Fate Online: Shadow
270 Red Capes
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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270 Red Capes

A bald man with a huge scar across one of his eyes is sitting on an executive chair while reading some documents on his laptop, his eyes sharp and full of seriousness.

"So, this is the guy who killed the son of Princess Violet?" the bald man said while looking at the information of Michael on his computer.

"Yes, it seems he killed him because of what happened between them before" a black man who is standing on the side and wearing a black suit said.

And if Michael was here, he would have immediately recognized the man who had once helped him and someone who is very familiar to him, Charon.

"His codename is...Shadow. Hmm, the name felt like I've heard it somewhere before but I can't seem to put my finger into it"

This man...is Zero, the current leader of 'The Continental', considered as one of the most dangerous individuals in the world.

"But why are you showing this information to me, Charon?" Zero took his eyes off from the computer screen and turned towards Charon.

Charon just smiled and replied, "The Pentagon is asking us if we have any pieces of information regarding who might be the killer of Princess Violet's son, sir"

"And you think that the killer is this man called Shadow, right?" Zero said.

Charon just smiled and said, "Of course, sir"

"Right, Miya and the others seemed to have become friends with him that they even followed him all the way to Northern Rica Principality and started living in his family's former mansion, which they had already bought from them a couple of months back"


Zero raised an eyebrow when he heard what Charon said, then he laughed out loud and said, "Ignore them then, and it's not like we've even listened to them in the first place. They always try to act tough against us, trying to scare us with their nuclear weapons and whatnot"

"It's not like they can even use it in the first place, and the fact is that they should be afraid of us instead as we don't even need a nuclear weapon to kill them"

"As you wish, sir" Charon smiled and slowly made his way out from the room as he carefully closed the door before him.

"Shadow, huh? He's young and he only joined us a couple of months ago, but he already has the guts to kill a royalty"

"Hahaha! This brat was just like me back in the days!"

"Arrogant...and domineering!"

"I can already imagine the face of that bastard when he heard the death of his son!"

"Shadow, right? What a nice name!"

Zero then started laughing to himself as he felt that a good show is coming these coming days.


"Zero, you bastard!"


Pieces of a ceramic vase flew everywhere in the room when Princess Violet angrily picked up one from a table around her and threw it on the wall.

Then a maid hurriedly went over and started picking up the broken pieces of the vase.

"This is all your fault! Your son is dead, but why aren't you doing anything!?" Princess Violet angrily pointed her finger towards a man with his back facing her, while the man on the other hand is just facing a victorian styled window as he gazed at the nightly scene outside of their home.

"Those assholes from the Pentagon isn't really even doing anything, and that bastard Zero is even ignoring my plea for help!" Princess Violet angry yelled, then she took a deep breath as she tried to calm her anger.

'Of course, he would ignore you, you bitch! Didn't you choose the Master over him in the first place!?' one of the older maids standing obediently at the side of the room thought, but didn't dare voice out her thoughts.

If others were to know the thoughts of the maid, they would be shocked to learn that Zero, who is the current leader of the most notorious group in the world once had wooed the Princess of the Angles Kingdom, even Michael would be in for a shock if he learns about this news.

"Why are you still not saying anything?" asked Princess Violet to her husband after she finally calmed down.

The man didn't even bother turning around and just replied, "Don't worry, my men are already on the move. New information about our son's killer would be brought to us soon"

When she heard him mentioning his men, her eyes quickly lit up in excitement.

"Your men are finally moving? Good! With them on the move, that bastard who killed my son would be found soon!" she smiled.

But the maids who saw her smile shivered. It was because what they saw was a smile seen only from a crazy person!


Dylan and his group finally arrived at the village and currently helping Michael and the villagers by carrying logs, digging on the ground, and erecting a new wall for the expansion of the village.

Black Genesis suddenly came over to Michael who was busy instructing and helping the villagers and tapped one of Michael's shoulder to get his attention, and when the latter turned around to face him, he said, "What?"

Black Genesis looked around for a bit, and when he determined that no one is paying attention to the two of them, he whispered, "Red Capes are making a move"

Michael's eyebrows jumped when he heard what Black Genesis had just said.

"The Red Capes? Are they looking for me?"

Black Genesis snickered and said, "They sure are, so you better be careful. Those guys aren't pushovers"

Michael just scoffed in his mind, he would have been afraid if it was a couple of months ago, but now, he's current ability is already at the level of a One Blade Assassin as he had once never slacked off in training his senses and body even though it might have looked like he was just playing around with Fate Online since.


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