Fate Online: Shadow
315 Michael and The Princess
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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315 Michael and The Princess

In the eyes of the people like Michael, the royal families and the other powerful forms of government certainly has the ability to suppress them using military power, but will they be able to protect themselves with it against people like Zero who hide within the shadows?

The answer is a big no!

They won't be able to protect themselves against assassins using weapons unless they are equally or more skilled than their attacker.

A powerful weapon is useless in the hands of a noob.

This is the reason why the governments had always turned a blind eye towards the underground organizations, and let's not even forget the numerous deals that happen under the table.

Master Lin glared at Michael and said in a voice that only the two of them can hear, "What do you mean by that?"

"You...could you be someone targeting the Duke?"

A sudden absurd realization hit him and couldn't help but think that Michael is here to assassinate the Duke of Angles Kingdom.

Master Lin's guard had truly gone up a notch as he wouldn't hesitate to pull his sword out the moment that Michael showed signs of attacking him.

Michael stood there, looking at Master Lin with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Ohhh, silly me. So that wasn't the case, but I didn't expect that the Guild is behind the Duke"

Micheal quickly smiled and patted Master Lin's shoulder before walking past him.

Master Lin turned around and stared at Michael's back, as his guard finally loosened up as he was really about to attack Michael earlier just now when his hand was reaching towards him, but he didn't expect that Michael would just pat him on his shoulders and walk away.

"Wait..could it be?"

Looking at Michael's back, Master Lin finally realized something terrifying.

"Could it be that he's from the Continental?"

He sweated, as it was an open secret that the royal family has connections with that behemoth of an organization.

He came to this conclusion because Michael's expression quickly eased up the moment he mentioned the word, Duke, in front of him.

Then he remembered something and couldn't help but curse.


Master Lin has started feeling more anxious and fidgety right now.

After all, he knows that some people from Continental are bastards who steal people from other organizations by recommending them to the group.

'And if he's one of those people, then he must have surely tried to recruit those kids!'

'I have to go back to the academy!'

But the problem is that Master Lin is the only one among their Guild who is currently protecting the Duke, and if he leaves without any good reason, then it might complicate the cooperation between their Guild and the Duke household.

Master Lin quickly left the hall through the side doors and arrived at the garden as he quickly took out his phone and started calling someone.

"Pick it up, Maya!"

He repeatedly called her, but it was all in vain as the person he's trying to call never bothered to pick it up. Master Lin even called Markus, but it resulted in the same thing, and luckily, luck seems to be shining over him as the third person he called picked it up.

[Yes, Master Lin?] Kiko's voice sounded from the other side of the call.

"Where are Maya and Markus?" he asked angrily.

There was silence for a second before Kiko answered,

[Maya and Markus had just left the academy ten minutes ago Master Lin]

"Did they tell you where they went?"

Master Lin had grown anxious as the event that he fears the most seems to slowly come true.

[Uhh...well, they were dressed to the nines when they left, so maybe they were heading out to have a date? I'm not really sure Master Lin]

Master Lin angrily hung up the phone and cursed, "Damn it!"


Michael is currently leaning against the guard rail on the second floor, as he looked down on the group of people below him, but his eyes staring straight through Princess Violet, observing her and her bodyguards in the distance who are keeping watch over her safety.

Princes Violet who was talking to her guests once again felt those eyes staring creepily at her, and in instinct, she looked up and saw a pair of eyes staring at her, but it hurriedly looked away.

'Michael Grey' she quickly thought of that young man as she had seen that person's information when she was looking for clues leading to her son's killer.

"Please excuse me"

"Of course, Your Highness"

Princess Violet quickly excused herself and slowly ascended the stairs leading to the next floor.

"You are...Michael Grey"

Princess Violet arrived beside Michael and stared at him with those cold eyes of hers.

"As far as I know...there was no invitation that was sent to you" she didn't dare to slight him knowing the people behind him, and at the same time, it's not like he was the one who killed her son...right?

Michael acted surprised and faced her with a stiff smile on his face, "Y-your Highness, hello"

"And about the invitation, a friend brought me along. Ohhh...that's him! Mister Lin!"

Michael acted like a kid caught in the act and yelled at Master Lin in the distance, attracting the attention of all the people in the party as they looked up and looked at him, and then turned their attention away when they saw the princess standing beside him.


Master Lin who saw the princess beside Michael cursed under his breath as he immediately realized that the bastard is probably trying to drag him into something troublesome!

So he just glared at him before turning his head away with a frown.

Michael turned around and said to Princess Violet with a nervous laugh, "This...I don't know what he ate that he's suddenly ignoring me"


Princess Violet stared coldly at him before uttering those words with a menacing tone.

Michael quickly smiled brightly and replied, "Okay, the food and wine is really tasty, Your Highness! Have a good evening!"

Michael quickly walked away and when had just walked past Violet, the silly look on his face quickly disappeared and replaced by a solemn look along with a huge grin.

'I'm pretty sure after this, she will once again launch an investigation towards me, but this time, more thorough. After all, I just revealed to her that I know Master Lin, right? Someone who is supporting the opposition against her' Michael thought but he once again continued wearing that silly smile on him when his face became visible for the Princess to observe him.

Michael already knows what will happen after this interaction between the two of them. Princess Violet would certainly raise her wariness against her cousin, knowing that Micheal knows Master Lin of all people.

And if her investigator is skilled enough, then she would certainly learn that Zero had dropped by to visit him at his family's former mansion. Now, occupied by a group of retired deadly assassins.

The following event will certainly cause a huge storm over the Kingdom of Angles, and if she isn't dumb, then she would then realized that Michael might have a hand in the death of her son.

'Now then, let's start the show shall we?'

Michael grinned as he walked out of the building.


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