Fate Online: Shadow
263 What..?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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263 What..?

"The Blood Guards?"

Michael quickly figured out who those soldiers were based on Miya's description of the events from what her sister had told her.

"So they are called Blood Guards? That's a pretty domineering name" Miya said when she heard the name of those soldiers.

"Of course they are, those soldiers are the Duke's personal guards"

Miya snorted and said, "You make it sound like you have a close relationship with them"

Michael snickered and said, "Of course, I wouldn't have learned that Everwinter is located in this place when I didn't receive a quest from the Earl"

"You received a quest from an Earl before!? Receiving a quest from a noble is really hard, even I didn't get one before!"

Miya couldn't help but feel amazed at Michael. After all, a quest from a noble is really hard to get, because you will need a high degree of fame or reputation to even attract their attention.

"Just how high is your fame?" Miya asked.

Michael just smiled and said, "It's a secret"

"Tsk!" Miya just clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"Anyway, Amanda and the others will arrive soon, and if there are no mishaps during their journey towards here, then they will probably be here in a couple more days"

"By then, we could hunt any monsters around our levels, maybe we could even once again raid Seth's Dungeon Lair"

Michael was actually surprised and delighted at the same time when he learned from Solitary Tempest that the others came with her and Viper.

After all, Black Genesis and the avatars of the others are all-powerful in their own right, especially when the people behind those avatars are people who had walked out from a battlefield filled with blood and bones of the people who fell from their blades.

And while Michael and Miya are having a conversation with each other, the villagers suddenly started singing and dancing around the bonfire which quickly attracted both Michael and Miya's attention.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight"

"The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside..."

"Ohhh...the Winter God~!"


The Snow Village night festival has taken place.

Snow Village's Everwinter Night Festival.

Throughout the night, there will be singing and dancing as they share their joys and hopes.

The productivity of the Snow villagers will increase by 200% for the next thirty days.

There will be a significant increase in the number of children after a certain period of time after the night festival

You can participate and enjoy the festival.


"Awesome, I didn't expect that there would be a festival in this backwater village" Miya couldn't help but mutter while looking at the words floating before her eyes.

Both Michael and Miya are a bit shocked and amazed at the same time.

After all, a festival happening mostly occurs within cities, but for a festival to take place in a backwater and an isolated village is highly rare, maybe even unusual at best.

The satisfied villagers danced merrily and the children laughed as they copied the movements of the adults clumsily, while the men beat on their chest.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

"That looks fun," Miya said with a smile as rushed forward and joined the festivities.

"A festival isn't so bad" Michael smiled, as he just watched them from the side, slowly enjoying the scene before him.

Unbeknownst to Michael and the villagers, there are two silhouettes watching them from the darkness where the light of the fire can't reach.

"My disciple is really competent, isn't he?"

One of the two silhouettes floating within the darkness said while looking at Michael.

"You're really so easy going, do you think I wouldn't dare kill your disciple?" the other figure at the left said with an icy tone.

"Kill him? He would've have died long ago when he met you the first time" the figure on the right sneered in disdain.

The figure on the left just snorted and said, "Enough about him, why did you come and seek me out, Laura?"

Laura's face then turned serious and gloomy at the same time as she turned her head towards the person beside her.

And if Michael was here, he would be shocked to find out that the person in question is the village druid, Sonya!

"I came here because the Sea Tribe is once again stirring after five hundred years"

When Sonya heard the words Sea Tribe, her eyes turned cold, and at the same time, an annoyed expression appeared on her face.

"This again? I already told you and the others before that I won't be meddling between your conflicts"

Laura snorted, and said, "Are you still hung up at what happened here hundreds of years ago?"

Laura clicked her tongue and continued, "You old hag, the mistakes the predecessor made isn't the fault of the following generations. Just get over it, besides you've already killed them all, everyone who had royal blood in their veins, even those people who had little blood connection to them weren't spared from your wrath back then"

Laura then levitated into the air and looked down at Sonya and said, "Besides, you still owe me one back then, old hag. Now, I'm using that favor from back then"

"Fine, I'm only helping this time because you helped me back then. Let me deal with some matters here, and I'll see you in Sky Peak" Sonya snorted in annoyance while gritting her teeth.


Laura just laughed heartily before she disappeared into thin air without anyone noticing except for Sonya.

Then she looked at Michael below, she grinned and mumbled to herself, "Little bastard, I don't really know if you were lucky or not when you became that bitch's disciple, leaving you all on your own to learn the ropes of your ability"

"What an irresponsible b*tch she is"

Her voice lingered for a second before she disappeared like a cloud of smoke.

Michael was so focused on the festival before him that he didn't even notice the village chief disappearing from the festivities, and headed somewhere.

A little while later.

The village chief suddenly appeared and made the villagers quiet down for a minute.

"Fellow villagers, I, your village chief is standing before you tonight…"

The village chief suddenly started giving a passionate speech, and then from out of nowhere, he started walking towards Michael, while the people made way for the old man.

Michael looked weirdly at the old man who was walking towards him and felt that something big is gonna happen next.

The village chief conveniently finished his speech and stood before Michael.

"Benefactor, since your arrival, the village has once again burst into life! Under your cunning and leadership, the fate of our village maybe change!"


Michael suddenly had a foreboding feeling as he just stood there rooted, staring the village chief with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Benefactor who had come from far away, you are our hope for a chance, please do not refuse my request!"


The Village Chief's proposal to become the Baron of Snow Village.

Snow Village was once a renowned producer of high-quality farm produce, and the village was once also known for its highly skilled Blacksmiths!

The village chief has offered the position of the ruler to the benefactor of the village.

Able to tax crops and trade monthly. Able to strengthen military power. If the king occupies another village, town, or castle of a certain size or population by force, the rewards will increase.

-You have become the Baron of Snow Village.

-The title Baron of Snow is now available.

-Fame has increased by 3000.

The proposal cannot be denied!

"Good god! You had just become a noble!"

Miya covered her mouth in shock and disbelief, as she can't believe what is happening before her!

Michael looked at the floating notification before his eyes, slackjawed, and he couldn't help but curse out loud.

"Ohh, sh*t!"

On the spur of the moment, Michael had just come a noble and the ruler of a small village.

Now, the residents are looking at him with respect and admiration.


Michael had just walked out of the village chief's run-down house, and quickly spotted Miya standing on the side of one of the wooden houses in the village.

"Now, you've done it this time," Miya said with a huge grin on her face.

"Shut up" Michael groaned.

No matter how prestigious a noble title is, for him, its just a hindrance and annoyance in his eyes.

Michael didn't want to become a lord or a noble, he didn't want to be bound by such things as responsibility, especially if it's concerning the lives of many people.


Michael was about to say something when a young tender voice suddenly called out to him.

Miya and Michael turned their head around towards where the voice came from, and they saw Mara and her little brother, Ant, running towards them with huge smiles on their faces.

Michael smiled at them as two kids arrived before him and Miya.

"What do you two little brats want?" he smiled as he ruffled their hair.

"Hyung! I and my brother made you this!" Mara looked like a puppy when Michael rubbed her head, then she happily offered Michael a small wooden sculpture, while Ant is happily nodding at the side.

"Ohh..you two made this?"

With a smile on his face, Michael took the small sculpture from Mara's hands.

Mara and Ant's Sculpture

A crude wooden sculpture created by the little hands of two children who poured their hearts out in making this item filled with their love and admiration to the person who they look up to.

Special Option:

-Slightly increases friendship with NPCs.

Michael looked at the two kids in front of him and said, "Thanks, I'll keep it well"

"Hehe" Mara and Ant grinned widely before running away.

Michael looked at their backs, then he suddenly turned to the side and saw Miya staring intently at him.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Sometimes, I don't really get you," said Miya.


Miya didn't say anything and just walked away from there, skipping in her steps.

"The heck is that woman talking about?"

Michael just shook his head.


Michael jumped out of his gaming capsule, and quickly went and washed up.

It was already dusk when he logged off of the game, he came out of the bathroom while wiping his face with a towel and went back inside his room as he started changing his clothes for a run outside.

"Mom, I'm going out for a bit!" Michael called out as he walked past their living room.

"Okay, come back soon!" Alice's voice replied back with a yell just as Michael stepped out of the door.


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