Fate Online: Shadow
280 Get Los
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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280 Get Los

In another person's perspective, a guy that's cowardly, someone who doesn't have much self-confidence in himself would certainly have seconds thoughts if they want to approach a beautiful woman who is hanging out with a rough-looking man, who seems like he would beat you up in a whim, and there's this handsome looking guy at the side who is just wearing a cold face all the time, and just continued drinking all by himself without saying a word.

And something like that would certainly deter someone, as they would start questioning themselves if they could even take on Dylan if a fight breaks out, or if they are as charming and cool like Michael, who keeps oozing that cold aura around him.

But of course, there are still people who have a few screws loose in their heads!

"Hey girl, how about you hang out with me and my friends over instead of these two here?"

A man sporting in casual clothing with an air of arrogance oozing from him came over as he leaned against the bar counter between Daisy and Dylan, blocking the view of the latter.

"Oi, do you mind?"

Before Daisy could open her mouth and reject the guy, the voice of Dylan sounded behind him with a finger tapping on his shoulder.

"What do you want? Can't you see-"

The man was about to curse at Dylan, but he swallowed his words the moment he turned around to face Dylan.

'Shit, was this guy this tall?'

The man was clearly startled because Dylan is literally towering over him, and with how rough he already looks, being tall had certainly made Dylan look more menacing as a person.

Dylan just stared at him and didn't say anything, the friends of the guy saw their friend in trouble as they quickly stood up from their seats and made their way over to them with arrogant steps.

"Whoa, there big guy. You think you're tough now because you're taller than my friend here?"

A blonde-haired man who was the leading the group of four said as he placed his arm around his friend's neck.

"How about now? Come one, we don't want trouble here. We just want to hang out with the woman here, you wouldn't stop us now from having fun, right?"

The guy snickered at Dylan, and his tone of voice made his friends laughed, as they looked at Dylan in disdain.

Rango looked at the five men, then shook his head, even those other men around them are doing the same thing with their heads.

After all, who isn't familiar with Dylan? That guy is someone who knows how to fight, and that even some of the underworld gangs had tried to recruit him before, only to be outright rejected.

Michael would even have to admit that Dylan is better than him in fighting during their high school years, where he was still a greenhorn regarding street brawls.

Dylan's eyes became really cold, and he said to them, "F*ck off, and don't bother us"

One of two dark-skinned men behind the blonde-haired suddenly grew angry from hearing that and pointed his finger at Dylan's face.

"What!? Didn't you hear that we want to- Argh!"


Dylan was finally annoyed and grabbed the finger of that person and bent it to the side which made the latter scream in pain, but because his body also bent to the side along with his finger, the man couldn't help but catch a glimpse of Michael was sitting calmly behind the Dylan.

And when the man finally realized who the person was, his face was drained of blood as his eyes shook in fear and horror.

His friends were confused by their friend's sudden outburst which was filled with fear, and when they went move over and looked at what their friend was looking at, they were also startled.


'It's the Street Devil, Michael!'

'F*ck, why is this devil suddenly sitting here!?'

All of them quickly recognized who Michael was, it was because every single one of them is members of the underworld gangs.

In Central City, Michael had managed to make a name for himself in the streets, where the small underground forces referring to him as a Street Devil, and he gained this moniker during his constant clash against the Blackskull Gang, but it was further cemented when he caused Jin to be placed behind bars, where he was charged for kidnapping.

Jin got lucky because he has a powerful father backing him so he was only sentenced for a year in jail.

Furthermore, nothing happened to Michael even after all that which made gangsters like them wary of him.

Michael turned his head towards them, and his eyes flashed with a chilling gleam.

"Get lost"

"Y-yes, sir! Sorry to bother you!"

All of them were startled awake by his cold voice that they hurriedly stood up straight and quickly apologized before they hurriedly fled away from the scene.

Everyone who saw that scene was dumbfounded, after all, that scene only happens in a movie and it rarely happens in reality.

After all, even a subservient person wouldn't act like that as they would just tend to lower their heads when they are being scolded by their bosses.

"Since when did f*ckers like them start getting scared of you?"

Dylan looked at him with bewilderment, especially Daisy who's staring hard at Michael's face as she seems to can't believe at what she had just witnessed.

Michael snorted and said, "Tsk, stop acting dumb as if you already haven't heard of what happened before with Jin and Me because of Amanda, and what I did to that annoying bastard"

Rango, the bartender, and owner of the place weren't even bothered about what just happened as he just calmly served his customers like he already knew what the outcome would be from earlier.

'He changed! He really changed a lot during these few years I was gone!'

'Is he really still the same Michael I knew that always needed saving from Dylan when he gets himself into trouble?'

'Just what the hell happened to him in the few years I was gone?'


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