Fate Online: Shadow
290 Collision 4
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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290 Collision 4

Solitary Tempest had once mentioned that Tiera would have been the greatest female player out there if not for her, and the title [The Great Wall] stuck to her name because of Solitary Tempest when she called Tiera that during one of their confrontations as an insult because the title sounded more suitable for a male player, but...almost everyone knows the true meaning behind the title, which is skin as thick as the great wall!

Ever since then, the two ladies had always been at odds with each other.

In fact, Michael actually knows who Tiera is, as he had met her before!

In real life, her identity is someone who goes by the name of, Alona Grey, Michael's cousin!

Who is currently attending her sophomore year at her university, which is also the same university that Michael will be attending.

Central University!


The Knight was about to open his mouth again when he quickly closed it when Layfun raised his hand towards him, gesturing for the man to shut his mouth.

It was because Layfun received a private message from someone important.

And by important, it's the Guild Leader of the War Dragons, Tiera!


-What is it? Is it finally our time to shine? I and my team still need to raid a dungeon later.

-No, just stand down and keep watch over them.


Layfun felt that he must be hearing things, so he once again asked his sister.

-Stand down, and do not attack, do you understand?

-The two allied armies will be arriving at our location soon, are you telling me that we should just camp here and watch the enemy? Is this your decision or does it also include the other two?

-This is our decision. Stand down and just watch them.


-No buts, but if they dare to still cross the border...then eliminate them!

Almost the same situation is also happening on the other side, but the only difference is that…

-When the allied armies arrive, don't give them the chance to prepare and engage them as soon as possible!

-What about...

-Just hold them off and prevent them from reinforcing Pan Kingdom. I don't want them hindering us from usurping the throne! The other allied armies would quickly take down the kingdom as soon as possible, so make sure to hold them off. We'll take care of the enemy army inside the kingdom, so don't f*ck this up!

-Yes, sir!

Some might wonder, but the Pan Kingdom is actually the weakest kingdom in the entire western side of the continent.

They are so weak that they don't even have a proper army. In fact, the level of the soldiers in the kingdom's army is the same as the current average level of the players in the game.

This is the reason why this particular kingdom was the first to fall during the early stages of the game.

War Dragons Camp.

-Tell the army to silently prepare. We'll attack the enemy camp in five minutes. Make sure everyone is prepared.

Layfun sent a message to his adjutant, who was the knight earlier who came bearing questions.

-Yes, sir!

And with that, the order got passed down silently as possible and the soldiers quickly prepared themselves, as their Priest slowly gave the people around them team buffs for the upcoming skirmish.

Layfun looked at the enemy camp in the distance with a grin on his face.

'I'll pretty sure those dogs from Illusionaire would launch an attack towards us as soon their allies reach them'

'So I need to hit them before they get here as those two would arrive slightly late after those bastards from Kunlun and Blackskull'

Five minutes later.

"Kill those bastards from Illusionaire!"

"Charge with me, men!"


Layfun pointed his sword towards the direction of the enemy camp as he and his ebony horse mount were first to charge out from their camp, then the others quickly followed behind him on their own mounts with varying species!

All three thousand soldiers all charge forward on horseback, there was no formation whatsoever, it was just a mess!

Pure chaos as they rumbled forward!

Someone would even doubt how Layfun was even called one the best generals out there with how messy their formation is right now!

But at the same time, this is also them flexing how wealthy their guild is right now that they are able to have their own cavalry!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

But as Layfun and his army slowly got closer to their target, an amazing sight happened.

Their chaotic cavalry charge from the beginning slowly became orderly as they got closer and closer to the enemy camp until they were now charging forward like one entity!

Like a ferocious tank ready to bulldozed any enemy that stands on its way!


The general leading the Illusionaire Guild only noticed what is happening when their enemy already crossed half the distance from them.

"Defensive formations!"

"Shieldbearers to the front, archers, and mages on the back!"

"Healers, give all of your focus on the tanks in the front! Don't let them die!"

"Move, move, move!"

The shieldbearers quickly stopped what they were doing and hurriedly rushed out and slammed their towering shields on the ground before them!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

And not even a minute later, a ferocious-looking shield wall was formed just as the charging cavalry was about to him them!

The ground shook as the cavalry slowly got closer and closer, and those players from the opposite side couldn't help but gulp down from the amazing sight before them.


Layfun roared on top of his lungs as his sword started glowing.


Layfun's men also roared with him as they looked at the enemies before them with bloodthirsty eyes, as they could feel their blood boiling from excitement!


The general from the enemy camp called Alder glared at Layfun with madness, as he didn't expect him to suddenly launch an attack from out of nowhere.

"Brace for impact! Don't let these bastards breakthrough or we're dead!"

And it was like time went into a crawl, the two sides slowly collided with each other.



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