Fate Online: Shadow
231 Six Sages
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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231 Six Sages


Solitary Tempest said as she was the first one to get down from the carriage, followed by Michael, Viper then Davon.

"I'm Earl Desmond, and welcome to my humble abode honored guest!"

A fat middle age man came down the stairs from the front door of the mansion with a huge smile on his face, and his arms spread wide open in a welcoming gesture.

"I have been waiting for your group's arrival since yesterday when I received a letter from the Duke"

The Earl stood before them, and Michael and the other two took off their hoods and their mask slowly as it would pretty rude if they hide their faces in front of an influential noble.

After taking off their masks, Michael and Amanda curiously turned towards each other...and then they just looked at each other...as their eyes slowly grew wide in shock and disbelief as they can't f*cking believe what they are seeing right now.

"F*ck! Amanda!?"


"What the f*ck!? It's actually you girly!"

And then, they suddenly cursing at each other when their minds finally registered who each other was, and they started making a fuss in front of a confused group of people.

"Why the f*ck are you here Michael?"

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that!? It was actually you all along, and you even tried me to kill me multiple times!"

"Ha! I didn't expect that the jerk was actually you all along!"

"Tsk! This woman...the nerve! You were the one who had been constantly trying to kill me before, and you have the nerve to call me a jerk!?"

And on the other hand, the Earl, his family and the people around them didn't expect to see the scene in front of them, where every one of them actually started cursing at each other in Earl Desmond's presence.

"My apologies Earl Bolden, it seems my two companions had suddenly come into a huge misunderstanding. I am Viper, and its a pleasure to meet you" Viper ignored Michael and Amanda, and instead made his way over towards the dumbfounded noble and started making small talks with him.

"Did you just freaking attacked me! I will f*cking kill you, woman!"

"Oh yeah!? Bring it, you freaking jerk! Let's settle our scores right here, right now!"

"Please just ignore them, they will sort it out later," Viper said to Earl Boden, his face looking really sincere and mischievous, and at the same time, he sneakily opened the camera and started recording the scene in front of him.

"Sure~, but they really won't kill each other, right?" Early Boden said as he sounded not really sure, especially the moment that he saw Michael and Amanda's appearances. It was because he quickly recognized who they were from the intelligence reports that he read before from a couple of days ago.

"Yes, they won't. Please believe me, and how about we just go inside and have some tea and snack, or instead, would you like to watch them have a go at it?" Viper smiled, as his eyes suddenly flashed with a mischievous glint.

Earl Desmond's eyes quickly lit up in excitement when he heard Viper's last proposal, then he turned towards him with a huge smile on his face and said, "That's a great idea, to watch them have a spar against each other would be a great honor to me and my family"


Viper suddenly didn't know what to say, and he looked a bit flustered as he wasn't expecting that kind of an answer from the Earl, especially when his tone suddenly turned very respectful and friendlier than when he first saw them.

"Quick, bring out some chairs for us" Earl Desmond quickly ordered his servants, while his wife and two children along with Davon just looked at Earl Desmond, Michael, and Amanda in confusion as they couldn't understand what is happening right now.

The servants quickly took out multiple chairs from inside the house, where they quickly placed it at the edge of a circular paved pathway. Earl Desmond took the middle seat, while his beautiful black haired wife called Abigail sat on his right, with their fifteen-year-old son sitting on her right.

And Viper shamelessly sat beside on the chair on the left of the Earl, as they started watching Michael and Amanda go at it at the spacious and grassy front yard at the side.

"Dear father, why are we watching them?" a little girl around seven years old said as she climbed on Earl Desmond's lap and sat on it while curiously looking at Micheal and Amanda who already started fighting with each other with no reason at all.

"Its something good dear," Desmond said with a smile as he lovingly patted his daughter's head, then he leaned his body forward for a bit and turned towards his son and said, "Son, you better watch them carefully. You might learn a thing or two from them, after all, they are disciples of two of the six sages"

"For real father!? I'm a huge fan of them, especially the Dragon Master!" exclaimed the Earl's son, whose boring expression quickly disappeared and started to intently watch the two people fighting.

"Dear, are they really disciples of those powerful people?" Abigail turned towards her husband and asked in excitement. After all, she would be able to brag to her friends who are also nobility that these prestigious people had visited their household.

"Of course!"

"Then why didn't you personally picked them up and sent Davon instead? What would happen if that offended them for some reason?" Abigail said in a low voice.

"I didn't know! I thought they were just some important guests of the Duke, and if I knew, then I would have certainly gone and picked them up myself" Earl Desmond's said in a loud voice until his voice slowly feebled under his wife's glare.


'Just what the f*ck is happening!?'

'Who the hell are the six sages to begin with!? Someone tell me! It certainly sounds amazing just from the reaction of the Earl and his family!'

Viper is screaming in his mind, as he just continued to watch the excited Earl family with a dumbfounded look on his face, even Davon who is standing on the side suddenly became pale as he started thinking to himself if there was instance earlier that he could have offended their group.

'F*ck, that Michael surely got a huge backing in this game!'

Viper stood and slowly stood beside the pale-faced Davon, he leaned towards him and whispered, "Hey, who are the six sages that the Earl is talking about?"

Davon turned towards him with a disbelieving expression on his face and said, "You...you haven't heard about them?"

Viper scoffed in annoyance and said, "I wouldn't be asking about it if I knew, right?"

Davon coughed in embarrassment and then started telling him who they are, "They are the most powerful people in the continent, and they saved this continent five hundred years ago from the invasion of the Sea Race along with the thousands upon thousands of unknown heroes who fought with them during that war…"

A couple of minutes later, he is now standing beside Davon inside the Earl's living room with an embarrassed Michael and Amanda sitting on the sofa, who clearly looked uncomfortable right now, especially with what happened earlier.

"Oh, shit really? They are that powerful that even emperors and kings have to be respectful of them?" Viper put one of his hands over his mouth and looked really shocked after Davon's lengthy story.


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