Fate Online: Shadow
244 Dullahan
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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244 Dullahan

Various thoughts flowed through Michael's mind as he just watched Mink and didn't say anything.

\"Got it!\" Mink yelled from inside his bag, with half of his body inside and his pair of legs wriggling around as he tried to get out.


Mink finally managed to worm his way out and landed on the ground while holding a ferocious-looking dagger on both of his hands.

\"It's called Vampiric Tooth Dagger, made from the largest teeth of one of the most ferocious creatures in the sea, called Livyatan\" Mink said with a smile as he placed the dagger on the ground.

The weapon that Mink showed Michael was a one-foot long curved dagger, and there are a couple of chipped parts along the blade part of the weapon, giving it an appearance similar to a saw blade.

[Rare] Vampiric Tooth Dagger

\"How much for the blade?\" Michael quickly asked as the appearance of the weapon pique his interest, and at the same time, it was because he didn't see any price on the weapon.

Mink smiled widely at Michael's question, and when Michael heard the words that came out of the bastard's mouth, he almost snapped and wanted to punch Mink in the face and beat him to a pulp.

\"14,157 Gold, 37 Silver, and 77 Copper coins!\"


'F*ck you bastard! How the hell did he know?'

Michael cursed inside, it was because he realized that the price quote that Mink gave him is exactly his entire amount of money he's carrying, not copper less and not a copper more!

Seeing Michael's dumbfounded reaction, Mink arrogantly shrugged his shoulders and said, \"You heard me, 14,157 Gold, 37 Silver, and 77 Copper coins! Not a copper less and not a copper more!\"

\"How about just 14,157 gold, huh?\" Michael rubbed his hands and tried to negotiate.

Mink stared straight at him and repeated what he had just told him earlier.

 \"14,157 Gold, 37 Silver, and 77 Copper! Not a...copper less and not...a cop...per more!\"

Michael is on the verge of snapping as veins started bulging out on his face, and he stared at Mink with eyes filled with anger and said the next sentence word by word.


\"Thank you for your praise, dear...customer\"

Mink was so shameless that he just smiled and bowed towards Michael, and acted like he had just heard the best compliment he had ever gotten from a customer.

Michael took out all of his money, and handed it to Mink, but not before saying, \"How did you do it?\"

Mink quickly figured out what the question meant, and looked at Michael and said, \"Because I can smell it!\"

Michael just stared at the disappearing figure of Mink, and he felt like he wanted to cry.

\"So this is how people must have felt like when you lose in a haggling, but you would still buy the item because it's pretty and you like it\"

\"Hehehe, but this dagger is really awesome though\"

\"I feel like I actually got the better end of the stick on this deal\"


Mink appeared in the land above the Dungeon.


\"Kekeke, he must be thinking that it was a bargain by now, but he doesn't know that he actually owes me a favor now\"

\"Did he really think I would sell an item like that for that cheap? An item made from a Livyatan's tooth is as rare as an item made from a Dragon's scale\"

Mink hummed in a happy tune and his figure slowly became blurred.

\"I actually didn't expect that I would bump into Miss Laura's student here. Wasn't he warned that this place is off-limits for a person like him? I'm surprised that the old hag living here hadn't killed him yet\"

Those were the last words that came from him before his presence thoroughly disappeared in the surroundings.


\"I actually wanted to buy that Journal earlier though, but that bastard took all of my money away,\" Michael said while playing around with the new dagger on his hand.

\"I'm pretty sure that the Journal is something precious. It's only a pity that I'm too poor\"

If other players heard what he had just said, they would probably hunt him and take all of his equipment. After all, earning gold in the game wasn't as easy as how Michael was able to luckily earn fifteen thousand gold, and it was due to the help of his teacher.

Even Solitary Tempest only had a couple of hundred golds that she had managed to save up so far.

[Vampiric Tooth Dagger]

Durability: 200/200

Attack Damage: 120~150

A dagger made from the tooth of a creature considered as one of the King of the Seas, the Livyatan. A humongous monster that lives in the flesh and blood of its prey. They're monsters similar to the dark creatures called, Vampires.


100 Agility


- Combat ability in the sea will improve.

- Reduce water pressure by 50% during underwater combat.

- Regenerates health by 5% from the damage dealt on the enemy.

- Attack damage increases by 2% for every ten enemies killed, up to 10 stacks.

- Due to the origin of the weapon, it inflicts fear to any creatures weaker than the Livyatan, lowering their defense for 20%. Effective only to monsters related to the sea.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Suddenly, Michael heard the sound of heavy footsteps along with the rattling sound of metal coming from a passageway to his right.

'Dullahan!' he thought as he quickly bolted out of there and made his way forward through the passageway he's on.

The sixth floor of the dungeon is a spacious cavern with stalactites and glowing crystals hanging on the ceiling of the cavern, with rocks of different sizes littered along the ground, and where Michael would bump into different passageways that lead to somewhere on the current dungeon floor.

Michael decided to avoid the Dullahans for now as they are harder to handle than the Undead Wizards. Mostly because they are covered in full body armor and their left hand holding their heads with glowing eyes and their helmets still on, and with a long sword or a spear on their right hand.


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