Fate Online: Shadow
296 Generals
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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296 Generals

During that time, these old men were forced to retreat to the capital, where they had defended the city along with the players from Edyrem Alliance until reinforcements from Cympyr Dukedom came.

Back then, due to Pan Kingdom being so far away from their HQ, Edyrem Alliance faced defeat after defeat when they were retreating and escorting the two old men to Morgash, but even with that, they still fought and continued to battle it out against the three guilds from the Council of Elders.

And when reinforcements from Cympyr Dukedom came, they won, and most of all, the Edyrem Alliance received the best rewards for it due to a quest they had!

Their reward was Count Azuna and General Makarov joining the Edyrem Alliance, where the two became military advisors to the guild leaders!

These two old men shouldn't be underestimated. After all, these two are legendary characters in the continent!

When the First King was still alive, he and his generals conquered a fourth of the human lands!

Humans kingdoms after kingdoms fell under their hooves!

During that time, every kingdom, be it human, elves or dwarves alike were wary of the Pan Kingdom, as they didn't know if the swords of Pan Kingdom would be pointed to them next.

But just when everyone thought that the conquest of Pan Kingdom wouldn't stop. The First King suddenly called off his conquest and instead retreated to his Capital, Morgash, and started assimilating the lands he had conquered and bestowed the lands to his most loyal subjects!

If the Pan Kingdom were to be compared to a kingdom or empire in the real world, then it would be equivalent to the Roman or Mongolian Empire!

But when the First King died, his subjects retreated from the Capital and retired to their own domains. The Crown Prince of that time, now King, lead the kingdom properly for fifty years, but after he died, and the Third King took the throne.

That's when the once mighty and powerful Empire slowly deteriorated, the empire lost lands after lands with every passing king until it was reduced to the Pan Kingdom today, where its land is just as big as the Cympyr Dukedom, or maybe even smaller.

But with the appearance of Michael, and him introducing the VR World to the retired assassins he had brought home with him.

The future at that time had already deviated and became a mystery, that even he, Michael doesn't know what the future holds for him at this point.

Back to the present.

Tiera looked at the two legendary characters before her and smiled politely, "It's what we ought to do. After all, we accepted your request to defend the city"

"Don't worry old bros, We, the War Temple will protect you and the beloved citizens of this city! Cause those are what real men do!"


The Guild Leader of War Temple shouted and started flexing his muscles before the people inside the room, and if this were an anime, then there would have been sparkling stars around him!

The Guild Leader of War Angel face-palmed in embarrassment when he saw what the War Temple's Leader did before the two "old men".

"Leader Armstrong, I get it, but right now, aren't you even the least bit embarrassed?"

Armstrong suddenly glared towards the Guild Leader of War Angel and strode towards him and faced him.

"Strom, are you picking a fight right now, or are you doubting our manliness!?"

Strom just ignored the guy and kept smiling with a poker face.

"Oi hypocrite, are you ignoring me? Do you want me to make a man out of you?"

Strom's eyes quickly turned cold as he ignored his current surroundings and looked coldly at Armstrong.


The chilly voice of a woman suddenly reached their ears, and the two men who were just about to start arguing with each other became stiff as a rock, and the two of them quickly regained their composure and stood at the sides calmly.

"Generals, I apologize for letting you see the unsightly scene earlier" Tiera slightly bowed towards the two old men, then she threw a glare at the two people standing on both of her sides.

"Hohoho, it's fine. It's good to be young, isn't it Azuna?" Makarov just laughed calmly while his eyes are looking at Armstrong, full of interest.

"Of course, but isn't it embarrassing for a senior to pick a fight with his junior?" Count Azuna said after giving Strom a glance.

The three players had different reactions when they heard what Count Azuna said.

Tiera just smirked, while Armstrong tried to stifle his laughter until he started roaring in laughter when he can't hold it anymore, and the said person on the other hand had become beet red and kept glaring at Armstrong, and at the same time, he really wanted to curse at Count Azuna, but he knew he'd die the moment he did that, so he just blamed Armstrong for all of it.

"Hahaha, it's so funny" Armstrong wiped the tears in his eyes as his laughter slowly died down.

But he quickly shut his mouth when Tiera threw a glare at him.

"We're already diverting from the purpose of what we came here for, I apologize and please," Tiera said while gesturing for Azuna and Makarov to start talking.

General Makarov just smiled while Count Azuna just nodded his head while playing with his mustache.

"Over two weeks ago, you had given us some information regarding an uprising that would happen soon, as you had seen, the king didn't listen to us and now the fire of rebellion has ignited in the kingdom"

After saying those words, Makarov couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Over a week ago, when Makarov received the information that Tiera had sent to him, the former didn't even doubt whether it was true or not and quickly dispatched a messenger towards the capital, and in that letter, was an important piece of information that could decide the existence of their kingdom.

But unfortunately for them, they didn't have a wise king.

The King who had received the letter from General Makarov thought that he was just making excuses to wrest his control over the army. After all, the old man is a legend, and any of the soldiers in the army would willingly follow after General Makarov because ever since the old general had retired, some of the kingdom's army had slowly deteriorated, that calling them bandits in soldiers clothing wouldn't be an exaggeration.

In the end, the king decided to just ignore the letter and burned it on the fireplace, and the most infuriating of all is that he even threw a banquet that night thinking that the old general is probably dying soon, and he had that stupid conclusion to himself just because the old man sent a letter, warning him of an impending rebellion.

After all, if there really is rebellion, then the old man would surely send a rallying call to arms!

And the old man did just that the very next day!

On that day, numerous messengers in horseback departed from the city and went into different directions, and carrying with them are important letters that could decide their fate!

General Makarov and Count Azuna had sent messengers to the military commanders and nobles still loyal to them and had them gathered in Urgai City with their army, and this is the very reason why the city is still standing today and prevented it from falling to the enemy's hands!

A while later, the five people inside the room started having discussions with each other as they started planning on how to deal with the rebel army outside the city walls.


Inside a grand palace.


The sound of glass shattering rang out inside the enormous hall.

And on the gold throne embedded with jewels, a fat middle-aged man with a crown and scepter on his hands sat on the throne with a hideous expression on his face.

"Azuna, and Makarov"

A menacing tone leaked out of his lips when he said those words.

If the two old generals knew what their king is thinking right now, then they would certainly sigh in bitterness and at the stupidity of their king as he's still thinking of how to dispose of them when there's currently a civil war happening inside the kingdom.


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