Fate Online: Shadow
333 Someone Familiar
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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333 Someone Familiar

"Hahaha! Oh my god! That's so hilarious!"

"So he's human too after all huh," Jenny said after laughing so hard after hearing Amanda's story about what happened in the haunted house.

Amanda stared at Jenny and said, "It sounds like you know about something about Michael"

Jenny stopped laughing and stared at Amanda for a few seconds which made the latter a bit uncomfortable.

"If you know something, then tell me"

Jenny smiled at her and slowly leaned back on the sofa.

"Michael had been involved in the underground world for quite a while now. In fact, his involvement is so deep that even I was shocked about it when I learned about this information from my father"

Amanda's ears quickly perked up as her curiosity was piqued, thinking that it might be something that she still didn't know about Michael.

"You might know this, but the people living in that mansion? They're actually people from the underground world. They have notorious records of assassinating important and influential people. It was so surprising that they are able to live in Central City without the current government bothering them. After all, those people are nosy bastards"

After saying all that, Jenny stopped and observed Amanda's expression, and was startled when she noticed that she didn't seem shocked or even baffled by what she said.

"What's wrong with you woman? Aren't you even shock hearing about your boyfriend's dark side?"

Amanda could only look at her friend with a forced smile and said, "Well, about that…"

"Don't tell me you already knew about it!? You b*tch!"

"And you still decided to stay together with him even after learning about it!?"

Jenny wasn't slow in the uptake as she quickly figured it out, and couldn't help but shout at Amanda with anger tinged with astonishment.

Amanda made that weird movement with her shoulders and said with a laugh.

"Well...it's not like I wasn't already partially involved in that side of the world anyway"

Jenny's eyes grew wide and stared hard at her best friend.

"Ohh, you're talking about me? Compared to him, I can at least protect…"

She didn't even finish what she wanted to say when Jenny quickly closed her mouth when she realized something.

"Right, Michael can at least protect you now, but do you know what's so weird about him? His involvement with the underground world only started a couple of months ago"

"Prior to that, he was just an ordinary guy who was living by himself and just had an ordinary job. Isn't that weird? How did an ordinary guy suddenly get himself involved with the underground world?"

Amanda who was just quietly listening to her just shrugged her shoulders because she doesn't even know the answer to that, which is something she's hearing for the first time.

"It's your first time hearing about this didn't you?" said Jenny when she noticed her friend's peculiar expression after what she told her.

"Yeah, Michael never mentioned this to me before"

"Well, you two are leaving for a vacation tonight, right? Then you can slowly learn more about him, ask him things that you want to know. It's your right to know, you're his girlfriend after all, and getting involved with him is risking yourself to dangers" Jenny said after thinking for a bit.


Michael made his way to the airport and arrived there around four o'clock in the afternoon.

Michael is just standing on a corner while leaning on the railings while waiting for his parents to come out.

'They should be coming out soon' he thought as he looked at his watch, then he gave his surroundings a glance, and saw a couple of hot looking women a couple of meters away from him, and dressed in revealing clothes looking at him.

One of the women even gave him that flirty look as she sipped on the juice in her hand.

Michael can only give her an awkward smile before looking away.

'Is she horny or something?'

"What's taking them so long" Michael mumbled to himself when he saw the line of people coming out from the door and hugging the people who came to pick them up.


Michael suddenly gave a glance from the corner of his eyes and saw the woman from earlier walking towards him with moderate footsteps.

He just looked at her as she slowly stood before him, and the woman slightly raised her head to look at Michae's face and said, "Michael, you're Michael, right?"

Michael was a bit startled by how this woman whom he doesn't have any recollection of knows who he is.

"Yeah, do we...know each other by any chance?"

The woman laughed and said, "I'm Kora, we went to the same high school together"


Michael thought for a second there, and then a realization hit him as he finally remembered someone who was once considered "famous" in their school back then.

"You mean...that Kora?"

Kora laughed and slapped Michael's arm, "Yeah, you remembered, and yes, people called me slut back then who would suck anyone's dick as long as they pay me, but those were just rumors you know"

Michael can only laugh as they're not that really close, even back then, and he doesn't even understand why she had even approached him.

"Yeah, I guess, and what's up? Can I help you with something?"

Kora just smiled and didn't mind his attitude that seems to want to chase her away.

"Nothing, I just want to confirm if you were really Michael, cause you changed...like a lot"

Kora said that as she scanned him from head to toe.

"Thanks, you too, I guess," said Michael as he gave a glance at her bountiful chest that's as big as Amanda's.


A familiar voice of a woman entered his ears which made him turn towards the direction of where the voice came from and saw Alice and Tom just walking out of the door while waving at him.

"See ya," Michael said his goodbyes to Kora and quickly went towards the couple.

"Yeah, see you at school soon...Michael"

Kora just looked at Michael's back and mumbled to herself with a smile before she turned around walked back to where her companions are.


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