Fate Online: Shadow
293 This sh*t is scary!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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293 This sh*t is scary!

"Get down, dammit!"

Michael placed his hand behind Dylan's head and pulled him down, and two of them are now lying flat on the ground, the others are also in a similar position.

Storm Moonlight on the other hand wasn't idling around as she quickly summoned her Star Eagle and quickly ordered it to take the skies and find out who had just attacked them and where they are hiding at.


The Star Eagle quickly took off and headed for the skies, while barely dodging an arrow that headed towards it.

And the eagle flew higher and higher until the people below could barely see it.

Storm Moonlight activated their shared vision, and what she saw was a land covered in the vastness of white, huge mountains towering in the skies, creating a long mountain range that stretched towards the horizon, where she could even see a glimpse of the sea.

Additionally, she could even see green in those mountains, which are clearly vegetation, where she also saw a few creatures moving around looking for food or running away from predators hunting them.

'This view is simply breathtaking' she mumbled, looking at the beautiful scene before her eyes.

But she didn't have the luxury to enjoy the view as another huge arrow struck to where they are.

It wasn't long before the Star Eagle spotted something in the distance.


The eagle did a barrel roll in the air as an arrow unexpectedly flew past it!

Storm Moonlight was startled by the sudden attack. After all, the beast is currently flying high up in the sky that it could barely be seen by the naked eye.

Come back!

Storm Moonlight quickly ordered her pet to turn around and head back, and the eagle quickly maneuvered its body and flew back.

The Star Eagle shot downwards quickly, but suddenly an arrow covered in wind, and lightning was suddenly flying from a distance and shot down the beast!


The Star Eagle screech in pain before it turned into a light orb and disappeared.


Storm Moonlight winced as she felt her head throbbing after her pet died, and the name of the Star Eagle on her Pet Panel became greyed out with a cooldown counting down

"What happened?" Chakram asked, his eyes glinting with menacing light, and his hand holding a dagger is trembling in excitement from the thought of a battle occurring any minute now.

"Did your pet die?"

Michael and Dylan can be seen pressing their bodies on the ground and crawled towards where the rest are hiding.

"Yeah, someone shot down my pet" Storm Moonlight said in anger, it was because she will only be able to summon her Star Eagle again after eight hours.

"But did you spot who and where our attackers are?"

Said Solitary Tempest from the side as she hurriedly took cover behind a tree when another arrow landed just a little further away from them.

"Yeah, they're Grey Orcs. They have a watchtower over there where it seems capable of spotting us all the way over here" Storm Moonlight said with her turned towards the direction where she had seen a tall watchtower peering over some of the trees growing on the base of the mountain that they're heading to.

Michael looked towards where she was looking to and then turned towards her and said with a bit of bewilderment, "Are you telling us that they are attacking us all the way from there?"

Storm Moonlight saw his expression and chuckled, knowing what he was thinking.

"Yeah, which is surprising. After all, we're hiding using the camouflage of the land, do they have a telescope or something? Even I wouldn't be that confident in spotting us all the way from over there"

The reason behind their actions is that there's at least three or so kilometers of distance between them and the watchtower from what she had seen in the skies. Even someone with good eyes wouldn't be able to spot them from that far, and the only logical explanation that they have right now is that they have a telescope or something, or maybe it's even related to magic.

"Maybe...they just have a good nose?" Dylan said with a shrug.

Michael and the others looked at him, and the latter showed a slight smile and said, "What? It's not that impossible, right? Don't forget that pigs can smell someone from five or so kilometers away"

"Wow, you actually said something that made sense" Chakram laughed.

Dylan glared at him, and said, "Are you telling me that I'm an idiot?"

Chakram shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, you're the one who said it"

"Wh-why you!"


Suddenly, an arrow graze past his face and struck on the ground or snow behind him.

"Ho-holy shit!"

Dylan cursed as he hurriedly scrambled behind a tree, his face, pale white in fear.

Dylan was breathing hard as he took cover behind a tree and looked at the others, "I know that this is just a game, but this sh*t is f*cking scary!"

"Is this how those protagonists in a scary movie feel when they are being hunted?"

"I told you that you should take a cover" Michael and the others couldn't help but laugh at his sorry sight.

Dylan glared at them and yelled, "You guys think this is funny!? I'll drop a level if I die here!"

"Well, that would be funny though" Solitary Tempest chuckled.

Dylan heard her and thought for a bit, and couldn't help but agree to her.

"Well...yeah, it would certainly be funny if it happens"

But then, Dylan quickly realized something.

"Damn it, that's not the point here! How are we going from here on? We haven't even eaten yet, my hunger points are almost depleted!" 

Then Dylan looked at the things around them, especially the meats that Michael has prepared earlier, and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that they are still fine.

Michael looked at them and said, "Let's quickly pack up and immediately make our way towards the direction of where that watchtower is, don't hold back and use Haste at my signal!"

Michael crouched down after that and quickly pounced towards where their things are and quickly stored them inside his [Storage] space before he hastily jumped backward as an arrow swept past before him and once again struck the ground to his right.

"NOW!" yelled Michael as he immediately activated [Haste] and darted towards the direction of the mountain where Storm Moonlight had spotted the watchtower attacking them.

The others also activated their [Haste] skill and quickly darted forward and following behind Michael.


Increases the movement speed by 42% for 5 seconds. This movement speed boost will gradually decay after 2 seconds.

Mana Cost: 50

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Restriction: None

"What the f*ck!?" Dylan cursed in frustration as he quickly darted to the side when an arrow came flying towards him!

"Yaahhh! Why are you only targeting me!? That's the third time already!" Dylan yelled angrily towards the mountain, while the others just ignored him as they just kept running forward with no intention of stopping.


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