Fate Online: Shadow
285 You freaking bastard!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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285 You freaking bastard!

"Tonight was tiring"

Michael yawned as he slowly made his way towards his apartment door.

Michaell was about to insert the keys after entering the password for the door when he stopped as his eyes turned sharp.

'Hmmm? Someone's watching me?'' he thought as he could feel a piercing stare coming from his back.

But he just shrugged his shoulders off and made his way inside as he really didn't care as long as they don't threaten him or his family's safety.


"Boss, are we just gonna keep watch over him?" a man covered in black clothes like a ninja said after putting the scope on his hand down.

"Yes, because he's just one of the suspects who could have killed Lord Austin," another man in the same attire beside him said.

"We need to make sure that he's really the one behind the death of the Young Lord because causing trouble in Central City right now could get us killed. This place is in hot water right now, with every eyes directed in this city"

"I heard that the New Aslan Party is going head to head with Mine Tech. Industries because of what happened to the Young Lord, and also because of what happened between Michael and Senator Reeves' son" the guy on the left said.

And the guy on the right, who is probably the leader between the two said to his companion, "That's why we can't just go and cause trouble in this place because all eyes are directed in this place. Everyone's attention is in this place, they want to see the outcome of this clash between the two sides"

Then the left guy said, "So we're just gonna watch him all the time?"

The other helplessly nodded and said, "We have no choice rookie. Orders are orders, even if its something tedious"

The newcomer who had just recently joined the group just sighed to himself and continued watching the apartment where Michael is living.


'Another group of people watching my movements' Michael chuckled to himself as he got out of the bathroom while drying off his hair with a towel as he made his way towards the kitchen.

'I wonder if the village is doing fine without me?' Michael thought as he poured himself a glass of milk.

'I hope the village is doing well without me. After all, Sonya isn't there anymore'

After that thought, Michael made his way to his room and opened his laptop, and he started browsing through the Auction Site of Fate Online and started posting the items he wanted to sell.

Following that, Michael went to his bed and took a rest until the first rays of the sun hit the earth.

Like an alarm clock, Michael opened his eyes at the same time as the clock struck 6:30 AM.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A loud knocking suddenly sounded from the other side of the door which startled Michael.

"Michael, get up! We have something to tell you" Tom's stern voice sounded from outside his room.

"I'm already up! Can you please stop banging on the door, old man?" Michael rolled his eyes, as he really doesn't know if he should laugh or cry at the old man who has his ways of annoying the heck out of him.

Bang! Bang!

"Ya!!!" Michael yelled angrily towards the door.

"Tom! Stop being a child!" Alice's angry voice came yelling from the living room.

"Geez, I was just messing with the kid"

Michael could hear Tom walking away from the door, as his laughter grew fainter.

"Did the old man grew from a depressing family or something? I don't know why, but he really knows how to get under my skin" Michael could only shake his head and laugh at Tom's childish antics sometimes.

Following that small episode, Michael quickly jumped out of his bed and cleaned himself before making his way to the kitchen, where Alice and Tom are sitting on opposite sides of the table, waiting for him.

"Uhhh, good morning?"

Michael didn't even get to the kitchen, but he could already feel the weird atmosphere around them, and it got even weirder when the background sound was the morning news playing in the living room.

"Take a seat," Alice said as she looked directly at Michael.

"Oh, okay"

Michael made his way towards another empty seat while thinking to himself with his pair of eyes glancing upwards.

'Huh, was I ever this submissive before?'

But he just shrugged his shoulders in the end and took his seat.

"So, is there anything you guys want to tell me?"

Michael looked at his parents then at the food served in front of him.

"We won't be home for a couple of weeks," Alice said after a moment of silence.

"What? Is it about work?" Michael said while serving himself food on his plate.

"No, we're going for a vacation kid," Tom said with a grin while looking at him.

Michael's hand stopped in mid-air, then he looked at Tom, and said, "Vacation? So I'll be all alone in a few weeks?"

"Yeah, so you need to look after the house while we're away, got it?" Tom said sternly.

"So, you guys are going for a vacation, like hor how long?" Michael said, and inside his head, a lot of things that he wants to do is already popping up left and right.

"We'll be away for two weeks, so don't anything stupid while we're away, and no parties, okay?' Alice looked at Michael and sternly said.

Michael didn't know whether to laughed or cry from what Alice said to him.

"You don't need to worry mom, I'm old enough to take care of myself, and parties?"

Michael snorted in disdain.

"And by the way, if you are gonna use my car, make sure that it doesn't get any scratch in it, got it?" Tom looked straight at Michael's eyes, his face slowly darkening.

"Old man, you really love that car, don't you?" Michael snorted as he shoved a sunny side up egg inside his mouth.

Tom rolled his eyes at him, he quickly chewed what he was eating inside his mouth before saying, "Of course I love it, there's only five of them in the world, and I have one of them"

"I own...one...of them, got it?"

Alice gave her husband a glance, then she turned to Michael and said, "Ignore him, he just loves cars, that's why"

Michael suddenly snickered at Tom, and the latter who saw it suddenly had a foreboding feeling welling up inside him.

"More than he loves you?"

Tom's eyes widened in shock as he looked dead straight at Michael, as he mouthed,

"You freaking bastard"

Michael also looked at him and also mouthed, "I'll make sure you suffer before you leave"

Alice looked at the two of them and just shook her head, helpless while thinking to herself.

'These two haven't changed at all. They have always tried to get each other into trouble since that day'

The reason behind this behavior between the two men was because Tom had once pranked Michael one day. Which made the latter go after the former the next day, and the cycle continued till Michael graduated from high school, and only "stopped" when he started having a job.


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