Fate Online: Shadow
330 Woman, Chill!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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330 Woman, Chill!

The next day.

Michael got up around eight o'clock in the morning and made breakfast for himself.

After a short breakfast, Michael went and took a quick shower, and soon after, he's dressed simply in a plain white shirt and black pants with a pair of sneakers.

[I just left the apartment. I'm heading over now] Michael sent a text message to Amanda and headed out of the apartment and locked the door after him.

He then took the elevator as it descended towards the underground parking lot.


The elevator stopped and opened on the ground floor where there's a couple of teens who stepped inside.

"Hello kid"

Michael greeted them as he recognized the young lady who lives on the second floor with her parents, and the young lady just smiled with a blush as she nodded towards him, and the young man beside her noticed her expression and had an uncomfortable look on his face.

"Your boyfriend?" Michae said to the young lady after a few seconds.

The young lady was a bit startled by it, but she quickly replied, "Ah yes"


The elevator then reached the underground parking lot as the door opened.

Michael looked at them and said with a smile, "I see"

Then he placed his hand on one of the young man's shoulders and said, "You better treat her right kid, yeah?"

"Y-yes sir" the young man stuttered with a slight grimace when he felt the powerful and painful grip on his shoulder.


Michael then smiled and finally stepped out of the elevator, and as the doors of the elevator closed, the young man quickly sigh in relief and grabbed the shoulder where Michael placed his hand earlier.

It hurts! How scary!

"Are you okay? It's going to be fine, my parents are really nice" the young lady, seemingly oblivious about the "secret confrontation" between the men earlier asked her boyfriend with a worried tone, thinking that he's probably just nervous about meeting her parents.

The young man bitterly looked at her and just smiled slightly with a hollow laugh and said, "Yeah, I'm fine babe. Just a little bit n-nervous"

"O~kay" the young lady was quickly suspicious because her boyfriend is suddenly acting weird when Michael had just left, and she even thought that Michael probably did something to him, but she erased those thoughts as she didn't even see him do anything except for wishing them well, especially with the knowledge that the man is a nice person.


While walking, Michael slightly tilted his head to the side with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Didn't expect that kid would have a boyfriend. Well, it's not surprising anymore cause she's already a college student. Right, I also need to attend college soon, but tsk tsk! I wonder what her father would think of him" Michael couldn't help but smile, it was because he knows that the young lady's father is a cop who looks like a gangster and someone who's sometimes too overprotective of his daughter which chased off a lot of her suitors back then, mostly bad eggs.

"Aiya, I can still remember the day that he smacked the daylights of that young man back then" Michael laughed remembering that particular memory of a cop smacking the daylights out of a young teen for harassing his daughter, which in the end, got him suspended.

Michael drove the Urus Lambo, as he would also pick up his parents later at the airport after meeting Amanda.

He left the underground parking lot and drove to the streets and made his way towards the direction of the neighborhood where Amanda and Jenny lives.

Past thirty minutes later.

Micheal arrived before a two story house with half of the front lawn covered in different kinds of flowers, and at one side, Jenny could be seen watering the plants with a sprinkler hose.

"Oh, look who it is!"

Michael had just gotten out of the car when the sarcastic voice of Jenny entered his ears, which made the edge of his right eye twitch.

But Michael just ignored her and took out something from the back seat, closed the door, and walked towards her.

"Morning Jenny, pretty nice day, isn't it?" Michael looked at the skies and then smiled at her.

Jenny snorted and said, "Hmmp! It would be really nice if you're not here"

Michael stared at her dirtied clothes, probably due to gardening and, then at her face that's covered in dust as he laughed, "Chill woman, here!"

He stretched his hand that was holding the box of cake to Jenny.

Jenny looked at the box, then at Michael and said, "What's the flavor?"

"It's chocolate cake, your favorite" Michael smiled inside as he knew that he had at least managed to appease her.

"You're lucky, or else I would have drench you in water by now" Jenny snatched the cake from Michael's hand, and at the same time, scared him by pointing the sprinkle towards Michael which scared the shit out of him as he was forced to jump backward in fright.

"Jesus woman!" Michael couldn't help but yell those words in fright as he really thought she was about to drench him in water.

"What's happening here?"

Then Amanda walked out of the front door when she heard the commotion happening outside, dressed in tight fitting jeans that showed off her curves and a simple plain white blouse tucked inside, and along with a pair of brown heels while holding a handbag in one hand.

"Ohhh, it's nothing babe, Jenny was just messing around" Michael hurriedly explained, and then he quickly walked towards Amanda and grabbed her hand and hurriedly pulled her away.

"Come on, let's go babe. We shouldn't disturb Jenny any further" said Michael like he was trying to get away from something, and he could feel Jenny's stare piercing his back.

Amanda just smiled, knowing that Jenny probably scared him.

"Make sure she comes home, alright!?" Jenny shouted towards the two of them just as they entered the car, where the two just exchanged a knowing smile on their faces.

"So where are we going?" Amanda said as she put her seatbelts on.

"A date of course"

Michael gave a vague reply and just started the car and drove off.


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