Fate Online: Shadow
284 Scary Motherf*ckers
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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284 Scary Motherf*ckers

While driving towards their destination, Michael and Amanda are having a conversation with each other in the car.

"Did you guys get into trouble while dining in the restaurant?" asked Michael, as he knew that their group would certainly attract attention from unwanted people.

Amanda turned her head a little towards Michael and said, "A little, there were some guys who wanted to force Dana to come with them, but Jenny's had her family's men to take care of them"

"Ohh" Michael let out a soft groan when he heard that.

"Yeah, but what's interesting is that after that. Dana said that they came from a family of police and military officials," Amanda said, still looking towards Michael, staring straight at the side of his face.

"Really? Then the two of them must be really from a powerful family then"

Michael sounded amazed, but Amanda didn't notice the flash of sympathy that appeared in his eyes.

Because he knew, he knew that those men that bothered them during their dinner are in huge trouble.

He was actually really surprised when he had met the sisters during the get together a few days ago.


At first, Michael didn't recognize it was them because the two sisters altered their appearance in the game, and only when he met them personally that he remembered who they were.

It was because he was once hired by their family for a job, a job to kill a certain royalty from another country, and he knew full well the influence and means of their family in Northern Rica Principality.

So powerful that the other powerful families like them would always feel like they are walking on top of broken glasses.

'Hmm, this would cause some trouble though if her family finds out about the two of them. I need to think of a way for Dylan to up his game so that her relatives won't look down on him'

Unknowingly, Michael was suddenly grinning to himself as a sinister thought suddenly occurred to him.

'Hehe, maybe I'll have Genesis or Viper train Dylan, and if he's lucky enough, maybe one of the people living at the mansion would take him as their successor'

'But the most likely one would either probably be Genesis or Robin, as those two doesn't have any students that trained under their teachings'

'I just wonder if Dylan would want it? I better ask him about it later, and make sure he accepts my proposal as it would be good for him, because in any case that Allison's family learns about them and get in between them, then they should at least think twice if they want to mess with my buddy'

'And at the same time, It would also be me partially repaying my debt to him in my last life'

Michael has a gentle look on his face, but at the same time, it was mixed with guilt after having those thoughts, especially the last one.

'Why is he having that kind of expression on his face? Like he was happy and sad at the same time' wondered Amanda while looking at Michael from the corner of her eyes.

'I wonder what thoughts is he having inside his head to have an expression like that. Like why does he have to act so mysterious or something?'

"Hey, what about you and Dylan? Did you two had a great time in the bar?"


To break the silence inside the car, Amanda opened her mouth and asked Michael.


"Kyaa! What are you doing, Michael!?"

A paled looking Amanda yelled angrily at Michael as her hands gripped tightly on her seatbelt.

Michael didn't know why but he suddenly became so nervous when she asked that question that the car slightly swerved along the road, but luckily they didn't crash into someone else or it would have been bad.

"Sorry, sorry, I got distracted there for a second" Michael laughed dryly in a cold sweat.

"Michael! You could've killed us!" Amanda really wanted to strangle Michael right now, but she knew that it wouldn't be a good idea if she does that.

"Relax, I'm a great driver babe" Michael gave her a thumbs up with a reassuring smile on his face.

"Great driver, my ass! You only got your driver's license over three months ago!" Amanda snorted in annoyance, then she started taking deep breaths after saying her piece.

"Just make sure we get to our destination in one piece, so make sure to drive carefully, you asshole!"

"Geez, okay" Michael squinted his eyes.

Amanda rolled her eyes and sighed with her arms crossed.

"So, how was it? You still didn't give me an answer to what I asked you earlier because of what happened just a while ago" Amanda said after a short silence between the two of them.

"Uhmm, yeah. It was great, and we...we met my ex-girlfriend there" Michael said with a short pause in the middle.

Amanda raised an eyebrow and looked at her man, and said, "That highschool sweetheart that you have told me about before?"

"Yeah" Michael dryly laughed as he gave a glance on his left, as he could feel a piercing stare from his right.

"So what happened then?" Amanda said.

"What happened, what?"

Amanda widened her eyes towards Michael as she flipped her palm facing the sky.

Michael snorted with a laughed when he saw her actions and said, "Well, Dylan and she were the only ones really talking to each other. I barely talked to her at all, and then trouble came knocking because some group of men wanted her to come with them. So Dylan intervened and almost gave them a beating"

"Then we talked for a bit, then left the bar, and that's when you called me to pick you guys up"

"That's it?" Amanda said, and the expression on her face was like she wanted to know more and wasn't satisfied with his answer.

"Yeah, that's it. Not like we are still friends after what happened between us"

"Tsk! Didn't she already go abroad to live with her boyfriend? Did she mention why she suddenly came back?" Amanda snorted in annoyance.

"Oh, about that, It seems that the two of them have already broken up long ago. Well, that's what she said" Michael said with a shrugged.

"And we're here" he continued when he can finally see the name of the bar shining in the distance.

"You better not be thinking of getting close to her again" Amanda snorted before getting off the car.

"I'm not, and I need to prepare for school in two weeks" Michael laughed as he quickly caught up to her as both of them made their way towards where Dylan and the rest are.

"Right, you did mention to me that you're attending Uni. Do you even need it? You're already making a lot of money just by playing Fate Online" Amanda said with her attention turned towards Michael.

Michael rolled his eyes and said, "Well, my mom is insisting that I should study"

Amanda looked at his face, "They really treat you like you're their real son huh?"

Michael turned his head towards her and smiled, "Yeah, I think so too"

"What are you two chitchatting about? Hurry up!?" Dylan angrily yelled from afar.

Amanda groaned and said to Michael, "Is he always like that?"

"He is, so start getting used to it, babe. You'll be hearing that a lot from now on" Michael smiled.

'Actually, I'm more worried about him' Amanda sighed as she gave Allison a quick glance.

'Actors really knows how to hide their expressions, scary motherf*ckers'


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