Fate Online: Shadow
234 Soul Crash!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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234 Soul Crash!


Clang! Clang! Clang!

Right now, the twenty soldiers that went with Michael and his crew are currently in a skirmish against the remaining fifty bandits in a spacious ground at the side of the mountain where Michael was able to lure them to, while Amanda and Viper took that chance to take out the Hunters at their camp earlier.

\"Kuhahaha! This is awesome! Kill them all!\" Viper started laughing while his crossbow continued to shoot arrows after arrows towards the bandits around him.

\"Randy! The Boss, now!\" Michael yelled as he continued to dodge the attacks of the bandits trying to kill him.

\"Okay! Captain, I'll leave these bastards to you!\" Viper said towards the bulky man holding an ax just five meters away from him.

\"Go! My boys and I will handle this group of ungrateful as*holes! After we're done here, we'll immediately lend a hand in dealing with that bastard!\" the armored bulky man shouted with a laugh as he slashed his ax forward, sending three people flying in the air.

\"Drinks will be on me after this!\" Viper yelled with his back facing them as he quickly charged through behind enemy lines with Michael and Amanda.


Along with their invigorated shout, something like a green aura started covering their bodies.

\"Sh-shit! Run! These people aren't the soldiers of the Earl! They...they are the Duke's Blood Guards!\" a terrified bandit shouted in fear when he recognized the aura around those twenty soldiers.

These twenty soldiers that have been keeping on eye on this group of rebels are not the Earl's soldiers, but they were instead part of the Duke's personal guards called, Blood Guards.

Of course, the first batch of soldiers that were stationed here was the Earl's soldiers before they were secretly replaced by the members of the Blood Guards.

The only reason they haven't ascended the mountain and subjugated these rebels is because of the rocky terrain of the mountain and along with the skilled hunters of the rebels that are keeping a lookout around their territory, especially towards the twenty soldiers who were assigned to watch the rebels.

And just as they were about to request more help from the Duke, the appearance of Michael, Amanda, and Viper came just in time, so they instead opted to ask for their help in eliminating these rebels.

\"That's the BOSS!\" Viper excitedly yelled when he saw the BOSS standing in front of the walled gate of the bandit's hideout while wearing a hideous look on his face, and on his hand is a saber with worm-like lines engraved along both sides of the blade.

\"Death to all invaders!\"

The BOSS suddenly bellowed when he spotted Michael and the rest.

[Level: 40] [Rebel Leader Van'er]

\"Invader my as*!\" Michael yelled back with a laugh.

\"Just like we planned before this! The bastard is over five levels higher than us, so we need to be careful in dealing with him. We only need to stall as much time as possible until the Captain and the rest are finished in taking care of the remnant rebels!\"


Amanda and Viper answered back with a yell, and the latter quickly broke off from them as he ran towards the left side, while Michael and Amanda kept charging towards the Boss who is also heading towards them with a ferocious look on his face, and at the same time, Michael and Amanda also summoned their respected pets to help them with the battle.



Michael pulled the war hammer on his back and jumped towards the BOSS with his weapon raised above his head as he slammed the hammer down towards the BOSS' head.


But the BOSS just calmy raised his weapon and blocked Michael's attack, and because of the collision of their weapons, Michael was blasted backward as he quickly somersaulted in the air and landed on the ground while his war hammer shined and disappeared as it was sent back into his [Storage].

At the same time that Michael was blasted backward, Amanda also took this opportunity to attack the BOSS from the right, as she slashed her sickle upwards towards the BOSS, while the latter hurriedly blocked her attack, but because of that, a bolt of arrow came striking the back of his head followed by a bolt of black lightning that struck his face which made the boss stumble forward towards Amanda who hurriedly cast a skill and appeared from a distance.


\"Haha! Come, big guy!\" Viper laughed when he saw that the aggro suddenly switched towards him as Van'er brandished his weapon and angrily charged towards him like an angry bull.


Amanda's pet wolf suddenly howled towards the skies, and three of them including the jade rabbit received a buff that reduces the defenses and attack of their enemies by 15% and 10% respectively.

Michael hurriedly took out his sword from his [Storage] and his silhouette flickered and quickly appeared just above the BOSS as he brandished his weapons towards the BOSS' neck.


\"Just keep running around and keep your distance!\" Michael yelled as he hurriedly rolled to the side as a huge shadow descended from above and struck where he was earlier.

\"[Soul Crash]!\"

Amanda quickly followed after Michael as she leaped out and a huge shadowy figure appeared behind her who was also holding a scythe on one of its hands, and Amanda quickly slashed her weapon towards the boss where the shadow also mimicked her movements and following that, a two-meter long energy made of mana in the shaped of a crescent moon similar to a Wind Blade appeared, but this one is covered in reddish-black in color and it went crashing towards the BOSS.


Amanda's attack was surprisingly powerful that it even sent the BOSS rolling backward before slamming on a huge boulder.

But on the other, that attack sure was powerful but it also consumed over half of Amanda's mana as she started panting hard while leaning on her weapon with a smile on her face.

'This is fun!'

'This is tiring, I hope the others are already done with their side and help us with this BOSS'

'I wonder what items will the BOSS drop after we kill him? A pair of boots would be really awesome, but a lot of gold would be even better!'

All of them are certainly having fun, but the three of them certainly have different thoughts currently running through their minds.


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