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Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Author:Dao Is Unfathomable

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Tired of the schemes and strifes of city life, Bei Feng finally returned to his hometown in the countryside While picking asters ‘neath the Eastern fence; My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests; Rearing a few chickens and ducks, I shall lead a simple and leisurely life! However, who would have thought that fate would play a huge joke on Bei Feng? A...
《Fishing the Myriad Heavens》 Text
Chapter 1: Rustling of the Northern Wind
Chapter 2: Golden Silk Blood Eel!
Chapter 3: Myriad Heavens Fishing System: Commencing!
Chapter 4: The First Catch!
Chapter 5: The Waves Set Off By A Single Golden Silk Blood Eel!
Chapter 6: The Richest Man in Qingcheng, Wang Jian!
Chapter 7: An Idea to Start a High-End Restaurant!
Chapter 8: Interior Decoration Complete!
Chapter 9: Minor Illumination Breathing Technique!
Chapter 10: Seizing Heaven’s Luck, Comprehending the Profoundness of the Sun and Moon!
Chapter 11: Wang Jian Arrives!
Chapter 12: This is a bit awkward
Chapter 13: Exceedingly Strange Rules!
Chapter 14: Hundred Flowers Blossom Within A Single Night as Customers Willingly Line Up!
Chapter 15: The Willful Boss!
Chapter 16: Stupefied Wang Jun
Chapter 17: Trickery
Chapter 18: Willfulness of the Rich!
Chapter 19: Fish Head Bean Curd Soup!
Chapter 20: Two Dogs
Chapter 21: Blood Origin Fruit
Chapter 22: Passing Through The Outer Halls And Entering The Inner Chambers!
Chapter 23: Just Escaped From A Mental Hospital?
Chapter 24: The Vampiric Vine’s Menace!
Chapter 25: Wei Hui’s Motive
Chapter 26: Danger!
Chapter 27: Extreme Arctic Frost
Chapter 28: Tragic Li San
Chapter 29: Bandits!
Chapter 30: Slaughter!
Chapter 31: Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 32: There’s Nothing That Cannot Be Solved With A Fist!
Chapter 33: Lin Bai’s Unfortunate Tragedy
Chapter 34: The Vampiric Vine Blooms!
Chapter 35: Death Of The General Before The Troops Were Even Dispatched
Chapter 36: The Imperial Shrimp! [1]
Chapter 37: Wang Jun
Chapter 38: Price Inflation!
Chapter 39: Liu Ziyun Shocked To The Core
Chapter 40: Arowana
Chapter 41: The Efficacy Of The Vampiric Vine’s Flower Petal
Chapter 42: A True Thug Does Not Simply Lie Down And Take A Beating!
Chapter 43: The Best Way To Establish Dominance
Chapter 44: Heaven Destroys Those Who Don't Look Out For Themselves
Chapter 45: A Sudden Impulse
Chapter 46: Watcher!
Chapter 47: The Braver Man Will Emerge From A Meeting On The Narrow Road
Chapter 48: The Art Of Explosions!
Chapter 49: Mental Power
Chapter 50: Aftershocks
Chapter 51: Mutated Blood Origin Fruit, Blood God Fruit!
Chapter 52: Dragon Slaying!
Chapter 53: Fishing Is An Activity Filled With Risks! One Must Exercise Caution When Fishing!
Chapter 54: Visitors From The Nie Family!
Chapter 55: Fashioning a Fist Technique!
Chapter 56: Candidate
Chapter 57: Zhang Hu’s Shock!
Chapter 58: Heart of a Fierce Tiger!
Chapter 59: Mystic One
Chapter 60: Buy One, Get Another Free!
Chapter 61: Venomous Creatures Wine
Chapter 62: Imparting Skills!
Chapter 63: The Mystical Ancient Well!
Chapter 64: Indomitable Life Force!
Chapter 65: Chowhound Bai Xiang!
Chapter 66: Accepting Reservations Again
Chapter 67: The Village Floors Are So Slippery…
Chapter 68: Adorable Mystic One
Chapter 69: Eating a Meal At The Risk Of One’s Own Life!
Chapter 70: Mystery of Mysteries
Chapter 71: Bottleneck!
Chapter 72: Don’t Hit The Minivan…
Chapter 73: This Is Awkward…
Chapter 74: Drawing Blood To Prove Kinship?
Chapter 75: Exotic Item
Chapter 76: Today, I know I Am Me!
Chapter 77: Monstrous Strength of 10,000 Jin!
Chapter 78: There's a Demon in the Heart of Every Loli
Chapter 79: Uncovering the Lid When Cooking?!
Chapter 80: Leaving an Egg...
Chapter 81: Abusing Oneself, Bullying Others, Or Being Bullied by Others
Chapter 82: Professional Scammer!
Chapter 83: Insatiable and Black hole
Chapter 84: Each With Their Own Motives
Chapter 85: Making The Best Use Of All Resources
Chapter 86: A Chase!
Chapter 87: An Undeserved Misfortune
Chapter 88: Great astonishment!
Chapter 89: Training One Level for A Lifetime!
Chapter 90: The Mystic Two Who'd Finally Wised Up
Chapter 91: Black Tavern! It's a Black Tavern!
Chapter 92: Tomb Raiding Team of 4
Chapter 93: Strike!
Chapter 94: Sleeping Gas!
Chapter 95: Flying Dagger!
Chapter 96: It's Fine as Long as There are People More Unfortunate Than Me...
Chapter 97: Hu Hanmin's Spring
Chapter 98: Fox of Natural and Human Calamity!
Chapter 99: Struck!
Chapter 100: Extortion!
Chapter 101: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 1
Chapter 102: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 2
Chapter 103: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 3
Chapter 104: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Part 4
Chapter 105: Look, Mommy! That Uncle is Glowing!
Chapter 106: Hungry, So Hungry!
Chapter 107: Head Patting Submission!
Chapter 108: It's Easy to Take the Money, But You Have to be Alive to Spend It!
Chapter 109: Strange!
Chapter 110: Minor Illumination Body Tempering Technique!
Chapter 111: What a loss! I Can't Even Get the Original Investment Back!
Chapter 112: Those Who Do Not Leave After 10 Seconds, Your Life Will Not Be Guaranteed!
Chapter 113: One Against A Hundred!
Chapter 114: Humans Won't Get Rich Without Dirty Money, Horses Won't Get Fat Without Sneaking Hay!
Chapter 115: Frigid Snowy Ice Arowana!
Chapter 116: Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King!
Chapter 117: A Man Does Not Easily Shed Tears
Chapter 118: Life As Lonely As Snow!
Chapter 119: Luxurious Family Set Meal
Chapter 120: Live Frigid Snowy Ice Arowanas!
Chapter 121: Extracting Everything That's Of Value!
Chapter 122: Sashimi
Chapter 123: There Is Strength In Numbers!
Chapter 124: Group of Pit-Digging Bad Youths!
Chapter 125: The Toiling Masses Bullied By The Rich Little Landlord
Chapter 126: High-Tech Civilisation!
Chapter 127: Ripper and Demon Slayer!
Chapter 128: Shock!
Chapter 129: 5 Minutes of Charging, 2 Hours of Fighting!
Chapter 130: Song Wen's Resolution
Chapter 131: Primordial Heavenly Tree?
Chapter 132: The Rising Winds!
Chapter 133: Enter
Chapter 134: A World Of Its Own
Chapter 135: You Want It? Here You Go!
Chapter 136: Savage Beast!
Chapter 137: Teng Snake? [1]
Chapter 138: Scram To The Back!
Chapter 139: Dividing The Spoils!
Chapter 140: Incinerate!
Chapter 141: Written Off With One Stroke!
Chapter 142: That~ The Treasure Was Fished Away...
Chapter 143: Great Harvest!
Chapter 144: Preparing To Move
Chapter 145: Strength Of The Heart!
Chapter 146: Conning the Little Fox
Chapter 147: Visit From the Jin Family
Chapter 148: House Viewing
Chapter 149: Mountain Delicacies Pavilion
Chapter 150: Five Extremes Blowfish!
Chapter 151: I Might Be A Fake Chef...
Chapter 152: Causing Trouble!
Chapter 153: Good People Die Young
Chapter 154: Drown Them Then.
Chapter 155: Dark Clouds Loom Over The City Walls!
Chapter 156: Houtian Art and Xiantian Art!
Chapter 157: Minor Illumination Breathing Technique—Peak!
Chapter 158: Relaxed
Chapter 159: Not Playing The Cards In A Logical Manner
Chapter 160: Did I Say That You Can Go?
Chapter 161: Within 3 Meters, I Am Invincible!
Chapter 162: Sealed
Chapter 163: Going Solo
Chapter 164: Wolf!
Chapter 165: Bear And Bees!
Chapter 166: From Dao Birthed Nature
Chapter 167: Vertebra Like A Dragon!
Chapter 168: Two Months Later
Chapter 169: Reishi King!
Chapter 170: Picking Up a Huge Bargain!
Chapter 171: Ursa Smash!
Chapter 172: As Close As Brothers?
Chapter 173: Reaching Xiantian Is As Hard As Ascending The Heavens!
Chapter 174: Breakthrough!
Chapter 175: Sweeping Through!
Chapter 176: Official Alchemist Examination!
Chapter 177: Alchemists Are Broke First And Rich Later!
Chapter 178: Pill Formation!
Chapter 179: Perfect Grade
Chapter 180: This Pill Is Poisonous!
Chapter 181: Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle!
Chapter 182: Lifelike Bait!
Chapter 183: Organize
Chapter 184: Qin Wufa's Thoughts
Chapter 185: Qin Yi's Shock
Chapter 186: Dragon Subduing, Crane Curbing!
Chapter 187: I'm Not His Match...
Chapter 188: Traveling to Mount Longhu!
Chapter 189: Dragon Tiger Pill On Mount Longhu!
Chapter 190: Fortuitous Land!
Chapter 191: Vying For the Dragon Tiger Pill
Chapter 192: Professionalism
Chapter 193: One Sword Dominating All!
Chapter 194: Trouble At Every Corner
Chapter 195: Dragons and Tigers Contending For Dominance!
Chapter 196: One Sword!
Chapter 197: Sudden Changes!
Chapter 198: Secret
Chapter 199: Form and Will Fist Manual
Chapter 200: A Man Whose Heart Is Not Content Is Like A Snake Trying To Swallow An Elephant
Chapter 201: Misleading Kids
Chapter 202: It's Snowing
Chapter 203: Bear Form Style
Chapter 204: Spirit and Form!
Chapter 205: Gathering At Mount Longhu
Chapter 206: Using One's Neck To Strike Against A Knife's Edge
Chapter 207: Ming Shi Li's Calculations
Chapter 208: Insatiable and Black Hole's Transformation
Chapter 209: Scales and Claws
Chapter 210: Cerberus!
Chapter 211: The Power of The Inner Core!
Chapter 212: Pursuit!
Chapter 213: Aghast With Dog-wilderment
Chapter 214: Reconstructing A Body!
Chapter 215: Dog Biting Dog
Chapter 216: Bei Feng's Shock
Chapter 217: Natural Disaster Innate Technique Activate!
Chapter 218: Comprehension
Chapter 219: Indigestion
Chapter 220: Lone Yin Does Not Birth, Solitary Yang Does Not Allow Growth!
Chapter 221: Ghost King Masks!
Chapter 222: Kicking Against A Steelboard!
Chapter 223: Esteemed Xiantian Lord? It's Not Like Our Lord Haven't Killed One Before!
Chapter 224: Not Fated
Chapter 225: Paying A Visit
Chapter 226: Sending An Army To Denounce You!
Chapter 227: Cripple Your Own Cultivation
Chapter 228: The Fight Between Martial Cultivators and Modern Weapons!
Chapter 229: The Commoners' Fortune, The Martial Artists' Grief!
Chapter 230: A Familiar Face
Chapter 231: Calamity Of Own Making
Chapter 232: Get Your A*s Out Here!
Chapter 233: Training Partner?
Chapter 234: Annihilation!
Chapter 235: Lido Ghost City Opens!
Chapter 236: Giant Bear Ancestral Land!
Chapter 237: Monkey Wine
Chapter 238: Lava Lake
Chapter 239: Improving By Leaps And Bounds!
Chapter 240: Bei Feng's Conjecture
Chapter 241: Fishing Lava Pythons!
Chapter 242: The Super Demonic Beast Appears!
Chapter 243: Old Face Turned Red
Chapter 244: Being Fed A Bag Of Dog Feed
Chapter 245: Tiger King!
Chapter 246: Returning To The Camp
Chapter 247: The Shameless Xia Bantian
Chapter 248: One Finger
Chapter 249: The Art Should Not Be Spread To A Third Person
Chapter 250: Reforging Extreme Arctic Frost!
Chapter 251: The Cerberus Who Wants To Learn Chinese
Chapter 252: A World Where Martial Powers Exceeds The Charts!
Chapter 253: Peach Mountain
Chapter 254: A World Within A Flower!
Chapter 255: Unique Lifeform
Chapter 256: Mystic Moon
Chapter 257: Three Gluttons
Chapter 258: A Face Of Coarse Smiles?
Chapter 259: A Promising Young Fellow!
Chapter 260: Qin Wufa's Decision
Chapter 261: The Eve Of Transformation
Chapter 262: Kill Without Mercy!
Chapter 263: Peak Mid Stage Xiantian!
Chapter 264: The Miraculous Apertures
Chapter 265: Qin Wutian Arrives
Chapter 266: Facing Off
Chapter 267: Fight!
Chapter 268: Overturning The Sky! Shaking The Earth!
Chapter 269: Pure Yang, Impervious To Ghosts And Spirits!
Chapter 270: Stupefaction Of The Qin Clan
Chapter 271: The Method To Control The Fishing Rod!
Chapter 272: Refining Qi Into Thread!
Chapter 273: Projecting Mental Power!
Chapter 274: Earth Dragon Turning Over!
Chapter 275: Unforseen Event
Chapter 276: God Slaying Pearl!
Chapter 277: Alchemist Azure Fire!
Chapter 278: Volcanic Eruption!
Chapter 279: F*ck, I Can't Open It...
Chapter 280: Returning To Qing Ling Village
Chapter 281: King Of Dullness
Chapter 282: Awaken!
Chapter 283: Emergence Of Controlled Dan Heavenly Experts!
Chapter 284: Ruins
Chapter 285: Sudden Strike!
Chapter 286: Sudden Transformation Of The Celestial Snow Ridge Eagle's Wing!
Chapter 287: Qin Clan's Old Ancestor!
Chapter 288: Martial King!
Chapter 289: Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 290: Underground Canyon!
Chapter 291: Tiny Silver Fish
Chapter 292: Icy Frost Fruit!
Chapter 293: Astonishment!
Chapter 294: Going All Out!
Chapter 295: Deathly Qi!
Chapter 296: Millions Of Dried Bones!
Chapter 297: Exiting Seclusion!
Chapter 298: Catch!
Chapter 299: Punishment
Chapter 300: Returning Home
Chapter 301: Minor Dark Sky Breathing Technique!
Chapter 302: Minor Dark Sky Breathing Technique (2)
Chapter 303: Golden Ban!
Chapter 304: Mighty Golden Ban!
Chapter 305: Are You A Pig?
Chapter 306: Meng Ge!
Chapter 307: The Oriole Behind
Chapter 308: Enormous Mistake!
Chapter 309: Plight
Chapter 310: Weird Beauty Standards
Chapter 311: A Man Of Striking Appearance?
Chapter 312: Heavenly Laws Embodiment Technique
Chapter 313: Refining Broken Star Ore!
Chapter 314: Trade
Chapter 315: Eve Of Departure
Chapter 316: Returning!
Chapter 317: We Can Sit Down For A Proper Talk Now
Chapter 318: Mystic Moon Is A Superstar Now?
Chapter 319: This Lord Dog Is Stuffed To Death!
Chapter 320: A Warm Sensation
Chapter 321: Mystic One's Strength!
Chapter 322: Eagle Form Style
Chapter 323: Insignificant!
Chapter 324: Changes
Chapter 325: Stellar Acupoint!
Chapter 326: On To Wuling
Chapter 327: These Flowers Are Not Red Enough!
Chapter 328: Killing One With Every Blow!
Chapter 329: The Mass Murder Case Caused By A Glance
Chapter 330: Yan Mobei's Excitement
Chapter 331: Extreme Arctic Frost!
Chapter 332: Lunatic?
Chapter 333: Wu Neng, Wu Yong
Chapter 334: Fight!
Chapter 335: Kong Ming Zi!
Chapter 336: Downing This Bowl Of Dog Feed [1]
Chapter 337: A Group Of Ruthless People!
Chapter 338: Ten Thousand Vampiric Blood Bug!
Chapter 339: Rearing The Ten Thousand Vampiric Blood Bug
Chapter 340: Tragic Han Clan
Chapter 341: Huge Boost In Reputation!
Chapter 342: Visit Of Distinguished Guests
Chapter 343: Form And Will Fist Killing Technique!
Chapter 344: Locating The Stellar Acupoint
Chapter 345: Seven Apertures Exquisite Heart
Chapter 346: 5 Star Stats!
Chapter 347: Fishing Again, Azure Blue World!
Chapter 348: The Two-Headed Ferocious Ape!
Chapter 349: No Survivors!
Chapter 350: Savage!
Chapter 351: System, Let's Make A Deal
Chapter 352: Yin Slaughtering Formation!
Chapter 353: Darkness Descends
Chapter 354: Super Great Harvest!
Chapter 355: Majorly Scammed
Chapter 356: Bai Xiang
Chapter 357: Assaulting The Xiantian Late Stage!
Chapter 358: Nine Star Aligment!
Chapter 359: Enormous Changes!
Chapter 360: Primordial Chaos Qi, The Source Of Evil
Chapter 361: Taking Over Blue Spirit Mountain!
Chapter 362: Drama
Chapter 363: Subdue
Chapter 364: Honorary Vice President
Chapter 365: Dragon Meat In Heaven, Donkey Meat On Earth!
Chapter 366: Dumbfounded
Chapter 367: The Cerberus's Considerations
Chapter 368: Body Cultivation And Qi Refining
Chapter 369: A Mountain Would Collapse If One Leaned Against It Too Much
Chapter 370: Helan Mountains
Chapter 371: A Ghost?
Chapter 372: Shadow!
Chapter 373: Meeting Wang Yuyan Again
Chapter 374: Leave Your Hand Behind
Chapter 375: Speak Another Sentence And Let Me Listen To It?
Chapter 376: Bewitching
Chapter 377: It's Not Your Turn To Hit Others
Chapter 378: Priority To The Accomplished!
Chapter 379: Leaving
Chapter 380: Strangeness Of Mount Longhu
Chapter 381: Dazed Danxia Zi
Chapter 382: Space Whale!
Chapter 383: Cleanse Filth
Chapter 384: I’ll Allow You 90 Steps To Run First
Chapter 385: Bai Xiang Returns
Chapter 386: There's Nothing That Cannot Be Solved With A Fist!
Chapter 387: The Curtain Falls!
Chapter 388: Cutting Edge!
Chapter 389: Heaven Sky Wings
Chapter 390: Fog
Chapter 391: God Creation Project!
Chapter 392: Extraordinary Person!
Chapter 393: Prancing Clown
Chapter 394: Lava Giant!
Chapter 395: Unkillable?
Chapter 396: Self Detonation!
Chapter 397: Human-Faced Peach!
Chapter 398: Ying Jia, Winner? [1]
Chapter 399: Hammer You To Death!
Chapter 400: The Winds And Waves Rise!
Chapter 401: If I Give You A Punch, You Will Die!
Chapter 402: I'm Already At Half Step Yuanying, What's Wrong With Sleeping A Little?!
Chapter 403: City Destruction!
Chapter 404: Ten Thousand Zhang Human Faced Peach Tree!
Chapter 405: Madness!
Chapter 406: Han Zong
Chapter 407: Main Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness!
Chapter 408: Bei Feng's Considerations
Chapter 409: The Stone Statue Can Fly?
Chapter 410: Myriad Heavens Spirit Herbs Ranking List
Chapter 411: Eye Of Nirvana!
Chapter 412: Longevity!
Chapter 413: Time Is Like A River, It Flows Unceasingly Without Rest
Chapter 414: Locking Dragon Well!
Chapter 415: Where Is My Fish?!
Chapter 416: Smacked So Hard By A Dog That He Doubted Life
Chapter 417: Cerberus' Breakthrough!
Chapter 418: Which Fellow Daoist Is Breaking Through Here?!
Chapter 419: Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 420: Crunch
Chapter 421: Tens Of Thousand Meters Underground
Chapter 422: Variant Bat
Chapter 423: An Extra Person!
Chapter 424: Strange
Chapter 425: One Sword Shocking All!
Chapter 426: Gold Volcano!
Chapter 427: Daily Life Of The Tiger King And The Bear
Chapter 428: Crystal Fire Ant
Chapter 429: Formation Breaking
Chapter 430: Dragon
Chapter 431: Cultivation
Chapter 432: My F*cking Eyes...
Chapter 433: Eye
Chapter 434: Controlled Dan!
Chapter 435: Secret Art, Mixed Yuan Body!
Chapter 436: An Unexpected Outburst
Chapter 437: Formation Collapses!
Chapter 438: Disaster
Chapter 439: Nonhuman Lifeform
Chapter 440: Blade Tribe, Blade Crystal
Chapter 441: Pure Offense
Chapter 442: Blade Tribe Royalty
Chapter 443: Star Gods
Chapter 444: As Long As The Soul Is Not Extinguished, The Star Gods Will Never Die!
Chapter 445: Silly People Have Their Own Luck
Chapter 446: Medicinal Cuisine
Chapter 447: Meeting The Tiger King And The Black Bear Again
Chapter 448: A Single Step Away
Chapter 449: Fight!
Chapter 450: Soaring Rainbow Shatters
Chapter 451: Terrifying!
Chapter 452: Scarlet Vine Fruit Ripens
Chapter 453: Thousand Stars Vine!
Chapter 454: Terrifying Weapon Shard!
Chapter 455: Martial Dao Will
Chapter 456: Unrest
Chapter 457: Thick-Skinned, Eat To The Fullest
Chapter 458: Launch Plan!
Chapter 459: Lord Ye's Professed Love For Dragons [1]
Chapter 460: Horror Descends
Chapter 461: Hopeless Situation
Chapter 462: Polaris
Chapter 463: Twenty-Eight Mansions Lights Up The Heavens! [1]
Chapter 464: Rebirth, Zombie Dragon!
Chapter 465: Frail Little Fox
Chapter 466: Hangu Pass
Chapter 467: People Change With Time
Chapter 468: Speculation
Chapter 469: On To Hangu Pass
Chapter 470: Every Country Gathered
Chapter 471: Foundations
Chapter 472: Entering The Qin Emperor Mausoleum
Chapter 473: Spirit Fruits, Spirit Herbs, Demonic Beasts!
Chapter 474: Demonic Beasts King!
Chapter 475: City Gate, Puppet, Ancient Tablet!
Chapter 476: Innate Power!
Chapter 477: Killing Sword Art
Chapter 478: Eight Steps Chasing Cicada!
Chapter 479: Mirage Maze!
Chapter 480: Song Of The State Of Qin: No Clothes!
Chapter 481: Star Gods Illumination
Chapter 482: 12 Bronze Men, Eternal Rivers And Mountains!
Chapter 483: Insidious Bronze Man
Chapter 484: Set Sail!
Chapter 485: Crumble!
Chapter 486: Death? New Life! (Part 1)
Chapter 487: Death? New Life! (Part 2)
Chapter 488: Death? New Life! (Part 3)
Chapter 489: Death? New Life! (Part 4)
Chapter 490: Arrangements, And Entering The Heaven Connecting Tower (Part 1)
Chapter 491: Arrangements, And Entering The Heaven Connecting Tower (Part 2)
Chapter 492: Hundred Break Mountain Range
Chapter 493: Frenzied Demonic Beast
Chapter 494: Restored!
Chapter 495: Star Palace!
Chapter 496: Truth Of The Martial Dao
Chapter 497: Fishing Again!
Chapter 498: Ore
Chapter 499: Snake!
Chapter 500: Egg!
501 Mixed Blood Primal Chaos Snake Egg!
502 Uprising Of The Gangster Rabbits!
503 Thousand Year King?
《Fishing the Myriad Heavens》 Volume 2
504 Star Palace And Calamity Star
505 Casually Breaking Through
506 Fox Of Natural And Human Calamity Dharma Manifestation
507 Demonic Beasts Can Play Tricks As Well
508 Directing Troubled Waters To The Eas
509 Fight!
510 Celestial Emperor Bamboo!
511 The Celestial Emperor Bamboo Can Be Forfeited, But The Gangster Rabbits Must Die!
512 Shui Yuntian's Killing Technique!
513 There's Too Many Orioles, And Not Enough Mantises!
514 Gambler, Banker, Smashing Tables
515 Remnants Of The Ji Dao Sec
516 All The Hustle And Bustle In The World Is Only For Fortune
517 Breakthrough, Martial Dao Will!
518 Where Did You All Get Your Confidence?
519 Shui Yuntian's Shock!
520 Powerful!
521 Star Art, Thousand Crane!
522 Celestial Emperor Bamboo Shoo
523 Gangster Rabbit Ji Qi!
524 Lu Bu's Luck
525 Thoroughly Remolded Lu Bu!
526 Bei Feng Arrives
527 The Power Of One Sword... Is This Terrifying!
528 Lu Bing's Persistence!
529 Thoughts
530 Lu Bing's Peculiarity
531 Effects of the Lifelike Bait!
532 Fuse!
533 Thousand Transformations!
534 Uncovering the Abilities of the Thousand Transformations!
535 Problem
536 Merge, Control!
537 Oppressive Gangster Rabbi
538 Jackal to the Tiger
539 Naturally Choose To Forgive Her!
540 Life Is Like A Show; Everything Depends On Acting Skills
541 The Vicissitudes Of All Life
542 Nine Great Demonic Beast Kings!
543 Beat Up The Local Tyrants, Divide The Lands
544 Untitled
545 Untitled
546 Untitled
547 Leaving
548 Qing Zhou Chamber of Commerce
549 Not Knowing The Immensity Of The Heavens And Earth
550 Wrongdoings And The Wrong Words Come With A Price
551 Transaction Completed
552 Battleship is here!
553 Battle Against a Thousand Year King!
554 Swarms Of White And Red Butterflies
555 Delay!
556 Star Art, Star Reflection!
557 Insanity!
558 Relaxation
559 The breakthrough of Lu Bu!
560 Strength!
561 Untitled
562 Untitled
563 Untitled
564 Lu Family’s Shock
565 Elimination of Informants
566 Zeng Family Issues
567 San Chuan School
568 Untitled
569 Miss, Family Head Wants You Home
570 Arrival of the Zeng Family!
571 Complete Annihilation!
572 Killing A Path To The Zeng Family!
573 Dragon Trap Formation!
574 Joint Forces!
575 The Zeng Family Gone Mad!
576 Spirit Power Combo!
577 After The War
578 Gu San Sheng's Thoughts
579 Seeking Death In Various Ways
580 Flattened!
581 Big Explosion!
582 Gu Qi's Breakthrough!
583 The Thick-Skinned Will Benefi
584 Auction
585 Breakthrough To the Thousand Year King!
586 Commotion Caused By A Breakthrough!
587 Pure Yang, Impervious To Ghosts And Spirits!
588 Turning Faith Into A Condor!
589 Changes in the Little Fox's Soul!
590 Seven Emotions And Six Desires!
591 Stargazing Tower!
592 Visitors From The University of Tianmu!
593 Karma
594 So Hungry!
595 I Choose...
596 Good Tidings For The Restaurants
597 Mysterious Command Tally!
598 Super Volcano!
599 The Snake With A Chicken's Comb
600 Delicacy Tasting Like Fire
601 The Volcano's Reigning Demonic Beas
602 The Memory Of Cells!
603 Life Essence Recovery!
604 Continuous Breakthroughs!
605 Forming A World!
606 Ten Sins, Hundred Battles!
607 Hatred of the Ten Sins!
608 The Royalty And High-Ranking Officials Are Easier To Kill!
609 Only Once Enemies Die Do We Rest!
610 Mark 9 Treasure!
611 The Fishing Rod's Tribulation!
612 Thunder Dragon!
613 The Cuckolding And The Cuckolded
614 Any More Questions And You'll Die!
615 Mental Power As Weapons, Spirit As Weapon Wielders!
616 Since Time Immemorial, True Feelings Never Worked; It Is Schemes That Win The Hearts Of Men!
617 Level 5 Fisherman!
618 Form Transformation Pill
619 Arrival Of Various Large Sects And Clans!
620 Ruins Open!
621 Stone Bridge
622 Sorrow Follows Extreme Joy
623 Blood Essence Of Peak Level Demonic Beasts
624 Fog Lifted
625 Personal Choice
626 How Would I Know What You Want To Say If You Don't Say I
626 How Would I Know What You Want To Say If You Don't Say I
627 The Actor, Primal Devil Sect's Elder
628 Suddenly Waking Up From A Dream
629 Gigantic Void Beas
630 Line Up Please, I'm Collecting Protection Fee!
631 Qing Family Elder's Fear
632 Blinded By Jealousy
633 Didn't You Say It Couldn't Come Out?!
634 What Is Face? Is It More Important Than Life?
635 Yellow Golden Sea, Immortal Spirit Fish!
636 Preparations Before Sailing
637 The Dragon Gate
638 Discovering Trace
639 Inextricable
640 Wind Storm
641 Wave Slash!