Fate Online: Shadow
251 Meeting in Real Life
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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251 Meeting in Real Life

Today is Saturday.

"Mom, I'm going out!"

Michael in casual clothing hastily made his way towards the door while shouting towards Alice that he's going out.

"Where are you going!? You're not gonna be having lunch with us!?"

Alice peeked out from the kitchen and replied back with a yell.

"I won't, I'll be meeting up with people who I've met inside the game with Dylan, mom" Michael replied while holding the doorknob.

"Okay, take care out there!"

"Okay, you too!"

Michael left their apartment and made his way down through the elevator.


Central Park is packed with people.

The park is located in the middle of Central City. It has a lot of trees growing around the park, a large patch of grass and even a lake is sitting in the middle of the park, and with establishments surrounding the place, it has continuous foot traffic which makes it a very popular place.

This place is one of the most popular places for people in Fate Online to meet up in the city or from people from neighboring towns.

And the place is already considered popular even before Fate Online as the place is truly a great place to be because it gives another outlook of the city that is almost filled with tall buildings.

"Haaa! That hits the spot!"

"That's already your third glass of soda"

"Come on sis, just leave me be. I'm nervous here"

"You're a pussy, aren't you? You're just meeting your girlfriend and the friends you made in the game"

"Shut up, I need to relax"


Dylan McGrier.

Her sister, Athena along with Michael was the first group to arrive as they waited for their companions to show up.

But right now, he and Athena are the only ones waiting for the others inside a huge but simple looking cafe that gives off a refreshing feeling, and its one of the few lucky establishments that are facing one of the entrances of the park which makes the place quite packed with customers who are couples or with groups.

The two siblings are the only ones in their table right now because Michael dropped them off first and went to pick up Amanda later.

"You do know that it's not drink all you can with the soda, right?" Athena looked at her brother who is sitting opposite of her while ignoring the gazes being thrown at her by young men around her age.

"Hehehe, no worries. Michael will be the one paying anyway" Dylan laughed as he downed his fourth glass of soda, and glared at a group of youngsters sitting at another corner of the cafe, who keeps glancing at his sister.

'Motherf*ckers, look at her again and I'll poke your eyes out!'

"You're really shameless, you're already making quite a bit from playing Fate Online, but you're still making Michael pay" Athena snorted in disdain.


Michael called out towards the two just as he stepped inside the cafe, following behind him is a blonde-haired woman who's wearing something that shows off her curves and her beautiful white neckline.

"Yo, Michael. You're finally back. There's still ten minutes before the appointed time. I see that Amanda truly came with you" Dylan gave Michael a nod.

Michael brought Amanda towards their long table, where it could accommodate ten people, and Michael sat beside Dylan with Amanda on Michael's left side.

"What's up, Amanda?" Dylan said.

Amanda just gave a nod as a reply, then she glanced at the girl sitting opposite of them.

"Hello, I'm Athena. Dylan's sister. Nice to meet you. I heard that you're Michael's girlfriend" Athena smiled at her and quickly introduced herself.

"Amanda...nice to meet you. Michael didn't lie to me when he said that Dylan has a beautiful little sister, considering how rough he looks like"

Amanda smiled in return and didn't even deny that she's Michael's girl which surprised Michael a bit, and before long, the two ladies slowly started talking with each other.

Then people finally began to show up one after another.

"Hey! Over here!"

Michael raised his hand and gestured for the group of people who had just stepped foot inside the cafe.

"Hello, Nice to meet you all. I'm Rick, otherwise known as Maverick in the game"

"Dana, known as Miya in the game"

A man around early thirties, and along with a quite good looking woman who seems to have a very bright personality came towards their table and introduced themselves before taking a seat.

Rick sat at Dylan's right, while Dana took a seat beside Athena.

"You must be Michael, right?" Dana said to Michael while fluttering her eyelashes.

"I am, nice to meet you" Michael smiled in reply.

'Wow, I didn't expect that he's even better looking in real life'

Then she looked over to the person sitting beside him.

'So she's that woman that Dylan mentioned before?'

Dana smiled and just nodded at her, Amanda smiled in return and gave a soft snort.

Dana's smile grew wider when she saw that, and then she looked over to the person beside her.

"You're Athena, right?"

"I am, Nice to meet you"

"Are you really Dylan's sister?" Dana leaned over and whispered to her.

"I am, a lot of people actually tells me that we don't look like siblings at all" Athena chuckled.

"Exactly, look at him"

Dana glanced at Dylan and gave him a look, and said, "He looks so rough compared to you. I really wonder what my sister liked about him"

On the other hand.

"You okay?" Michael said to Amanda when he noticed that exchanged of looks between the two women earlier.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Order something, I'm a bit hungry" Amanda said.

"Me too" Dana suddenly butted in, where she received a deathly glare from Amanda.

Michael and the others then started to order some food and refreshments.

Dylan kept looking at the door of the cafe, and he looks like he wanted to say something but something seems to be holding him back.

Rick noticed his little actions which made him chuckle, "You wanted to ask why she's not here, right?"

Dylan was a bit startled, he smiled and scratched the back of his head and said, "Yeah"


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