Fate Online: Shadow
308 We“re having a baby!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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308 We“re having a baby!

"I'm really famished, and the food smells good!"

Circle couldn't help but rub his belly and took a seat in front of the table filled with an assortment of food, while the others slowly took their own seats.

"You're actually a cook, aren't you?" Genesis couldn't but say those words while chewing with the food inside his mouth as he looked at Olivia who was sitting beside Randy, also known as Viper.

The others just shook their heads as they were already used to Genesis saying that every time he eats Olivia's cooking. Of course, it also surprised them the first time they tried her food that they had actually thought that she was a skilled chef, instead of a lawyer.

Michael and Amanda are chatting with each other, talking about things inside the game, or plans for places they wanted to go to for vacation.

While the others are also busy talking with each other, talking about a lot of topics that would change every minute.

If a normal were to walk into them and witness this scene, then they would undoubtedly mistake them to be a group of harmonious friends or a family, they wouldn't even have a doubt of how dark their past was because every one of them looks happy and content.

Randy who was smiling and talking to Olivia couldn't help but turn his head around when he felt someone looking at the two of them, and saw Michael looking at them with a confused look on his face.

"What? What?" Randy said it in a very annoying way that the others couldn't help but glance at him.

Michael just gave Randy a glance then looked at Olivia and couldn't help but said, "I couldn't help but notice, but are you gaining some weight?"


Some of them couldn't help but choke on their food when they heard what Michael said to Olivia.

After all, girls are very sensitive when they are talking about their weight no matter how old they are.

"Michael!" Randy glared angrily at Michael while Olivia couldn't help but turn red from embarrassment.

"Its…its because I'm two months pregnant" Olivia's voice grew smaller when she noticed that their faces slowly become covered with a shock when they heard what she had just said.

Especially Randy, who is now slack-jawed when he heard her, his eyes twinkling with excitement and shock

After all, he had never noticed a thing even when he was living with her under the same roof!


All of them couldn't help but yell at the same time, except for Amanda who's currently wearing a dumbfounded look on her face, and at the same time, she couldn't help but think about the feeling of being pregnant and couldn't help but grew red from embarrassment.

'What are you thinking Amanda!? You're still young!'

She yelled at herself inside her mind and couldn't help but take a peek towards Michael who has joyful look on his face along with the others because they could not believe that she would actually agree to have a child with Randy when they were only dating for a couple of months.

"How come Michael noticed it and I don't?"

Randy scowled thinking about how he's practically living at her house but never noticed some changes from her appearance.

And at the same time, he couldn't help but feel really happy knowing that Olivia is pregnant and that they will have a child soon in a few months as a huge smile slowly crept along his face.

Ripley and Miya kicked Randy away from his spot and sat beside her and started chatting with the three of them with Amanda interjecting in their conversation from time to time.

Randy took a sit from a vacant seat and his friends quickly started teasing him.

"Randy, my boy! You're actually going to be a father soon!" Robin said with a huge smile on his face as he continued patting the former's shoulders.

Robin was so happy that anyone who doesn't know them would certainly mistake him as Olivia's boyfriend instead because of how happy he looks.

The others could also understand it, as Robin had always pushed them to find a partner, get married, and have children who will then call him grandfather.

His constant nagging about this had almost annoyed them to death that they would quickly change the topic of their conversation whenever Robin brought up things about marriage and whatnot.

And now, one of his wishes has been fulfilled so he's really feeling happy right now that he started discussing names for the child with Randy as the others could only look on with bitter smiles on their faces.

'Should I find someone too?' Genesis thought as he went back to his seat and continued eating.

'I hope it's a boy and so that I can teach him the way of Shaolin Kungfu when he grows up maybe?' Moniker thought to himself.

'I hope the kid wouldn't grow up looking like Randy' Chakram thought with a laugh.

If Randy could read minds, then he would certainly pick a fight with the latter two.

'A kid huh? Should I have one with Amanda too? I'm pretty sure the old folks would certainly love to have a grandchild'

Thinking to that point, Michael couldn't help but laugh to himself in mockery as he hadn't even come clean to Amanda of who he truly is, and he's already thinking way ahead of himself.

'But is this really okay though? One is someone on the side of the law, while on one side, the other person could be considered an outlaw. What a strange pair they are' Michael couldn't help but have that kind of thought when he thought of their current identities.

"What a good pizza. I think she should open a pizzeria. She can make good money with this" Michael couldn't help but make comment after taking a bite of the pizza that Olivia made.

"It's really good, right? I don't even know how many times I've said this now, but she's really a damn good cook" Chakram who is eating a pizza with gusto leaned towards Michael with a huge grin on his face, the edge of his lips stained with the sauce of the pizza.

"Right~?" Michael couldn't help but agree.

"She should open a pizzeria, and I'm sure it will really sell well. This also includes the fact that she's dating Randy, and her job is already dangerous enough because she's a famous defense attorney"

Chakram agreed with him with a nod as he knows what Michael is trying to say.

After all, Olivia had certainly made a lot of enemies during her career, and if they found out that she's dating and living with a man with a dangerous past under the same roof, then they could certainly use it against her.

And if that happens, then the trouble they would face will be even more troublesome than Zero visiting them.

And in the event that Olivia's rivals finds out about this, then Randy and the rest would certainly have a cold war with the authorities in the country if they get wind of it.


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