Fate Online: Shadow
299 FIRE!!!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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299 FIRE!!!


Clang! Clang!

The sounds of battle are raging on around the city with arrows, magic, and exchanges between their metallic weapons echoed around the battlefield as an army below the walls is trying to siege the city by scaling the walls using ladders.


Suddenly, the sound of the gate opening echoed in the chaotic mess happening around the city, and the enemies trying to break it down with a battering ram was startled before they suddenly became excited, but their excitement was short-lived because just when the gate was only opened halfway through, a group of riders riding in different mounts suddenly charged out!

And trampled upon them!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

"Death to the invaders! Kill!"

"You're in too deep bro!" Dylan laughed as he rode beside Maverick while a magic circle appeared over his Wizard Staff and Fireball the size of two basketballs flew towards the middle of the hostile army, as their group of "cavalry" pierced through the throng of enemies, killing everyone in their way, with Minerva along with a group of archers standing on top of the city wall providing cover for them.

And after that, they quickly turned around and went back inside the gate, as their enemies could only watch them helplessly because they were caught off guard by the sudden opening of the gate along with the lightning-fast cavalry charge that reaped multiple lives.

"That emblem...those people are from the Flame Rose Guild!"

"They weren't here during the first siege! How the hell did they manage to sneak past our guards!? What are those bastards from the Intel Department doing!?"

"Quickly send a message to the Guild Leader about them!"

"These troublesome bunches are always present when there's an event related to us!"

"Goddammit! Make sure to minimize the deaths of the NPCs! They're too expensive!" a player in a knight armor called Visor yelled angrily at the healers staying at the back, just a couple of meters away from the enemy archers attacking range.


A familiar face appeared on top of the city gate as she gazed at the retreating players after a quick ambush towards the unsuspecting enemies.

"I told you it would work, didn't I?" Azure Flower wore a look of satisfaction at what happened below them.

Athena, who is standing beside her just rolled her eyes.

Azure Flower is currently commanding the defense on this particular gate as she was assigned to this role by Minerva when she discovered her superb commanding abilities when they joined the guild.

While she followed Dylan, and the rest, as they went around the city providing support like an independent unit.

"It wouldn't work next time though"

Azure Flower laughed and said, "Of course it won't, only this time because they probably thought some of us are escaping"

Then she raised her healer staff into the air and yelled, "Healing Light!"

An orb formed on the tip of her staff before it exploded outwards the surrounding fifty meters, and all friendlies within the radius of the spell quickly received a rejuvenation buff that boosted their healing speed and at the same time, healing a portion of their health, bringing some of them back in the brink of death.

"Push the ladders down, don't let them come up! Put your lives on the line! It's not like you people are going die, we'll quickly heal you back up!"

"And if you do happen to die, it's just a loss of exp points and a couple of items that are probably trash!"

Azure Flower's yell quickly dispelled the serious and gloomy atmosphere around them, as their allies and the soldiers around them couldn't help but laugh. Of course, the NPCs didn't hear the words used by players when Azure Flower mentioned it.

Harrison who pushed off an enemy player down the wall with his shield couldn't help but shake his head when he heard the words coming out of his cousin's mouth.

Suddenly, his eyes turned into a dot when he saw something coming out from the side of the forest facing the gate they are protecting.

"Siege towers!"

"They have two siege towers!"

Azure Flower also saw it and quickly relayed her orders.

"Wizards! Take it down! Don't let it get close to the wall!"

A group of wizards quickly started chanting as magic made of fire, water, wind flew from the wizard's hands towards the siege tower that's slowly moving towards them, all of the spells in different shapes.

But a change quickly occurred just when the numerous spells were about to land on the siege towers, a barrier made of a silvery sheen appeared before the machines and protected it from the magic attacks, rendering all of them useless as the two behemoths continued moving forward impeded.

"Dammit!" cursed Azure Flower when she saw their attacks on it were useless because of the barrier, and they weren't the only ones facing the same problem as the other armies defending the other walls are also facing the same troublesome machines.


But suddenly an arrow flew past beside her and miraculously struck one of the siege towers.

"Oh, it actually works" Athena look at her crossbow that looks like Van Helsing's crossbow, and didn't expect that her normal attack would actually hit the siege tower.

The eyes of Azure Flower and the rest who witness this quickly lit up, and the former quickly opened the guild channel and started issuing orders for the members who were manning the catapults behind them.

"FIRE on my signal!" Azure Flower yelled as she raised one of her hands in the air.

With that bellow, the people manning the catapult quickly started adjusting their positions according to Azure Flowers orders, and not one of them even complained one bit about being commanded by a young girl.

"FIRE!" she bellowed and at the same time bringing one of her arms down with a force.

Twang! Twang!

Twang! Twang!

Four rocks of different sizes flew to the air and towards the two siege towers in a parabola, each machine targeted by two catapults each.

But unfortunately, it seems their enemies were already prepared for it as a number of spells quickly intercepted the attacks, breaking the stones into pieces, but it didn't come without a cost as their allies below suffered from injuries from the scattered rubble, some even died outright when a large rock flattened them into a meat patty.


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