Chapter 59: Mystic One
Chapter 60: Buy One, Get Another Free!
Chapter 61: Venomous Creatures Wine
Chapter 62: Imparting Skills!
Chapter 63: The Mystical Ancient Well!
Chapter 64: Indomitable Life Force!
Chapter 65: Chowhound Bai Xiang!
Chapter 66: Accepting Reservations Again
Chapter 67: The Village Floors Are So Slippery…
Chapter 68: Adorable Mystic One
Chapter 69: Eating a Meal At The Risk Of One’s Own Life!
Chapter 70: Mystery of Mysteries
Chapter 71: Bottleneck!
Chapter 72: Don’t Hit The Minivan…
Chapter 73: This Is Awkward…
Chapter 74: Drawing Blood To Prove Kinship?
Chapter 75: Exotic Item
Chapter 76: Today, I know I Am Me!
Chapter 77: Monstrous Strength of 10,000 Jin!
Chapter 78: There's a Demon in the Heart of Every Loli
Chapter 79: Uncovering the Lid When Cooking?!
Chapter 80: Leaving an Egg...
Chapter 81: Abusing Oneself, Bullying Others, Or Being Bullied by Others
Chapter 82: Professional Scammer!
Chapter 83: Insatiable and Black hole
Chapter 84: Each With Their Own Motives
Chapter 85: Making The Best Use Of All Resources
Chapter 86: A Chase!
Chapter 87: An Undeserved Misfortune
Chapter 88: Great astonishment!
Chapter 89: Training One Level for A Lifetime!
Chapter 90: The Mystic Two Who'd Finally Wised Up
Chapter 91: Black Tavern! It's a Black Tavern!
Chapter 92: Tomb Raiding Team of 4
Chapter 93: Strike!
Chapter 94: Sleeping Gas!
Chapter 95: Flying Dagger!
Chapter 96: It's Fine as Long as There are People More Unfortunate Than Me...
Chapter 97: Hu Hanmin's Spring
Chapter 98: Fox of Natural and Human Calamity!
Chapter 99: Struck!
Chapter 100: Extortion!
Chapter 101: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 1
Chapter 102: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 2
Chapter 103: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 3
Chapter 104: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 4
Chapter 105: Look, Mommy! That Uncle is Glowing!
Chapter 106: Hungry, So Hungry!
Chapter 107: Head Patting Submission!
Chapter 108: It's Easy to Take the Money, But You Have to be Alive to Spend It!
Chapter 109: Strange!
Chapter 110: Minor Illumination Body Tempering Technique!
Chapter 111: What a loss! I Can't Even Get the Original Investment Back!
Chapter 112: Those Who Do Not Leave After 10 Seconds, Your Life Will Not Be Guaranteed!
Chapter 113: One Against A Hundred!
Chapter 114: Humans Won't Get Rich Without Dirty Money, Horses Won't Get Fat Without Sneaking Hay!
Chapter 115: Frigid Snowy Ice Arowana!
Chapter 116: Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King!
Chapter 117: A Man Does Not Easily Shed Tears
Chapter 118: Life As Lonely As Snow!
Chapter 119: Luxurious Family Set Meal
Chapter 120: Live Frigid Snowy Ice Arowanas!
Chapter 121: Extracting Everything That's Of Value!
Chapter 122: Sashimi
Chapter 123: There Is Strength In Numbers!
Chapter 124: Group of Pit-Digging Bad Youths!
Chapter 125: The Toiling Masses Bullied By The Rich Little Landlord
Chapter 126: High-Tech Civilisation!
Chapter 127: Ripper and Demon Slayer!
Chapter 128: Shock!
Chapter 129: 5 Minutes of Charging, 2 Hours of Fighting!
Chapter 130: Song Wen's Resolution
Chapter 131: Primordial Heavenly Tree?
Chapter 132: The Rising Winds!
Chapter 133: Enter
Chapter 134: A World Of Its Own
Chapter 135: You Want It? Here You Go!
Chapter 136: Savage Beast!
Chapter 137: Teng Snake? [1]
Chapter 138: Scram To The Back!
Chapter 139: Dividing The Spoils!
Chapter 140: Incinerate!
Chapter 141: Written Off With One Stroke!
Chapter 142: That~ The Treasure Was Fished Away...
Chapter 143: Great Harvest!
Chapter 144: Preparing To Move
Chapter 145: Strength Of The Heart!
Chapter 146: Conning the Little Fox
Chapter 147: Visit From the Jin Family
Chapter 148: House Viewing
Chapter 149: Mountain Delicacies Pavilion
Chapter 150: Five Extremes Blowfish!
Chapter 151: I Might Be A Fake Chef...
Chapter 152: Causing Trouble!
Chapter 153: Good People Die Young
Chapter 154: Drown Them Then.
Chapter 155: Dark Clouds Loom Over The City Walls!
Chapter 156: Houtian Art and Xiantian Art!
Chapter 157: Minor Illumination Breathing Technique—Peak!
Chapter 158: Relaxed
Chapter 159: Not Playing The Cards In A Logical Manner
Chapter 160: Did I Say That You Can Go?
Chapter 161: Within 3 Meters, I Am Invincible!
Chapter 162: Sealed
Chapter 163: Going Solo
Chapter 164: Wolf!
Chapter 165: Bear And Bees!
Chapter 166: From Dao Birthed Nature
Chapter 167: Vertebra Like A Dragon!
Chapter 168: Two Months Later
Chapter 169: Reishi King!
Chapter 170: Picking Up a Huge Bargain!
Chapter 171: Ursa Smash!
Chapter 172: As Close As Brothers?
Chapter 173: Reaching Xiantian Is As Hard As Ascending The Heavens!
Chapter 174: Breakthrough!
Chapter 175: Sweeping Through!
Chapter 176: Official Alchemist Examination!
Chapter 177: Alchemists Are Broke First And Rich Later!
Chapter 178: Pill Formation!
Chapter 179: Perfect Grade
Chapter 180: This Pill Is Poisonous!
Chapter 181: Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle!
Chapter 182: Lifelike Bait!
Chapter 183: Organize
Chapter 184: Qin Wufa's Thoughts
Chapter 185: Qin Yi's Shock
Chapter 186: Dragon Subduing, Crane Curbing!
Chapter 187: I'm Not His Match...
Chapter 188: Traveling to Mount Longhu!
Chapter 189: Dragon Tiger Pill On Mount Longhu!
Chapter 190: Fortuitous Land!
Chapter 191: Vying For the Dragon Tiger Pill
Chapter 192: Professionalism
Chapter 193: One Sword Dominating All!
Chapter 194: Trouble At Every Corner
Chapter 195: Dragons and Tigers Contending For Dominance!
Chapter 196: One Sword!
Chapter 197: Sudden Changes!
Chapter 198: Secret
Chapter 199: Form and Will Fist Manual
Chapter 200: A Man Whose Heart Is Not Content Is Like A Snake Trying To Swallow An Elephant
Chapter 201: Misleading Kids
Chapter 202: It's Snowing
Chapter 203: Bear Form Style
Chapter 204: Spirit and Form!
Chapter 205: Gathering At Mount Longhu
Chapter 206: Using One's Neck To Strike Against A Knife's Edge
Chapter 207: Ming Shi Li's Calculations
Chapter 208: Insatiable and Black Hole's Transformation
Chapter 209: Scales and Claws
Chapter 210: Cerberus!
Chapter 211: The Power of The Inner Core!
Chapter 212: Pursuit!
Chapter 213: Aghast With Dog-wilderment
Chapter 214: Reconstructing A Body!
Chapter 215: Dog Biting Dog
Chapter 216: Bei Feng's Shock
Chapter 217: Natural Disaster Innate Technique Activate!
Chapter 218: Comprehension
Chapter 219: Indigestion
Chapter 220: Lone Yin Does Not Birth, Solitary Yang Does Not Allow Growth!
Chapter 221: Ghost King Masks!
Chapter 222: Kicking Against A Steelboard!
Chapter 223: Esteemed Xiantian Lord? It's Not Like Our Lord Haven't Killed One Before!
Chapter 224: Not Fated
Chapter 225: Paying A Visit
Chapter 226: Sending An Army To Denounce You!
Chapter 227: Cripple Your Own Cultivation
Chapter 228: The Fight Between Martial Cultivators and Modern Weapons!
Chapter 229: The Commoners' Fortune, The Martial Artists' Grief!
Chapter 230: A Familiar Face
Chapter 231: Calamity Of Own Making
Chapter 232: Get Your A*s Out Here!
Chapter 233: Training Partner?
Chapter 234: Annihilation!
Chapter 235: Lido Ghost City Opens!
Chapter 236: Giant Bear Ancestral Land!
Chapter 237: Monkey Wine
Chapter 238: Lava Lake
Chapter 239: Improving By Leaps And Bounds!
Chapter 240: Bei Feng's Conjecture
Chapter 241: Fishing Lava Pythons!
Chapter 242: The Super Demonic Beast Appears!
Chapter 243: Old Face Turned Red
Chapter 244: Being Fed A Bag Of Dog Feed
Chapter 245: Tiger King!
Chapter 246: Returning To The Camp
Chapter 247: The Shameless Xia Bantian
Chapter 248: One Finger
Chapter 249: The Art Should Not Be Spread To A Third Person
Chapter 250: Reforging Extreme Arctic Frost!
Chapter 251: The Cerberus Who Wants To Learn Chinese
Chapter 252: A World Where Martial Powers Exceeds The Charts!
Chapter 253: Peach Mountain
Chapter 254: A World Within A Flower!
Chapter 255: Unique Lifeform
Chapter 256: Mystic Moon
Chapter 257: Three Gluttons
Chapter 258: A Face Of Coarse Smiles?
Chapter 259: A Promising Young Fellow!
Chapter 260: Qin Wufa's Decision
Chapter 261: The Eve Of Transformation
Chapter 262: Kill Without Mercy!
Chapter 263: Peak Mid Stage Xiantian!
Chapter 264: The Miraculous Apertures
Chapter 265: Qin Wutian Arrives
Chapter 266: Facing Off
Chapter 267: Fight!
Chapter 268: Overturning The Sky! Shaking The Earth!
Chapter 269: Pure Yang, Impervious To Ghosts And Spirits!
Chapter 270: Stupefaction Of The Qin Clan
Chapter 271: The Method To Control The Fishing Rod!
Chapter 272: Refining Qi Into Thread!
Chapter 273: Projecting Mental Power!
Chapter 274: Earth Dragon Turning Over!
Chapter 275: Unforseen Event
Chapter 276: God Slaying Pearl!
Chapter 277: Alchemist Azure Fire!
Chapter 278: Volcanic Eruption!
Chapter 279: F*ck, I Can't Open It...
Chapter 280: Returning To Qing Ling Village
Chapter 281: King Of Dullness
Chapter 282: Awaken!
Chapter 283: Emergence Of Controlled Dan Heavenly Experts!
Chapter 284: Ruins
Chapter 285: Sudden Strike!
Chapter 286: Sudden Transformation Of The Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle's Wing!
Chapter 287: Qin Clan's Old Ancestor!
Chapter 288: Martial King!
Chapter 289: Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 290: Underground Canyon!
Chapter 291: Tiny Silver Fish
Chapter 292: Icy Frost Fruit!
Chapter 293: Astonishment!
Chapter 294: Going All Out!
Chapter 295: Deathly Qi!
Chapter 296: Millions Of Dried Bones!
Chapter 297: Exiting Seclusion!
Chapter 298: Catch!
Chapter 299: Punishment
Chapter 300: Returning Home
Chapter 301: Minor Dark Sky Breathing Technique!
Chapter 302: Minor Dark Sky Breathing Technique (2)
Chapter 303: Golden Ban!
Chapter 304: Mighty Golden Ban!
Chapter 305: Are You A Pig?
Chapter 306: Meng Ge!
Chapter 307: The Oriole Behind
Chapter 308: Enormous Mistake!
Chapter 309: Plight
Chapter 310: Weird Beauty Standards
Chapter 311: A Man Of Striking Appearance?
Chapter 312: Heavenly Laws Embodiment Technique
Chapter 313: Refining Broken Star Ore!
Chapter 314: Trade
Chapter 315: Eve Of Departure
Chapter 316: Returning!
Chapter 317: We Can Sit Down For A Proper Talk Now
Chapter 318: Mystic Moon Is A Superstar Now?
Chapter 319: This Lord Dog Is Stuffed To Death!
Chapter 320: A Warm Sensation
Chapter 321: Mystic One's Strength!
Chapter 322: Eagle Form Style
Chapter 323: Insignificant!
Chapter 324: Changes
Chapter 325: Stellar Acupoint!
Chapter 326: On To Wuling
Chapter 327: These Flowers Are Not Red Enough!
Chapter 328: Killing One With Every Blow!
Chapter 329: The Mass Murder Case Caused By A Glance
Chapter 330: Yan Mobei's Excitement
Chapter 331: Extreme Arctic Frost!
Chapter 332: Lunatic?
Chapter 333: Wu Neng, Wu Yong
Chapter 334: Fight!
Chapter 335: Kong Ming Zi!
Chapter 336: Downing This Bowl Of Dog Feed [1]
Chapter 337: A Group Of Ruthless People!
Chapter 338: Ten Thousand Vampiric Blood Bug!
Chapter 339: Rearing The Ten Thousand Vampiric Blood Bug
Chapter 340: Tragic Han Clan
Chapter 341: Huge Boost In Reputation!
Chapter 342: Visit Of Distinguished Guests
Chapter 343: Form And Will Fist Killing Technique!
Chapter 344: Locating The Stellar Acupoint
Chapter 345: Seven Apertures Exquisite Heart
Chapter 346: 5 Star Stats!
Chapter 347: Fishing Again, Azure Blue World!
Chapter 348: The Two-Headed Ferocious Ape!
Chapter 349: No Survivors!
Chapter 350: Savage!
Chapter 351: System, Let's Make A Deal
Chapter 352: Yin Slaughtering Formation!
Chapter 353: Darkness Descends
Chapter 354: Super Great Harvest!
Chapter 355: Majorly Scammed
Chapter 356: Bai Xiang
Chapter 357: Assaulting The Xiantian Late Stage!
Chapter 358: Nine Star Aligment!
Chapter 359: Enormous Changes!
Chapter 360: Primordial Chaos Qi, The Source Of Evil
Chapter 361: Taking Over Blue Spirit Mountain!
Chapter 362: Drama
Chapter 363: Subdue
Chapter 364: Honorary Vice President
Chapter 365: Dragon Meat In Heaven, Donkey Meat On Earth!
Chapter 366: Dumbfounded
Chapter 367: The Cerberus's Considerations
Chapter 368: Body Cultivation And Qi Refining
Chapter 369: A Mountain Would Collapse If One Leaned Against It Too Much
Chapter 370: Helan Mountains
Chapter 371: A Ghost?
Chapter 372: Shadow!
Chapter 373: Meeting Wang Yuyan Again
Chapter 374: Leave Your Hand Behind
Chapter 375: Speak Another Sentence And Let Me Listen To It?
Chapter 376: Bewitching
Chapter 377: It's Not Your Turn To Hit Others
Chapter 378: Priority To The Accomplished!
Chapter 379: Leaving
Chapter 380: Strangeness Of Mount Longhu
Chapter 381: Dazed Danxia Zi
Chapter 382: Space Whale!
Chapter 383: Cleanse Filth
Chapter 384: I’ll Allow You 90 Steps To Run First
Chapter 385: Bai Xiang Returns
Chapter 386: There's Nothing That Cannot Be Solved With A Fist!
Chapter 387: The Curtain Falls!
Chapter 388: Cutting Edge!
Chapter 389: Heaven Sky Wings
Chapter 390: Fog
Chapter 391: God Creation Project!
Chapter 392: Extraordinary Person!
Chapter 393: Prancing Clown
Chapter 394: Lava Giant!
Chapter 395: Unkillable?
Chapter 396: Self Detonation!
Chapter 397: Human-Faced Peach!
Chapter 398: Ying Jia, Winner? [1]
Chapter 399: Hammer You To Death!
Chapter 400: The Winds And Waves Rise!
Chapter 401: If I Give You A Punch, You Will Die!
Chapter 402: I'm Already At Half Step Yuanying, What's Wrong With Sleeping A Little?!
Chapter 403: City Destruction!
Chapter 404: Ten Thousand Zhang Human Faced Peach Tree!
Chapter 405: Madness!
Chapter 406: Han Zong
Chapter 407: Main Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness!
Chapter 408: Bei Feng's Considerations
Chapter 409: The Stone Statue Can Fly?
Chapter 410: Myriad Heavens Spirit Herbs Ranking List
Chapter 411: Eye Of Nirvana!
Chapter 412: Longevity!
Chapter 413: Time Is Like A River, It Flows Unceasingly Without Rest
Chapter 414: Locking Dragon Well!
Chapter 415: Where Is My Fish?!
Chapter 416: Smacked So Hard By A Dog That He Doubted Life
Chapter 417: Cerberus' Breakthrough!
Chapter 418: Which Fellow Daoist Is Breaking Through Here?!
Chapter 419: Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 420: Crunch
Chapter 421: Tens Of Thousand Meters Underground
Chapter 422: Variant Bat
Chapter 423: An Extra Person!
Chapter 424: Strange
Chapter 425: One Sword Shocking All!
Chapter 426: Gold Volcano!
Chapter 427: Daily Life Of The Tiger King And The Bear
Chapter 428: Crystal Fire Ant
Chapter 429: Formation Breaking
Chapter 430: Dragon
Chapter 431: Cultivation
Chapter 432: My F*cking Eyes...
Chapter 433: Eye
Chapter 434: Controlled Dan!
Chapter 435: Secret Art, Mixed Yuan Body!
Chapter 436: An Unexpected Outburst
Chapter 437: Formation Collapses!
Chapter 438: Disaster
Chapter 439: Nonhuman Lifeform
Chapter 440: Blade Tribe, Blade Crystal
Chapter 441: Pure Offense
Chapter 442: Blade Tribe Royalty
Chapter 443: Star Gods
Chapter 444: As Long As The Soul Is Not Extinguished, The Star Gods Will Never Die!
Chapter 445: Silly People Have Their Own Luck
Chapter 446: Medicinal Cuisine
Chapter 447: Meeting The Tiger King And The Black Bear Again
Chapter 448: A Single Step Away
Chapter 449: Fight!
Chapter 450: Soaring Rainbow Shatters
Chapter 451: Terrifying!
Chapter 452: Scarlet Vine Fruit Ripens
Chapter 453: Thousand Stars Vine!
Chapter 454: Terrifying Weapon Shard!
Chapter 455: Martial Dao Will
Chapter 456: Unrest
Chapter 457: Thick-Skinned, Eat To The Fullest
Chapter 458: Launch Plan!
Chapter 459: Lord Ye's Professed Love For Dragons [1]
Chapter 460: Horror Descends
Chapter 461: Hopeless Situation
Chapter 462: Polaris
Chapter 463: Twenty-Eight Mansions Lights Up The Heavens! [1]
Chapter 464: Rebirth, Zombie Dragon!
Chapter 465: Frail Little Fox
Chapter 466: Hangu Pass
Chapter 467: People Change With Time
Chapter 468: Speculation
Chapter 469: On To Hangu Pass
Chapter 470: Every Country Gathered
Chapter 471: Foundations
Chapter 472: Entering The Qin Emperor Mausoleum
Chapter 473: Spirit Fruits, Spirit Herbs, Demonic Beasts!
Chapter 474: Demonic Beasts King!
Chapter 475: City Gate, Puppet, Ancient Tablet!
Chapter 476: Innate Power!
Chapter 477: Killing Sword Art
Chapter 478: Eight Steps Chasing Cicada!
Chapter 479: Mirage Maze!
Chapter 480: Song Of The State Of Qin: No Clothes!
Chapter 481: Star Gods Illumination
Chapter 482: 12 Bronze Men, Eternal Rivers And Mountains!
Chapter 483: Insidious Bronze Man
Chapter 484: Set Sail!
Chapter 485: Crumble!
Chapter 486: Death? New Life! (Part 1)
Chapter 487: Death? New Life! (Part 2)
Chapter 488: Death? New Life! (Part 3)
Chapter 489: Death? New Life! (Part 4)
Chapter 490: Arrangements, And Entering The Heaven Connecting Tower (Part 1)
Chapter 491: Arrangements, And Entering The Heaven Connecting Tower (Part 2)
Chapter 492: Hundred Break Mountain Range
Chapter 493: Frenzied Demonic Beast
Chapter 494: Restored!
Chapter 495: Star Palace!
Chapter 496: Truth Of The Martial Dao
Chapter 497: Fishing Again!