Fate Online: Shadow
301 Care to Spar?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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301 Care to Spar?

"Aren't those people Athena and her friends? I didn't expect that they would actually join Flame Rose Guild, and here I thought they'd join either one of the three guilds of Edyrem Alliance" Michael said from the kitchen when he saw the show happening over on the television in the living room from the kitchen.

Amanda who is standing on the other side of the table as she watches him cook said, "Weren't you the one who told them to join Flame Rose Guild when Athena came here with her friends the other day?"

Michael shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Well, I did. Just didn't expect that they would actually take it seriously, and I would expect that from Athena joining them, but her friends?"

He shrugged as he knew who Emma is, that's why he was surprised when he saw the image of Emma standing with Athena on the scene earlier on the show when one of the cameras focused on them.

"But I didn't expect that Emma is actually that good in a commanding role"

'I'm actually surprised that the old man actually allowed his daughter to join a guild that's not aligned with them' Michael thought at the same time.

"Anyway, Jenny called me that she misses me, so I will be going back to our apartment after lunch, and we're probably going to go around shopping, and I'll also sleep there tonight so don't wait for me," Amanda said.

Michael on the other hand just replied, "Okay, let me just finish this in five and we can have lunch then"

"Right, is Jenny also participating in the war?" asked Michael.

Amanda shook her head and said with a laugh, "Nope, she's busy building a business empire in the game"

Michael turned his head towards her and said with a raised eyebrow, "A business empire?"

Amanda smiled and said, "Yeah, she told me that she class changed into a Brewer"

Michael had a look of doubt on his face and replied, "Like an alcohol brewer?"

Amanda snorted with a laugh and said, "No... I mean yes, she does brew alcohol, but she also brews different kinds of potions, and her men and women that followed her in the game, either took up production classes or combat classes. She even created a guild called Merchant Guild, I'm pretty sure you've already heard about it?"

Michael shook his head and said, "No, I've never really looked into the matters outside Everwinter since we're busy trying to get past the Orc Gorge"

Michael wasn't lying, as his focus right now is their mission to reach the core of Everwinter. He had to make accurate plans to get past the patrolling Orcs.

In fact, the degree of difficulty that their currently facing is even harder than when he tried to bypass the security of a president, back when he assassinated one, but the reason for it is actually their gaps in level because they discovered that the level of patrolling orcs are actually full of ??? marks.

So much different from when they saw the army of orcs or when they encountered the orc outpost, where their levels aren't so much different from the levels of average players in the game.

Two minutes later.

Michael and Amanda are sitting in front of the television with a plate in their hands filled with food, two sunny side eggs, and three sausages.

"Who do you think will win?" Amanda turned her head to Michael and asked, and at the same time, she has this urge inside her that she wanted to join in the war and experience that blood boiling excitement of fighting numerous enemies.

Michael didn't immediately answer but thought to himself.

'I knew that three guilds, Blackskull, Illusionaire, and Kunlun eventually won the war, but this time, I don't know what will happen because there weren't any Revenant Guild or Flame Rose Guild back then, especially the former group as their skills doesn't lose out to those so-called pro players'

"Hey, are you listening to me?" Amanda nudge him when she noticed that he's staring into space, seemingly deep in thought.

"Ah yes, and no, I'm not sure who will win the war as both sides seem to be equal in power, but I'm thinking that the defenders would win as they have the city wall as an advantage and they even managed to hire them"

"And by them, I mean those people from Revenants"

"I know" Amanda gave him that look that says 'I'm not dumb, I know' before placing her attention back to the show in front of them.

Michael just gave a bitter smile as she had already known that the guild leader of the Revenants Guild is actually him, with the members from those living in the mansion.

'But does she already have an inkling of who they really are?'

'No matter, not like she doesn't know the dark side of this world'

Michael thought as he also decided to tell her a little bit about himself and the others if she does ask him about them, or what she saw that night.

He doesn't really mind telling her a little bit about it as long as she asks him first or else, he also doesn't mind keeping the secret a little longer.

An hour later.

Amanda left, leaving Michael all alone again, but he busied himself and started cleaning around the large apartment, which took almost an hour.

After that, he took a shower and changed into a black windbreaker and black track pants with a pair of sneakers as he made his way out of the apartment with a small blue bag slung over his shoulders.

Michael stopped in his tracks just in front of the apartment building as he looked at the sunny skies and mumbled.

"It seems all of the people watching this place had disappeared"

Michael had long since noticed that the people watching him and the apartment were slowly dwindling in number ever since his parents left for their 'vacation', where this bizarre incident just made him truly conclude that his parents aren't just ordinary people from how many people are keeping on eye on this place.

'Well, it's not like I wasn't suspicious of their identities ever since the relatives came here for a visit before'


Michael stretched his body while mumbling, "Haven't had a heavy workout for a while now, so time to hit the gym"

He started stretching his body like Son Goku before he fights, and after that, he quickly started jogging towards the direction of his family's gym, located near the city center.

Almost an hour later.

Michael is almost arriving at the gym, which was just another block away from where he is, so he slowly decreased his speed.

He arrived in front of the gym and slowly made his way inside after taking a couple of deep breathes outside.

Michael had just taken his steps inside and was just about to head towards where the locker room is when someone suddenly called out to him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Sir! Sir! Are you a member of the gym?" a fit-looking black haired woman hastily made her way towards him through a couple of people inside the gym who are working out.

Michael turned his head towards where the voice is coming from and saw the woman and figured out she was probably an employee just from her fit-looking uniform, so he stopped and waited for her.

"Are you a member of the gym, sir? Because I need to have your fitness card for a few seconds to check you in"

Michael didn't reply as he saw that there's still more coming from her.

"And if you're not, and this is your first time here, then I'm gonna need an I.D of yours so I can check if you've been here before," the woman continued after a deep breath.

"The man don't need no ID Sasha, his parents own this place"

Michael was about to explain because he quickly figured out that the woman is probably new here as he had never seen her before this, but he didn't get the chance to even open his mouth when a dark-skinned man came over towards them wearing a smile.

When Michael saw the man, he smiled, "What's up, man?"

"I'm good," the dark-skinned came before the two as he gave Michael a good pat on his back.

Sasha looked questioningly at the dark-skinned man and asked, "So, he's free to come here then Alex?"

The man called Alex looked at her and replied, "Of course, you're new here so you don't know it yet, so run along now"

Sasha gave Michael a deep look before she walked away and went back to the reception desk, busying herself and sometimes giving Michael a glance.

"Come, it's been a while since you've come here" Alex gestured to Michael, as both of them started walking.

Alex is actually a gym instructor in the gym, one of the first employees of the place. He also teaches a simple set of martial arts for self-defense for the gym members who want to learn it, and most of all, he's a retired army ranger.

A person who is at least fifteen years older than Michael and someone who got his ass handed when he sparred with Michael back when he was still frequenting the gym before Fate Online was released, and since then, the two had become good friends.

In fact, Michael actually once had the thought of recruiting the man to join the game. Of course, he wouldn't invite him to join the Revenants Guild but to join Flame Rose Guild instead as the man was once one of the top shooters in the army.

There might not be any guns in the game, but his skills combined with the assistance of the class skills would make him a force to be reckoned with if he wields a freaking crossbow.

"So how have you been lately?" Alex asked him while the two are walking, and some people who are familiar with the two would greet them when they passed them by.

"I'm playing the game I told you about before," Michael said as he entered the locker room and placed his bag inside one of the lockers.

"Fate Online?" Alex said while leaning on the door with his arms crossed before his chest, and he knows that the game is currently the hottest thing in the world, with the exception of news about celebrities or other important matters.

"Yeah, you sure you really don't want to play it?" Michael said as he walked past him.

"Nah, I'm too old for that shit" Alex said, and then he continued, "Want to have a spar?"

Michael stopped in his tracks and turned his head towards him and said with a smirk, "Sure, not suffered enough beating yet?"

"Hahaha! You wish! I'll beat you this time!" Alex laughed so loudly that it attracted the attention of the people around the gym towards the two.

Michael looked at him, and he can see his eyes burning with battle intent, and he couldn't help but smirk to himself.

"Be my guest old man, I'll make sure to take it easy on you lest you think I'm bullying the elderly"

"Kuahaha! I'm improved since then, so you better watch out!"

Then the two quickly made their way towards the boxing ring in one corner, and the people using it quickly vacated it when they saw the two as they know a good fight is coming up!

"It seems Alex is getting his ass handed again," one of the guys in a corner said with a laughed when he saw the two making their way towards the ring.

And his girl standing beside asked, "Really? But Alex is really good at fighting"

The man looked at his girl and said, "Babe, the person beside him is the only person in this gym he can't beat"

The girl's eyes widened in shock and couldn't help but exclaim, "No way! But Alex could even fight against ten people by himself!"

The young man just shook his head and said, "Come, let's go watch their fight and see for yourself"

And the same scene is happening around the gym, as a lot of newcomers don't know who Michael is, and their friends who had been regulars in the gym had to explain it to them while making their way towards the corner of the building.

And in no time, the place around the boxing ring was quickly filled up, as all of them stopped their workout routine, to enjoy the upcoming fight.

"Alex, I'm betting on you, so make sure you win this time!" one of the spectators yelled, and the people around him laughed.

"I placed my bet on Michael, I'm pretty sure he can win again as I saw him beating a group of people from Blackskull just the other day" one guy whispered towards the person beside him.

"Really? Thank god, I placed my bet on him"

In the ring.

Michael was finally done with his preparations, wearing a pair of MMA gloves.

"You ready old man?"

Alex grinned, "You sure bet I do!"

Then the two men dashed towards each other, with their own right hooks heading towards each other's faces.


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