Fate Online: Shadow
329 Psycho
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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329 Psycho


A smashing echoed in one part of the forest as a figure flew across a distance and slammed on a tree on his back before falling on the snowy ground.

"Damn, I almost died from that!"

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Shadow cursed, but then his expression quickly changed as he quickly rolled to the side as a large fist came flying past above him and struck the place where he was half-kneeling earlier.


Dirt and snow mixed with mud flew everywhere as Shadow quickly got up on his feet and fled from the scene.


Thud! Thud! Thud!

A loud roar sounded from behind him as Shadow gave one last look behind and saw a one-eyed ogre roaring in anger as it started chasing after him while knocking on the large trees that are in its paths..

"Damn!" cursed Shadow with gritted teeth as he activated any skill he had that increased movement speed.

"Human! Meat! Come...here!" The ogre kept shouting as the drool from his mouth started dripping down on the edge of its lips as it kept chasing after Shadow while waving its wooden club.

Shadow looked back, and then he gritted his teeth and took out a couple of throwing daggers from his [Storage]. He slightly twisted his body backward and threw the throwing daggers towards the direction of the Ogre that's slowly gaining on him.

Twak! Twak!

One of them struck the chest of the Ogre, while the other one was embedded on one of the Orge's arms when it tried to deflect it.

"Roar! Human...I...kill youuuu!"

"Sh*t! Bad idea!"

Shadow cursed out loud once again when he saw that the Ogre was further enraged by what he did as the monster's speed started picking up and it quickly caught up to him in no time!


While Shadow is running hastily away from the Ogre behind, he quickly notices a large looming shadow on the ground getting bigger and he could also hear the whistling sound of the wind carried by whatever is falling towards him.



Shadow yelled in surprise when he managed to take a peek at what's above him before he hastily jumped forward and rolled on the ground as the Ogre's large wooden club struck the place where Shadow was previously earlier.

He quickly stood up and staggered forward as he kept running away, and then Ogre out of anger even uprooted a "small tree" and threw it towards Shadow.


The large tree landed just behind Shadow, but he wasn't safe yet as the tree sprung forward with a jump and it quickly shortened the distance from Shadow as it came crashing towards him!


Shadow couldn't help but look behind him and his eyes widened in shock as he saw the humongous tree flying towards him as the tree's shadow covered him whole, and he knew that he won't be able to dodge this time, and before he knew it, the tree then landed upon him and turned him into a meat patty stuck on the ground.


The Ogre's eyes quickly lit up in excitement when it saw what happened to Shadow as it quickly picked up its pace and charged over towards him and made a grabbing motion towards Shadow's body.


But Shadow just turned into motes of light before he disappeared, and the large hand of the Ogre only grabbed an empty air.

The Ogre was dumbfounded, and it looked at his opened hand with confusion as he didn't know what happened for Shadow to just disappear like that out of thin air before its eyes.

But then it quickly remembered that its meal had just disappeared and bellowed towards the skies in anger!



7:30 PM.


The door to the game cabin slowly opened up and Michael quickly sat straight up in fright.

"Holy...sh*t! This game is really too f*cking real!"

Michael also couldn't help but laugh because the way he died was just too stupid in his eyes.

"Man, I didn't expect that I'd die due to a tree smashing on me," he said as he slowly got off from his gaming cabin.

"I just hope I didn't drop any of my core items" he mumbled to himself as he took a bath towel and made his way towards the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, Michael came out of the bathroom while wearing a bathrobe with a bath towel slung over one of his shoulders.

He made his way over to the kitchen as he opened a pack of bread and placed them inside the toast before opening the fridge and gave himself a glass of milk.

And while waiting for the toaster to finish, he went to find the TV remote and switched the TV on, and what greeted him was the news about a woman, who was an air stewardess who died because of a "rape" from eleven...gay men...during a party.

"Raped by eleven...gay men?" Michael couldn't help but hang his mouth wide open as he wasn't expecting this kind of news tonight.

"Wouldn't that be to f*cked up?"

"God, aren't they too shameless to make people believe that they are gay just so that they can f*ck up someone's life?"

Michael smiled with a raised eyebrow, but his smile was not just an ordinary smile, it's that smile that he always wears when he's angry or he's about to do something dangerous.

And then his expression slowly got darker and darker as his smile slowly became wider like a devil.

"Shall I…"


The sound of the toaster quickly interrupted his thoughts and his expression quickly brightened right after that.

"Uhh...It's ready! I'm hungry already!"

Michael quickly turned around and made his way over to the toaster in the kitchen.

He placed the toasted bread on a small plate before taking one and placed it on his mouth before he went and took out a frying pan from the cabinet and heated it on the fire.

After a minute, he broke an egg and started making a sunny side up for a meal, two of them.

"Haaa...I can't even cook a proper dinner without Amanda now" Michael couldn't help but have a bitter smile on his face. It was because Amanda had already gone back home earlier today when Jenny came over and picked her up as Michael's parents would return tomorrow.

Michael even persuaded her to just stay and properly get to know his parents, but Amanda rejected it by telling him that it wasn't the right time yet.

Because for Amanda, the two of them haven't dated that long yet, and at the same time, she would be embarrassed stay at their house knowing that his parents would be coming home soon, and also because in her mind, meeting them when she had stayed in their house when they were gone is not right for her, so she told Michael that she can come by some other time and properly meet his parents at a later date and not right now.

Michael was done cooking and went back to the living room with a plate and a glass of milk in hand as he slowly sat down on the sofa, and then changed the channel from the "disturbing" news.


Michael kept changing the channel, but every one of them is reporting the same thing!

It's about that "raped" victim called Pristine Acera, which took place just yesterday night, and so Michael switched off the TV and instead went and picked up his phone.

He went towards the kitchen and took a chair and sat in front of the countertop table and started browsing the web for things to watch, like funny videos.

"Even here?"

Now, Michael was really piqued with curiosity about why all news stations are reporting on it that even the main interface of video-sharing website YouTube is filled with videos about it that took half of the interface.

So he started looking on to it, and surprisingly, there's already a lot of information about the people involved and that the more he learned about it, the more he found it absurd.

"Foul play? People covering up for them? Tsk, just what you'd expect from bastards from large and influential families" he snickered dangerously as his eyes kept flashing with a cold light.

Michael really hates people like them, they already have the money, and if they wanted to get laid, then they should just hire a beautiful and hot escort and f*ck her instead!

Destroying someone's life isn't even enough for them, but they even killed the woman?



Only one dangerous word came out of his mouth, it was filled with danger, anger, and gloom, followed by the glass of milk in his hand getting crushed to pieces due to excessive force from his hands as its contents spilled on the table.


Then suddenly a notification came in on his phone two seconds later, and when he saw it.

The smile on his face slowly widened...like a devil.

It was because there's a list contained within the message about recommended jobs that is sent to them every week, and one of them quickly caught his eyes.

Kill all the people related to the death of the woman called Pristine Acera.

Payment Reward - $10,000.


Michael didn't even care about how low the payment is, his thumb just slowly pressed on the "Accept" button, and the message disappeared soon after.

Then his expression returned to normal, and he thought about something which made him smile.

"I should ask Amanda if she wants to go on a vacation with me two or three days from now"


Then Michael started humming happily as he started watching some interesting videos on the web.

Anyone who would have witnessed this scene from the beginning would have been screaming in the terror by now!

Because they would feel like a freaking psycho has just been unleashed!


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