Fate Online: Shadow
243 The Traveling Merchan
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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243 The Traveling Merchan

\"Ahhh! Ghost!\"

Pak! Pak! Pak!

\"Oh my god...stop! Not...the face! Mer..cy!\"

Michael quickly put his war hammer away when he realized that the creature before him wasn't a ghost, especially when he saw the floating characters above the creature's head.

[Traveling Merchant]

Michael might not be afraid of many things, but a ghost is certainly one of them.

The creature slowly stood up from the ground and dusted himself off, and the creature's appearance who is standing before Michael is somewhat similar to a Goblin who stood just around Michael's waist.

The difference is that his skin is somewhat greyish blue, unlike a Goblin whose skin is green, like leafy green.

\"Tsk! I've never seen an adventurer who is afraid of a ghost!\"

The creature clicked his tongue as he fixed the monster skull on his head.

\"Shut up, and who in their right mind would wear monster bones on their bodies when they are inside a freaking dungeon that is literally a graveyard?\"

\"And who the f*ck are you anyway?\"

Michael felt a bit annoyed when the creature before him poked him on a sore spot.

\"How rude! I am Mink, a traveling gnome merchant!\"

The gnome, Mink annoyingly said to Michael and the huge bag that is twice his twice that he is carrying on his back jiggled with the sound of metallic things moving around.

And when he introduced himself, the floating characters floating above his head changed.

[Mink, The Traveling Merchant]

Michael had heard about them before from Solitary Tempest, and she instead referred to them as Event Merchants and that the chances of probably meeting one of them are probably lower than one percent, meaning that it's almost impossible.

And the reason that Solitary Tempest referred to them as Event Merchants is that they have exotic items that they sell, even buying an Epic or Ancient is not impossible as long as you have the gold to purchase one, and she even told him that she once saw a Legendary Grade Battle Axe called Bloody Reaper, and its selling price is a whopping thirty million gold coins!

Even an Empire or a Kingdom wouldn't take out that kind of amount just so that they can use it to but one single item, much less from players like them who on lives off on Quests and Japtems!

And Michael is already excited inside, but he's just wearing a poker face right now to not show his excitement, and it was because Solitary Tempest had seriously warned him before that if he ever meets one and that he should act all compose and never show any emotions whatsoever as they would raise the price of their wares when they see you acting all excited.

It was because Solitary Tempest was once a victim of their slyness. She got her first Night King Fragment from an Event Merchant, and the system only priced it at two thousand gold at first, but the damn gnome quickly doubled it when he saw Solitary Tempest' growing interest on the item!

'Mink? The one that Solitary Tempest that met before was called Raigar'

Michael acted all cool and said, \"Ohhh, so you are a traveling merchant I've heard a lot about. I'm Shadow, and sorry about what happened. So, do you sell things? After all, you introduced yourself as a merchant\"

\"Of course, and I plan to become to become the greatest merchant in the continent and become the Merchant King in this life!\" Mink yelled in excitement as he raised his fists in the air.

\"Shh! The Undead might hear you!\"

Michael quickly gestured for him to shut up. After all, the undead monsters roaming on this floor are Undead Wizards and Dullahans.

Undead Wizards are not a problem as his repertoire of skills is good for dealing with classes like Wizards, be it they are dead or not, but the problems are the Dullahans.

Michael learned the hard way when he faced one, and that they have an excellent combat ability, and the most frightening thing is that they have a certain amount of personality, which makes them a huge threat to him as it gives them the ability to learn and evolve, which is something that almost cost him his life, and if wasn't for his Shadow Dance, then he would have been dead already and wasted the time he took to explore deep into the Dungeon.

\"Relax kid, no one is gonna come here\"

Mink scoffed and waved his hand towards Michael in a relaxed manner as he slowly put down his huge backpack on the ground, and started bringing out things one after another.

And when he saw the items slowly being laid out on the ground before him? Michael's eyes quickly sparkled.

'Holy shit, is that an Artifact and Legendary Grade Item?'

'So this is the reason why Solitary Tempest called these guys as Event Merchants. You don't see these kinds of items every day'

Then Michael saw their prices, and his face instantly turned really stiffed.

[Legendary] Caladbolgh - 20,000,000 Gold

[Ancient] The King's Sword - 10,000,000 Gold

[Ancient] Gorehowl - 9,000,000

[Ancient] Doomhammer - 9,000,000

[Rare] Elven Bow - 10,000

'What the heck? Why is he only taking out expensive items!?'

Michael didn't know why, but he could feel that the gnome before him is somehow purposely taking out expensive items that he can't buy, but something only for the eyes, his eyes!

[Epic] Elixir of Life - 100,000

[Unknown] Stolen Journal of a Blacksmith - 1,000

\"Does something among them fancy your eyes?\" Mink suddenly stopped and turned towards Michael and gestured the items lying on the ground before them.

\"That's it?\"

\"Yep, that's all of it\"

\"No Daggers or Short Swords?\"


Mink suddenly realized something as he snapped his fingers, and said, \"Ohh, so you use daggers too, huh?\"

Then he started rummaging inside his bag.

'What did he mean by I use daggers too? Has he been watching me?'

'That would be creepy as f*ck if he was'


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