Fate Online: Shadow
321 It“s Hard To Act Cool and Mysterious
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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321 It“s Hard To Act Cool and Mysterious

The next day.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

"You're parents will be home in two days, right?"

Amanda gave Michael a glance while she constantly mixed the rice with eggs, meat, garlic, onions, and carrots with her spatula.

Their dish for today's breakfast is, fried rice!

"Yep, and also, I gotta meet Zero later today or else he'd come here instead"

Michael's face was scrunched up while watching TV as he thought of Zero, who had even threatened him that he would personally come over to their house if he doesn't come and meet him today at the mansion.

But of course, it's not like Michael has a choice in this matter as he was already lucky enough that Zero hadn't barged in here or made things difficult for him. In fact, what Zero is doing is unprecedented as something that the leader of Continental is even personally visiting a recent member of the organization.

"Do you really have to go though? That guy is real trouble, they even destroyed the flowers I painstakingly cared for when they were fighting! Good thing their neighbors didn't see them or they would have called the authorities!"

Amanda grumbled in annoyance while setting up the table, while Michael can only laugh at that as he knew just how troublesome those folks are. In fact, he was even relieved that no one unrelated saw what happened back that day or he wouldn't even know what measures Zero is going to take against them.

After all, that bastard certainly wouldn't allow anyone unrelated to the underground world to see his face.

He might not kill them, but he'd surely either threaten them or drown them with his monies!

"Okay, I'm done here. Come over and let's have breakfast"


While the two are eating in silence as both of them have their eyes glued on the TV in the living room. Michael glanced at the side and noticed that Amanda seems to want to say something but kept hesitating as he could see the struggle on her face.

"What is it, babe? If you have something to say, then just say it. It's not like I'm gonna eat you up"

Amanda glared at him when she heard the sarcastic tone when he mentioned eating her up. Then she hesitated a bit as Michael kept his eyes on her while smiling, Amanda glanced at him, then just sighed and finally opened her mouth.

"I heard...that you and the others back at the mansion are members of a powerful underworld organization called Continental with Zero being the head"


Michael raised an eyebrow as he already has a feeling of what Amanda wanted to say.

"I wanted to ask if I can also join yo…"


Michael didn't even let her finish what she wanted to say before cutting her off, and the latter narrowed her eyes towards Michael.

"Why am I not allowed to join? I heard that I can get a lot of privileges if one if you recommend me"

Michael didn't immediately reply to her question but instead took a spoonful of fried rice into his mouth before looking straight into Amanda's eyes while chewing his food.

"Why you say? Because me being there is already enough, you don't need to join them. If a weapon is what you want, then we can get you one, and I'm pretty sure that with me here, no one will be able to hurt you"

"Okay! Then please get me an M1911 handgun with ammunition so you can teach me how to shoot"

Michael looked at her in surprise as he was actually expecting for her to argue back, and not to immediately agree to it!

Then he would be able to come up with a lot of reasons to make her back off, and to not have any more thoughts of being thoroughly involved in the underground world!

"You...agreed immediately?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I? So make sure to not forget to buy M1911 for me, okay?"


Amanda smiled, and stood up from her seat with her plate in her hand, then she placed them down on the kitchen sink before making her way towards the living room as Michael just watched her back dumbfoundedly.

'Dang it, she tricked me! Now, I gotta buy her a freaking handgun!'

Michael can only sigh helplessly as he didn't expect that her asking him to join the Continental was just a diversion to make him buy her a handgun, which she doesn't even know how to use!

'Does she feel threatened that she needed a gun to protect herself?'

Michael knows that allowing Amanda to own her gun and practice on it would at least make her able to protect herself if he wasn't around to protect her and that she would at least be able to hold off any threats towards her until help arrives.

'It's not a bad idea at all, but the problem now is that I'm not able to purchase any more weapons from the Continental using cash'

Michael has a lot of money now, and not to brag, he has at least a few millions of dollars now that he could now live off of it for a couple of years.

While thinking inside, Michael took another mouthful of fried rice and drank some water.

'It's either I buy one from the black market, or I can also buy it from Viper and the others, but I doubt they would actually sell one of their babies to me'

Both options are great, the only downside for the first option is that the gun would be illegal, and Michael doesn't want his woman to possess an illegal weapon because it would be like a small ticking time bomb that would just invite trouble to them if discovered.

On the other hand, Michael could also purchase one from the organization or from Viper and the others, but the problem comes after that because he would need to pay it using the underworld currency, the Gold Coin!

And he doesn't want to use them cause they're freaking hard to get even for him!

Yes, they are coins made of gold, but you can't even get one gold coin using any kind of world currency, and of course, there's also a lot of different kinds of underground gold coins, but the problem is that not a lot of people are using them as even rival organizations are forced to use the gold coins made from the Continental.

As it is their privilege as being the largest and oldest underground force.

'Dammit, I can only get those through missions or through an exchange of valuable information, or maybe...I can just steal them from other organizations in the future?'

Michael couldn't help but have a sinister thought from thinking so deep just to solve such a simple problem of purchasing one freaking handgun!

'It seems I can only ask Jenny about this'

In the end, he could only sigh helplessly as he'd surely get an earful of this from Jenny.

"Amanda, do you where Jenny would be today?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Ohh, I just need to ask her about something"

Amanda stared at Michael with narrowed eyes, and Michael can only act dumb knowing how sharp women could be.

After all, he can't just tell her that he'd need Jenny's help for purchasing just one freaking handgun after acting all cool and mysterious towards her for a couple of months, right!?

Damn, that would be so freaking uncool!


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