Fate Online: Shadow
247 Faith
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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247 Faith

\"Die, Human!\"

A Dullahan roared ferociously as it slammed its spear on Michael's side.


Michael groaned in pain as he used the shaft of his War Hammer to block the Dullahan's spear, and the force behind that attack caused him to slid to the side, leaving the path towards his healer unobstructed.

\"Healing Light!\"

A melodious voice of a woman sounded a distance away from Michael, and following that voice, Michael glowed with a golden hue and his health that took a nosedive from blocking the Dullahan's attack quickly filled up by at least a half.

\"Pesky woman!\"

Because of Miya's heal, the Dullahan's attention suddenly turned towards her, and the monster quickly rushed towards her like a raging bull.

\"Watch out!\" Michael called out and quickly dashed forward to catch up to the Dullahan.

\"Light always prevails, darkness vanquishes, Holy Hammer!\"

The hammer made of pure holy energy slammed on the Dullahan's chest, sending it stumbling back towards Michael's direction.

\"Oh crap!\"

Michael hastily rolled to the side so as to avoid getting hit by the Dullahan.

'Having a holy attribute sure is handy in dealing with this kind of monsters'

Michael steadied himself and quickly rushed towards the Dullahan and leaped through the air and raised the war hammer above him, then ruthlessly smashed it towards the Dullahan.


\"Dammit, this is why I hate this kind of monsters!\" Michael cursed when his war hammer bounced back from the impact of his attack, forcing him to quickly retreat.

\"Shadow, just keep its aggro on you! Let me handle this!\" Miya quickly yelled at Michael when she saw that his attacks are barely working on the Dullahan.

\"The light always shine upon us, Purification!\"

\"Gahh! It...burns!\"

A wave of light came out of Miya and rushed towards the Dullahan, and the light quickly covered the entirety of the monster in a golden hue before disappearing a second later.

\"I'm not done yet!\"

\"Receive thy judgment! Ray of Judgement!\"

Michael just stood there and watched as Miya soloed the Dullahan by herself, and in the end, he couldn't help comment at his current situation.

\"Wow, I've never felt so useless since the day I started playing this game\"

'I seriously need to at least learn the most basic healing spell of a Priest' Michael thought and decided on the spot to search if there is any Skill Book for the basic healing spell that he could learn, and maybe purchase it from the Item Trading Site.

Learning a basic skill of another class wouldn't have been a problem for him as he only needs to go and learn the skill from an Instructor who teaches that specific spell to a player wants to learn it, but the problem for learning holy or healing spells is that the basic but most important requirement to learn even the most basic healing spell is to become a believer of that religion.

In Miya's circumstance, she is a Priestess of the Sun Temple, a player aligned with the God of the Sun, Balder. She can only learn her skills related to the Sun Temple, but she can't learn the skills of the players aligned with other religious groups like the Church of Freya, Church of the Wild, or the skills of the Monks from the Combat Arena, or most commonly known to NPCs as the Sect of Tyr.

And the same goes for the other players who are not aligned with the Sun Temple.

In other words, Michael would need to change his class into a Priest to even learn it, as the religious groups certainly wouldn't teach it to him unless he becomes one of thems.

So his only option left is to learn the Skill from a Skill Tome, where monsters would drop it with a certain degree of chances, or he could just buy it in the Item Trading Site if there's any available.


Michael conjured a fire spell and threw it towards the Dullahan. It was because he felt so pathetic watching Miya soloing the Dullahan that he wanted to be badly part of the battle that he just...threw the Fireball at it.


\"The gods are forgiving, Blessed Healing!\"


The Dullahan started screaming in pain and this time, its scream is even worse, and Michael had once again witnessed a Dullahan turning into ashes, and an apparition taking shape after.

\"Priestess, thank you for liberating me from this curse\"

The apparition bowed towards Miya and gave a serene and warm smile before he disappeared.

'I've seen this scene multiple times already, but I still can't help but feel amazed every time I see it because it just looks so freaking real' Michael thought, as he watched the apparition of a man in a full knight armor slowly disappear into motes of light.

'He must have been a Knight before this'


\"Huh? What happened!?\"

Michael who was just about to crouch down and pick up the japtem on the ground quickly turned his head towards Miiya when he heard her yelp of surprise.

\"It's nothing. It's just that I received a huge amount of Faith after purifying that mister earlier\" Miya said with a huge smirk on her face while her eyes are still focused on the thing floating before her eyes.

\"How many?\"

Michael felt happy for her. After all, he knows how important the increase in their Faith is. Just like how important Agility to Assassins and Hunters or Strength to Barbarians and any other similar classes that depend on the Strength Stat.

\"Five\" Miya showed him five fingers with a smile on her face.

\"That's like leveling up already\" Michael was amazed.

\"Yeah, but sadly, increasing your Faith through purifying undead creatures isn't really that promising considering the fact that this is only my third time receiving an increase in Faith since I've been here\"

Miya felt that it would have been awesome if purifying one undead creature would net her one Faith every time!

Unfortunately for her, the game doesn't work like that, and even if it did, Freya would surely discover the bug in no time and fix it!

Heck, chances are that Freya might even nerf her!


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