Fate Online: Shadow
334 Airport Thief
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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334 Airport Thief

"You guys are finally back! How was the trip this time that you needed to extend it for a couple more days?"

Michael gave both of them a hug before helping them with one of their luggage.

Tom and Alice looked at each other for a second, then Alice looked at Michael and said, "It's good, and why didn't you bring Amanda with you?"

Michael scratched the back of his head and thought for a second before opening his mouth.

"Uhhh, about that...me and Amanda actually planned or more accurately I planned for us to go on a trip together"

Alice was surprised to hear that and couldn't help but raised her voice, "Oh my, when? But shouldn't you at least let us properly meet her first?"

Michael gave that weird shrug with his shoulders and said, "Well...we're actually leaving today...at midnight"

Alice and Tom, who had been eating the sandwich that Michael gave him, stopped at the same time as they looked at him, in shock.

"You're leaving...just as we are coming home?" Tom said as he took a bite out of that sandwich as he stared hard at his son.

"Well...yeah?" Michael quickly averted his eyes away from them while scratching the back of his head.


Alice angrily kicked Michael on his legs which quickly attracted the attention of the other people around them.

"We just came back and you're already planning to leave for some vacation?"

"Ow!" Michael rubbed his leg and quickly took a couple of steps back from Alice while smiling with a laugh.

Alice stared angrily at Michael and was about to hit him with her fist when Tom quickly caught her hand.

"Dear, relax. There are people watching us, and it's not like Michael is leaving for a long time. Besides, he's not a kid anymore" said Tom to his wife and sent a wink to Michael when Alice wasn't looking at him.

Michael just smiled helplessly and shrugged his shoulders.


Alice then turned her attention to Tom and annoyingly clicked her tongue.

"We'll talk about this later. Now, where's the car?"

"I'll go get it so wait for me"

Michael hurriedly left and quickly made his way towards the direction of where he parked his car earlier.

Alice looked at the back of her son, then turned her head towards Tom.

"What?" said Tom as he felt creeped out being stared at like that.

"We just returned, and now our son is leaving on a vacation on the same day as we returned, and you are actually allowing it?"

"Why not? Michael is already an adult, he can decide things for himself. He's not a kid, we can't be nosy with his business"

"And besides, we can have all the house to ourselves just like before"

Tom wrapped his hand around Alice's waist and pulled her towards him, and waggled his eyebrows up and down in a flirting manner.

"Is sex the only thing you can think of when we are alone?" said Alice, a little bit annoyed but also happy at the same time.

"Well, I can't help it. I'm a man" Tom laughed while smiling.

Alice rolled her eyes and crossed her arms and said, "Why did I even marry a perverted man like you?"

Tom thought for a second and showed a playful smile, "Uhmm...cause I'm good in bed?"

Alice just laughed and pushed him away from her and both of them waited for Michael to pick them up with the car as they conversed with each other about things.


"Damn, I didn't expect for her to kick me like that in front of so many people" Michael murmured to himself as he walked while rubbing the spot that Alice had kicked earlier.

"Thief! Stop him!"

Michael had just arrived beside his car and was about to open it when the piercing cry of a woman entered his ears, attracting his attention and the numerous people around him.

'What the hell? This is the airport!'

Michael couldn't believe that a thief would actually target a freaking airport that's teeming with guards and police officers.

He looked around and saw a suspicious car parked along the side of the road with two people inside who were rushing the man with a bag in his hands and running towards their direction with gestures through their hands, with two security guards along with a couple of men in black suits running after the thief while yelling for the man to stop.

Michael raised an eyebrow and decided to foil their plans.

'Well, I'm already here and just witnessed what is happening. I just wonder what the heck is wrong with their minds?'

Michael slowly walked over and took a stand in the direction the thief is heading, and ten meters behind him is the runaway car where the thief would use to bolt out of there with his companions.

"Bastard, get out of the way if you don't want to get hurt!"

The thief saw Michael standing in his way, and quickly took out a small pocket knife from his pocket, and pointed it towards Michael in a threatening manner.

The face of the thief quickly darkened, noticing that Michael wasn't the least bit scared by the knife and was hell bent on blocking his way.

"Die! You nosy bastard!"

The thief charged towards Michael and stabbed his knife towards Michael's stomach.


Mister Thief gave a weird sound when he saw the man before him agilely stepping to the side and dodging the knife.

Michael caught the man's arm, disarmed the knife from him and executed a judo throw!



"Let's go! Leave him!"

"I told you this job was a bad idea!"

The thief yelped in pain when Michael threw him on the hard ground, and his companions who had just stepped out of the car and was planning to help the man quickly went back to their car and hastily drove off from the scene.

Michael looked at the thief on the ground, and the guards that's heading over.


He just shrugged his shoulders, turned around and went back to his car and drove off towards where his parents are.


The guards tried to call him out, but Michael just ignored them.

"Who was that guy?"


One of the men in black suits angrily kicked the thief as he wiped off the sweat from his face.



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