Fate Online: Shadow
312 Kabuki Mask
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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312 Kabuki Mask

"That was some good exercise," said Michael as he started heading towards the door.

"Y-you bastard...this isn't over yet! No one has ever lived a good life after messing...with us!"

Just as Michael was about to step foot outside, he suddenly heard Jo yelling from behind him.

Michael turned his head around and snickered at the man lying on the wreckage of a table and said, "You're welcome anytime"

Then he saw the family of three looking at him, and when they realized that Michael is looking at them, they quickly bowed in thanks.

Michael just smiled and gave a small nod before leaving.

"Uwah...he's so cool" the daughter couldn't help mutter to herself in adoration after Michael left.

After seeing him leave, the people from Wanderers got up while groaning as they help their comrades on their feet and left the store, ignoring the family of three who was looking at them with troubled and wary expressions.

"Sir, what now? Are we just gonna take this lying down?" the underling who has Jo's arm over his shoulders said.

Jo glared at him, then looked at his men and said coldly, "Gather the boys that are available, we're gonna make sure that bastards gonna regret messing with the Wanderers tonight!"

"Yes sir!"

"And two of you follow him, and report to me his location. Make sure to not lose him" Jo said to two of his men.

"" Yes! ""

The two men who only suffered minor injures among them bowed and quickly left towards the direction of where Michael had disappeared to.

"Bastard...this is not over between us"

Remembering Michael's annoying face, Jo couldn't help but grit his teeth in anger before they hastily left the place as the people around them quickly moved out of their way, afraid of angering them.

Back in his hotel room.

Michael had a change of clothes and pulled his suitcase that was placed on the side onto the bed.

He took out a black overcoat and a pair of black gloves before wearing a pair of black boots and made his way out of his room after that.

"It's time" Michael smiled as he pulled his coat to fix it, looking all cool like an action star.


A group of men in a kabuki mask while wearing black suits appeared at the butcher shop/eatery.

The people who looked like diners and the workers in the store slowly stood up and grabbed their weapons.

And a deadly battle quickly ensued between the two groups, while those students studying underground don't have any clue that danger is heading their way.

A few minutes later.

A silhouette of a man appeared at the back entrance of the store.

"It should be about to be over, right?"

Michael muttered to himself before opening the door and entered.

Nothing was spectacular to see in the kitchen, but when he arrived at the front, he saw the littered corpses of people from different colors lying on their own pool of blood.

Michael just ignored the scene before his eyes like it was nothing and quickly started looking for another door that leads to somewhere.

"Found it"

Not even a minute later, Michael found a small door behind a fridge at the back.

He pushed the fridge aside and opened the door and saw a staircase leading down with lights on both sides of the wall.


In a long brightly lit hallway, a long-haired kid riding on a small motorcycle is smiling at his friends.

"Let's do this!" the long-haired yelled excitedly.

"Yeah, Jaden!"

"Let's go, do it!"

His friends happily encourage him, but then their eyes grew wide from shock when they saw something behind their friend, but Jaden didn't notice their expressions because of the excitement he's currently feeling.


Jaden's raised hand was suddenly cut off and he started screaming as he fell to the ground.


They cursed as the group of five kids around sixteen to eighteen years old quickly picked up the weapons lying around them and charged bravely towards the masked intruders.


The kids and the two intruders in their schools started fighting against each other as their weapons clashed against each other.

If ordinary people were to see this scene, then they would be amazed at how skillful these groups of kids are, but no matter how skillful they are, the intruders still bested them!

One of the boys got his stomach slashed as he fell down hard on the floor, while a girl that's wearing thick makeup was stabbed on one of her shoulders.

While another other girl fell on one knee with a sword placed beside her neck as she glared at the man wearing a red kabuki mask.


She yelled and her friends quickly got up to their feet and fled as she pushed the sword away from her and kicked the man before hurriedly following after her friends.

The two men were startled for a bit before they quickly followed after them.

"Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! Hurry up!' yelled the only bald dude among them as they hurriedly ran downstairs as the two masked men skillfully jumped down from the set of stairs after them.

But luck seems to be on their side as they managed to arrive inside a room and locked themselves inside, leaving the two masked men frustrated outside who were just three seconds late from catching them.


The man wearing the black kabuki mask angrily kicked the door.

"Himari detekuru!"

One of the men angrily yelled in a language that most of the students hiding in the room can't understand.

"F*ck, we're gonna die!" the bald dude with tattoos said in frustration.

"No one's dying," said another boy who's wearing a football uniform.

"Are you blind Mark!? They're f*cking dying!" the bald dude angrily yelled as he pointed at the girl whose wound was covered up with a flag of some country while screaming in pain and at the short blonde-haired man lying on the floor while holding his bloodied belly.

[Door Bangs!]

"The Guardians are dead! We're trapped in these f*cking room with no weapons, no nothing!"

Mark then just ignored the ranting bald dude and started pushing a couple of desks to barricade the door.


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