Fate Online: Shadow
279 Daisy!?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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279 Daisy!?

Over half an hour later.

Michael arrived at his destination, called Rose Bar, then he drove over beside the building and parked it, and some of the bystanders looked at the passing car in amazement, while some of them even hurriedly took pictures of it.

After all, the car is a limited edition with only three of it ever produced, and one of the owners of those three is his father, Tom.

Even Michael was amazed at the fact that Tom managed to get his hands on one of these bad boys.

"Isn't that the new limited Ford GT?"

"It is, only the truly rich can have one of those!"

"Damn, those rich people!"

Michael just ignored the crowd looking at the car and hurriedly made his way inside a simple looking bar called Tic Tac Toe, with the words highlighted in neon lights.

And the moment Michael stepped inside the bar, the music, the chattering of people inside was what greeted him.

'Boisterous as ever' Michael thought while looking around with a smile on his face.

"Michael! Over here, buddy!"

While Michael was looking around looking for someone, he suddenly heard a familiar voice calling out to him from above.

And when he looked up, he saw Dylan waving at him with a huge grin on his face.

Michael just waved back and slowly made his way towards the second floor.

"You're late," Dylan said the moment Michael arrived beside him.

"I'm five minutes early" Michael slapped Dylan on the back as he sat on the chair facing the bartender.

"Give me the usual old man Rango" Michael gave a nod at the bartender who looks around forty years old.

"Been a while since you two have been in my place" Rango said to Michael as he started pouring drinks for him.

"Well, we've been busy playing" Dylan laughed as he downed his kamikaze drink.

While Rango also made the same drink for Michael.

"Here, you two always drink this sh*t," Rango said while sliding the drink to Michael.

"What can we do? This drink is our favorite, just like how you need to always be loyal to your girl" Dylan rolled his eyes and laughed heartily, and a few of the women around who heard what he said couldn't help but smile and gave him a glance, it was because it sounded corny.

While the other men around them, just winced when they heard what he said, but didn't say anything.

Michael glanced at Dylan, and smiled, thinking to himself.

'This guy really never changed, he still has a pretty good tongue, or else, he wouldn't be dating Allison right now'

Rango just clicked his tongue and said, "Playing? Let me guess, you two are playing that popular game during these days. Hmm, what was it called again?"

"Fate Online"

Dylan and Michael didn't even get to open their mouths when someone suddenly barged in into their conversation.

The three men simultaneous turned towards where the voice came from, and what they saw was a rather beautiful blonde woman making her way towards them.


Dylan couldn't help but call out in surprise the moment he realized who it was, even Michael was also a bit startled when he finally recognized who she is.

"Hi, didn't expect to see you two here," Daisy said when she arrived before them.

Dylan didn't know what to say as it has been a long time since they had seen each other.

"Yeah~ I thought you were already living abroad with your boyfriend?"

Daisy smiled and didn't answer immediately, and because Michael was sitting at Dylan's right side, she walked over to the vacant seat on Dylan's left and sat down before answering his question.

"Yeah, but we had already broken up with each other a year ago, that's why I decided to come back here this time after tying some loose ends back there" Daisy took a sip of the cocktail that Rango served her, and then the latter quickly made his way over towards the other customers.

"What about you two? Wow, you two had really changed much during these few years, huh?" Daisy couldn't help but laughed as he looked at Dylan and Michael.

'It's only been a couple of years, but since when did Michael look this manly and charming?'

"We've been busy," Dylan said as he didn't want to elaborate further. After all, they weren't really that close with her now after what happened between Michael and her during their high school years.

"I just heard you two are playing Fate Online too?" Daisy smiled as she didn't seem to mind their current behavior towards her.

"Yeah, we do, what about you? It sounds like you play it too" Dylan said after taking a glance at Michael who had been very quiet since Daisy appeared.

And deep inside, he could understand it.

After all, the woman was once Michael's high school sweetheart from freshmen until their senior year, before she suddenly broke up with him because she found someone better than Michael.

And by someone better, it means someone who is loaded, and the fact that Dylan is only talking to her is because he didn't want to seem rude, as that particular event between her and Michael was something that already happened years ago.

And it's not something to be angry about anymore.

Knowing Michael, he probably couldn't care less about it anymore now that he has a girlfriend, even though sometimes, she's a she-tiger.

"I do, I'm already Level 20!" Daisy sounded really proud when she reveled her level to the two of them.

"Heh, isn't that a pretty high level?"

Daisy couldn't help but smile widely when she said those words, which made Dylan and Michael chuckle to themselves.

While the of them were busy discussing the game, Michael couldn't help but notice that there were a few men that kept glancing towards Daisy, looking like they want to come over and approach her, but it was like their feet are glued to the floor as they can't seem to find the courage to stand up and walk towards the three of them.


Michael just smiled as he downed his third glass.


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