Fate Online: Shadow
327 March of the Undead
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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327 March of the Undead

"Are they...leaving him? And are those teleportation scrolls in their hands?"

Ragnar couldn't help but get dumbfounded when he saw the rest of the humans suddenly tearing an old looking paper before a white colored light covered their bodies and they disappeared, leaving one of their companions all alone by himself in the forest.

"Where did they get them? Teleportation Scrolls are pretty rare, even I only have one. Hmmm, these humans sure are interesting, and will that guy be okay all by himself?"

Ragnar just shook his head with his arms crossed as he also didn't expect this turn of events.


Shadow looked at the spot from where the others had disappeared and just sighed helplessly to himself.

"I guess, I'll be doing this all by myself now"

Shadow was a little bit frustrated that he's all alone now. After all, if the difficulty earlier was only Level 2, then now it had just become Level 10 as he would need thorough plans to traverse Snowy Forest by himself and make his way towards the direction of Mount Rasborg.

Shadow fastened a gauntlet made of both pieces of leather on the lower half and steel on the upper half on his left and right hands, where there are three spikes on the knuckle part of the gauntlet.

The gauntlet has veins like pattern along the steel parts that look like tree roots while the front parts along the knuckles are covered in brown furs with a tinge of black.

It is an item Shadow got from killing one of the Werebears that they had hunted before.

And this is what makes his class amazing as he can equip two offensive items, unlike others where they only use one offensive weapon based on their class or profession.

[Claws of the Lyncanthropes]

Attack Damage: 97

Durability: 250/250

A gauntlet made from the claws of a Werebear. It can be worn over the armguards.


Level 42

Strength 50

Agility 65


+5 Agility

+2 Strength

Increase attack speed by 15%.

"Now then, how shall I do this?"

Shadow murmured to himself as he started to think of how he should proceed from now onwards.

He needs to plan this really well because Snowy Forest isn't an easy map for a lone player to move by himself, and if it wasn't for the abnormal movements of most of the monsters not attacking them, then he would have also postponed this adventure and followed the rest earlier and joined the war.

Shadow then slowly packed up, and this time, he's headed towards the inner boundary of the Snowy Forest, so he would be nearer to the Wildlands when he would finally decide to enter that dangerous place.


On the western side of the continent, another change is occurring.

In a wide deserted plain that looks like a destroyed large graveyard surrounded by towering mountains.

The place looks and sounds ominous because of the creepy sound that the wind is producing.

"For the Lich King!"

A Death Knight riding on a skeletal horse with green flames inside its eye sockets yelled as he raised his large sword made of bones and steel towards the skies, and on his left hand, he's holding a pole with a black flag on top of it that has a skull covered in a fire with crowns engraved on it.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Suddenly, the ground below him started shaking slightly, and countless bony hands shot out from the ground around him, and those bony hands slowly pushed themselves against the ground as skeletal monsters resurfaced from the ground.

Most of them is armed with different weapons, some were holding swords, daggers, or a shield along with a sword, and some of them had bows and quivers with them.

Some of the weapons of the undead all looked rusty and on the verge of getting destroyed.

There were Dullahans, Ghouls and even Zombies among them, but most of the undead are just ordinary Skeletal Warriors and Archers.

If someone knowledgeable were to see them and the flag fluttering along with the wind.

Then they would surely recognized that Deaht Knight as a member of an undead organization called the Zimura Church.

A large organization who serves the Evil God Zimura.

The lesser lich called Seth whom Shadow and Miya fought before was also a follower of this particular evil god.


The Death Knight pointed his sword forward and yelled.


The undead that looks like small ants from above roared towards the skies and started marching forward in a chaotic mess as they headed towards a particular direction, the direction of a small town.

Their number were endless that if any humans or any creature saw them, then they would certainly fall in fear and despair, and if the players witness this scene, then they would certainly yell that the Apocalypse is coming!

Sage Laura who is having a tea by herself on a small hill under the moon, turned her head towards the West with somber look on her face.

Rawgul Brewbender, the Blacksmith Sage came out of huge gate below a large mountain and gazed towards the West.

Dragon Master Hiccup was standing on top of the tallest mountain in the Isle of Skrova with a large Black Dragon beside him as he's also looking towards the direction of the West.

Eren, the Battle Sage was standing on the roof of his house with his hands behind his back as he was also looking towards the West with a serious look on his face.

Dawn, or most commonly known as the Night King is sitting on top of a large tree facing the West while sharpening his dagger.

All prominent and powerful figures on the continent stopped what they were doing and looked towards the West, where they can sense a dense dark energy gathering.

And every single one of them knew, that the peace in the continent would be broken soon as another problem had cropped up along with the Sea Tribe.

The March of the Undead!


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