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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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303 GO!

The people behind them just shook their heads as they know that this isn't the best time to argue with each other.

"What are you doing?" Solitary Tempest couldn't help but quickly ask Shadow when she saw him picking a pebble from the ground, even the others are looking suspiciously at Shadow's actions.

Shadow just smiled at her and didn't bother giving a reply. Instead, he rather gives them an answer through his actions.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

The rustling sound of a patrolling Grey Orcs is slowly becoming more apparent as the group slowly got nearer to where the Shadow and the rest are hiding.

"Oi, oi, oi! What are you doing!?"

A message suddenly popped up in front of Shadow, and when he saw who the sender was, he turned his head towards Cereal Killer and glared at him.

"Relax" Shadow sent a reply.

"Relax, my ass! You were just about to flick that pebble on one of those Grey Orcs, weren't you!?" Cereal Killer glared at him and sent a message full of anger.

Shadow smirked at him, "You thought that the plan I thought was to lure one of them, weren't you?"

Cereal Killer read the message, and his fingers quickly tap on the floating keys in front of him.

"Wasn't that clearly your plan when you picked up that pebble?"

Shadow just rolled his eyes, "Didn't you even notice that Chakram wasn't here and that you're the only one complaining?"

Cereal Killer quickly looked behind him and saw Storm Moonlight lying on her back with her head resting on her arms with her eyes close, while Solitary Tempest is lying prone on the ground beside Shadow, and when he tried to look for where Chakram is...he was missing.

"Did he went somewhere?" Cereal Killer couldn't help but mumble to himself.

"He did, so just calm down and wait for my signal" Shadow heard him and whispered in a reassuring tone.

"Dammit Shadow, I don't want to die another time. It's so freaking hard to increase our levels here"

After whispering those words, he went silent as he waited with bated breathe on what is about to happen in any second or minute now.

At the same time, he also didn't know what to feel right now when he realized the difficulty of this adventure. It was because he's angry and annoyed because it's easy to lose their experience points here as the monsters' levels are higher than them, but at the same time, he's also feeling happy because it's so easy to fill up their experience bar as the monster in this map are generous with their EXP when they are slain, especially with the drop rate of loots.

Without anyone noticing, Shadow's smile suddenly grew wide as he stared at something in front of him.

"Get ready, rush out when you hear the signal" he sent it to the party channel.

Solitary Tempest and the others quickly prepared themselves, while Shadow raised a hand and started counting down using his fingers.







When it reached the last second, an earth-shattering explosion suddenly occurred way behind them. It was so powerful that the ground even started shaking and the explosion was so powerful that it blasted their ears, causing the people or creatures near the explosion momentary dizziness.

Everyone was stunned, even Shadow didn't expect that the bomb that Chakram made was so powerful that it made him think that it was even more powerful from a drone strike.

"Enemy attack!"

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The Grey Orcs finally snapped out of their dazed as their leaders or people with authority started yelling orders to their people, and the most amazing thing is that no one panicked among them, and the orcs who were resting in their huts rush out with their weapons as a wave of orcs gathered towards the site of where the explosion happened.

While another group of orcs led their children to a safe place, and the patrolling group of Grey Orcs had once again passed by them and running towards the opposite while roaring in fury.

A minute later, the group finally took action when Shadow felt like that the event earlier must have lured almost all of the Orcs by now, putting a hole in their defenses.


Shadow hastily stood up and quickly activated a skill that raises his speed, followed by the others.


They quickly bolted out from their hiding place and rushed forward and skillfully jumped down at the wide gorge below with the assistance of their skills. The place is filled with numerous huts where the Grey Orcs lives, and in the middle of the gorge is a huge hut, clearly different from the other huts just from its appearance.


One Grey Orc was a bit startled when he saw a group of humans running towards him before he quickly yelled when he realized that the humans in front of him might be the people behind the explosion earlier so he roared with a battle cry and rushed towards them with his Axe, and also because of his bellow, it quickly attracted the attention of some Grey Orcs who was just about to leave the vicinity of their camp.

"Intruders! After them!"

"Humans are here! Kill them and don't let them get away! How dare they trespass our sacred grounds!?"

"I want to have some taste of human meat! It's been a long time! Raaa!"

"Shadow! Godammit! They want to eat us! This plan of yours is nuts! Dammit!" Cereal Killer yelled in fright when he heard someone yelling about wanting to eat them.

"Just run, you dumbass! Don't stop for even a second or were f*cking dead!" Shadow looked back anxiously, and he could see a throng of Grey Orcs that had turned around and was swarming towards them, and their numbers are slowly getting bigger as some of the others had probably heard what is happening behind them and had turned back.


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