Fate Online: Shadow
274 What a poor sod!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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274 What a poor sod!

Sonya just looked at her before sighing, then went back to reading her book.

"Holy…" Laura couldn't help but cover her face with her hand, because she already knew the answer to her question, especially when Sonya didn't even deny it.

"So this was the reason why this village still exists, and why you are so nice to Shadow. It's because he treats your kids well" Laura rubbed her temples as she can't believe this situation she is facing right now!

"But wow, I didn't expect that the great, Frost Dragon Queen would actually hook up with a human! The race whom she despises the most!"

"Can you see this? This shock and filled with disbelief face of mine?" Laura laughed while gesturing at her face.

"This will be the face that those bastards would have when they hear of this"

Sonya just continued ignoring her, and in no time, Laura finally became serious as she went and pulled out a chair from the dining table beside her and sat in front of Sonya.

"Goodness, all of you bastards are finally having your own kids, but here I am still single, no kids and no family of my own"

Laura kept mumbling to herself, then her serious gazed turned towards Sonya, she hesitated for a bit, then finally opened her mouth after a long consideration.

"Sonya, how did it feel? Did it feel good?"

Sonya raised an eyebrow, she lowered her book and looked at Laura, "What it felt good? What are you talking about?"

"You know...did it feel good? When that man's thing...went inside..you? Was it good?"

Sonya's face was suddenly flushed when a memory resurfaced inside her head, then her face quickly turned into anger and yelled at Laura.




The ground, the houses, their surroundings started shaking when that powerful dragon's roar reverberated throughout the lands of Everwinter.

"Have mercy!"

"Oh my god! Is the Frost Dragon here to punish us!?"

The villagers, the players and every species across the land of Everwinter couldn't help but cover their ears as they knelt on the ground weakly, and even some of the villagers are already sobbing in fear, while Michael and other assassins couldn't help but tremble in fear when they heard that roar that shook them to the core.

And what they felt, was genuine fear, them of all people had actually felt the threat of death looming over them, which surprised them as it has been a really long time since they had felt the word, fear.

Still, the most surprising thing for them is that they are only inside a game, but they actually felt fear and that horror that welled up inside them.

"What the f*ck? What the hell just happened!? That roar certainly came from a dragon!" one of the players said as he slowly stood up from the ground, but now his face is covered with a smile when earlier, he was actually feeling despair and felt the threat of death looming above them.

"It's real! The legend is real! That must have come from the Frost Dragon that lives in this land!"

"Oh my god, are we finally gonna see a dragon? I've never seen a dragon before!"

Michael looked at the bustling players who are full of excitement in the prospect of seeing a dragon.

'Stupid idiots. Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true'

On the other hand.

"Sonya! Have you gone mad! Bellowing a roar is one thing, but releasing your aura!? What if those people outside die!?" Laura couldn't help but get angry at Sonya's actions.

Sonya just snorted and said, "Don't compare me to that dumbass dragon partner of yours who almost accidentally wiped out an entire town before"

"That event was like three hundred years ago already" Laura rolled her eyes at her.

"Let's put this matter to the side, when are you coming to Sky Peak? We need your presence now"

"How long do you think the Sea Tribe would invade this continent?" Sonya didn't answer Laura's question and instead threw her a question of her own.

Laura thought for a moment then said, "A year or two, an invasion from them would happen within that time frame. So we need to join hands to stop them, so us not to repeat what happened hundreds of years ago"

"And don't even make the excuse that you still don't care. I don't even care who was your mate was, but you have kids now. Don't tell me you want them to enslave by those bastards if in the off chance that they manage to defeat us?"

Sonya's expression suddenly turned dark, and her voice grew cold, "If anyone hurts my children, then they should be prepared to face my wrath! Even if it's you, Laura, I will still kill you"

Laura couldn't believe what she was hearing and said, "God, do I look like a bad guy or something?"

While the two old monsters are engrossed in their talks, the kids sleeping on the floor are surprisingly still sleeping soundly even after all the commotion that happened, but if someone were to look closely at them, then they would notice a thin transparent barrier surrounding the two kids.

"After tonight, I will go with you"

"What about the two kids then?" Laura quickly caught up to what Sonya meant by her words.

"I'll leave them here, they'll be safer in this place, and besides, that human girl called Miya, the kids seem to like her more than Michael" Sonya smiled.

'That's rare, I think it has been a hundred years since I last saw her truly smiling' Laura thought inside when she saw the smile on Sonya's face.

'I guess having kids could also change someone huh?'

Laura suddenly started thinking about how it feels like to have kids or a family of her own.

'What am I even thinking? I'm not suitable for those kinds of things' she thought bitterly to herself.


"Holy crap!" Dylan couldn't help but exclaim in shock that the shovel he was holding fell down on the ground.

"What happened?" Michael stopped what he was doing and looked at Dylan with questioning eyes.

"Man, look at the forums! The Kunlun Guild just declared war against the War Dragons Guild!" Dylan said, and the players who heard him stopped what they were doing and hurriedly opened the game forums.

The game forums exploded after that news came out!

"Have they gone mad!? The average level of players is only Level 20, and now they are declaring war against each other this early!"

"What do you know? Being a Level 20 player is already considered high, you dumbass! Do you even know how hard it is to gain a level in this game!? It takes three to five days to even gain a level, and if you're lucky, maybe two!"

"What the person said above me is right, and besides, its time for a war to happen! No guild would be contended being cooped inside a single kingdom or empire! They would surely try to expand their power and influence!"

"But the most surprising thing is that only the Kunlun Guild declared war, but their allies didn't"

"Yeah, it was weird this time, the three of them always declares war at the same time like from other games before. I wonder what they are up to this time?"

"It's plainly obvious, they are up to no good again"

"I hope they recruit mercenaries like they always do. I need money!"

"What a poor sod! You must be a Blackhand!"


Then the entire forum once again exploded at the mention of the word, Blackhand, and the matters of the looming war were suddenly shoved to the side.

"He must be a Blackhand! After all, you only need one or two decent equipment and then sell them, then you're good for the month!"

"F*ck you, asshole!"


Michael just shook his head looking at the endless amount of comments flooding the forum before closing it.

"Enough, what's happening over there, doesn't concern most of us here. We need to focus on the matters at hand" Michael said as he nudged Maverick who was standing beside him, while Dylan just smiled and scratched the back of his head, thinking to himself.

'Goddamn, Michael had really changed a lot during this past couple of months. I wonder what happened that caused it?'

"Come on! Chop chop! We need to finish this as soon as possible so we can finally explore the dungeon near here freely!" Dylan clapped his hands loudly so as to boost the morale of his fellow guild members.


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