Fate Online: Shadow
286 A Huge Storm Is Looming Over
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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286 A Huge Storm Is Looming Over

"See ya! Have fun on your vacation!"

Michael waved at them with a huge smile on his face as he watched his parents make their way to the gate or terminal.

Unbeknownst to him, Michael didn't quickly notice the eyes staring at him, and the owner of those eyes are women of different ages.

"Oh my god, who is that guy?"

"He's so handsome. God, those lips, I want to bite it so bad" a woman around late twenties muttered to herself while biting her lips.

"Don't' tell me he's a star or something?"

"No way he is, or we would have seen him before"

"She's right, with a face like that, there's no way he won't be popular, and that could only mean one thing, he could be a rich young master from a rich family and those earlier must be his parents!"

Michael already got used to this kind of attention, and it didn't bother him, but instead, his face suddenly slowly became colder, like he was wearing a poker face.


"Key! Look over there! Kyaa!"

"He waved at me, did you see it!?"

In the front, Michael suddenly heard girls screaming out of the excitement, and when he turned to look, he saw a horde of fans surrounding a group of people at both sides, where there is a black-haired man with a face mask, accompanied by a woman and a man beside him, and the only thing preventing them from getting mob are the rope barrier and the security following after them.


Michael smirked as he passed by them, but suddenly one of the girls who were in the back of the line suddenly noticed Michael walking past her and couldn't help but follow him with her eyes.

"Oh my god, he's so handsome!"

"Right!?" the girl beside her couldn't but say that when she heard her friend, but when she turned around, she instead saw her friend looking at someone else.

"Who are you looking at?"

"That guy, he was so handsome Sofia! He's like those Ice Prince I've watched on TV!" the girl pointed at the disappearing back of Michael.

Sofia, who was the girl's friend just rolled her eyes and said, "I think, you're just seeing things Aria, who could be more handsome than Key?"

"It's that guy Sofia, I'm telling you!" Aria said in a low voice.

"Aria, shut up!" Sofia glared at her friend, then she whispered to her, "These crazies around us might really become crazies if they hear you, and I don't want us getting into trouble with them"

"After all, we're only following them so that we could hitch a ride for free!"

Aria just groaned as she was really unwilling to take advantage of these people.

After that, she gave a glance to the direction of where Michael disappeared to with longing eyes.

'He was so manly and handsome'


"Did they already left?"

Leaning on the hood of the car, Amanda quickly said to Michael the moment he came near her.


Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Just a sec, it seems someone is calling me," Michael said as he quickly took out his phone from his pocket.

Michael then saw that it was Dylan who was calling him and quickly answered the call.

"Dylan, what's up? Why are you calling?"

"Bro!!! Something big happened, quickly get online!" the excited voice of Dylan sounded from the other side of the call that Michael couldn't help but move his phone away from his ear.

"Get in the car," Amanda said as she walked over to the driver's side, while Michael took a seat on the passenger side.

"Geez, calm down. What are you trying to say?" Michael said while putting on his seatbelt.

"A large scale war is about to happen in the game...and it's between Illusionaire Guild and the War Dragons Guild!"

Michael could already feel the excitement in Dylan's voice just at the mention of this incoming guild war.

"Hey, explain it properly! How did something that big suddenly happen? And shouldn't the guild that the War Dragons Guild should be facing is the Black Skull Guild? How did it become the Illusionaire Guild all of a sudden?"

Michael put the call in a loudspeaker so that Amanda could also hear their conversation.

On the other side of the call.

"Give me a sec, let me check on the forums for more info"

Dylan is busy browsing through the forum of the game, as he tried to learn as much information on the current event on the game through the threads posted in the forums.

"Oh here, I found a more detailed one!"

"Let me see" Dylan mumbled to himself as he started clicking on the mouse.

"Ahh, it's because the army of players of Illusionaire Guild was seen passing through the borders of Pan Kingdom, and that action of crossing the border to the Pan Kingdom without notice broke the current truce between the six guilds!"

"Which the event that transpired after that is what's currently happening right now, and not only that, the allied guilds of the two guilds are hurriedly making their way towards the battlefield where the two guilds are currently in a standstill!"

"Holy shit, just imagining what is happening right now is making my blood boil! Goddammit, I should've followed the others when they left!"

"[There's no mention of a rebellion?]"

"A rebellion? Why are you asking something like that?" Dylan was suddenly confused by that, and he even thought that Michael wasn't listening to him at all.


"Nothing, don't mind it"

Michael tried to brush it off like it was nothing so as to not rouse anything suspicious.

"So the two guilds are currently in a face-off against each other, but where?"

"The Great Plains of Koro" Dylan answered.


Amanda and Michael both raised their eyebrows at the same time.

The Great Plains of Koro is a wide plain between the Pan Kingdom and Cympyr Dukedom, and the palace is home to a tribe of monsters called Werewolves.

The place is so wide that it was as big as five New York Cities combined!

In fact, that place is also considered a pseudo forbidden zone, where no ordinary players would dare venture to alone or even if they are in a team, and the only exception would probably what is happening right now where there is an army of players assembled there.

The place is after all ruled by a powerful Monster Boss called the Werewolf King. Of course, the monster ain't that much stronger compared to the Bosses that Michael had met before, but the scary aspect of the boss is its one particular skill called Pack Leader.

It's a damnable skill that raises the strength of the Werewolf King by thirty percent when he has minions around him, and what's annoying about it is that the skill would still be active even if there's only a single werewolf beside it!

But that's not all, the werewolves under it would also receive a boost in their power whenever they are in the presence of their King, which is absurd and something to be envied about in the eyes of the players!

And not so long ago, various large guilds have tried to raid the Werewolf Tribe before, but all of them failed because of the presence of this Werewolf King!

"Why are they having a face-off at the Great Plains of Koro? Don't they know that they could aggro the monsters there if the two guilds really happen to clash against each other?" Michael questioned, after all, even if the two guilds had an army of players with them, that doesn't mean that every one of them is strong, because even if the two guilds join together and raid the Werewolf Tribe, the end result would still be them being wiped out instead!

"Don't ask me! I don't know shit about that! Anyway, are you getting online or what?"

Michael rolled his eyes and said, "It's not like I'm even related to what is happening right now, why do I need to get on quickly?"

"Shut up, just get online already! I want to grind up my levels! Arghh, I really should have followed the others when they left the village!"

Michael could hear the angry roar of Dylan from the other side of the call before it got cut off.

Michael just shook his head and smiled at Amanda as the car drove off somewhere.


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