Fate Online: Shadow
225 The Deadly Cheeseburger
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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225 The Deadly Cheeseburger

Michael had just left the mansion after handing over the Wican to Robin, and he's currently at a fast-food restaurant with a big M..on it.

"How delicious-looking" Michael licked his lips as he stared at the cheeseburger in his hands with hunger in his eyes.


Michael was just about to have a bite on it when someone rudely bumped onto his shoulder, and the burger in his hands fell on the floor because of it.

Michael stared at the burger on the floor with his mouth open in disbelief and shock.

Then he abruptly stood up from his seat which startled some of the other customers near him as they turned their heads towards him.

Michael ignored them and angrily walked towards the person who cost him his burger.


He growled angrily, and he grabbed the man's shoulder and made him turn towards him.

"What's with you man!?" the guy who is around Michael's age angrily said to him, while the man's companions snickered.

"Do you see that?" Michael just narrowed his eyes and pointed at the burger on the floor, whose "life" was just snuffed out because of the guy in front of Michael.

"Yeah, it's a burger. So what?"

The guy laughed along with his friends, and what's currently happening between these two people slowly attracted the attention of some of the customers, even some of the employees, and the guard who are looking at them with a worried look on their faces.

"So..what? You bumped into me, causing it to fall from my hands. I want you to pay for it and get me another cheeseburger, or else..." Michael coldly grinned and didn't continue.

The guy and his other two friends looked at each other before they started laughing at themselves.

"Do you hear this guy? What an idiot!"

"Is he seriously asking us to pay for his stupid burger?"

"He probably doesn't know who we are man, or else he'd shitting his pants by now!"


Then the guy in question arrogantly stood before Michael and started fixing the collar of Michael's clothes, then he leaned in and whispered in Michael's ear.

"Or else..what?"

Hearing him, a smile slowly crept on Michael's lips.

"Let's go outside and I'll show you"

Michael said, and invited them to go out as he didn't want to implicate or trouble the people working here at the fast-food restaurant, and so he turned around and made his way towards the exit.

The guard opened the door for him, and just when Michael was about to step outside, he heard the guard whisper to him.

"Don't do it, young man, these three people are trouble. It's just a burger, let it go. How about I buy you another one instead and forget about this?"

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing"

Michael replied with a smile and stepped outside, and made his way towards a vacant parking slot, then the other three soon followed after Michael.

Then some of the customers who could smell that a fight is about to go down slowly left their seats and excitedly made their way outside, and watched Michael confront the three guys just outside the entrance of the restaurant.

"Does that dude don't know who those three are?" a young lady said to the young man beside her.

"It's probably someone from another city, that's why he doesn't know who they are and acting recklessly like this" the young man beside her replied.

Then the young man turned towards the girl who was somewhat good looking, as his eyes lit up  and said, "Hi, I'm Max, and you are?"

"Rachel, nice to meet you" the young woman smiled and both of them shook each other hands.

The others around them, especially the young guys felt envious about the guy, but they quickly forgot about it when they saw that the fight had already started.

"Holy shit!"

Three minutes earlier.

"Do you even know who we are man?"

The three men laughed at Michael, looking at him like he was some kind of an idiot for trying to pick a fight with them just because of a burger.

"I don't care who the heck you three are, because you probably won't even remember your names after I beat the shit out of you three if you don't get me a new cheeseburger"

Michael is really feeling annoyed right now because he was just a having great mood today after he had gotten rid of an annoying bug, but then his day that was supposed to go great was destroyed because some idiot...bumped into him and didn't even apologize.

"Oh my god, I've never seen such an idiot like you! Do you even have eyes? There's three of us, while there's only you!" the young man walked before Michael and started poking his chest while arrogantly saying those words in front of Michael's face.

"Ahhh! Let go! It hurts!"

Michael's patience finally reached its limit, and his right hand suddenly flashed before him as he grabbed the finger of the young man that kept poking him on his chest and bent it upwards, causing the young man to slowly kneel on the ground and started screaming in pain like a girl.

"Are you going to get me a cheeseburger or...not?" Michael grinned like a devil, but the young man before him just ignored what he said and yelled towards his companions behind him.

"Gahh! What are you two still doing standing...over there for!? Beat..him up!"

The two men were roused from shock when they heard him yelling at them, and the two men nodded at each other and dashed towards Michael at the same time, and sent a straight punch towards his face.

Michael looked boringly at the two attacks heading towards his face.

"Eat shit, bastard!"


Just as two first was about to hit his face, Michael abruptly bent his upper body backward while letting go of the finger that he was holding in his hand, and the two attacks just flew past over his face.

Michael thoroughly bent his body like a gymnast as he planted his hands on the ground and flipped his body over, and on the process of it, his two feet hit the chins of his two attackers, which quickly knocked the daylights out of them.

"Your turn"

Michael grinned and looked at the remaining person in front of him as he slowly stood up from the ground while he dusted his hands off, and then he started walking towards the young man who slowly crawled backward in fear.

"You..don't come over! Do you even know who we...we are!? I'm.."


Michael didn't give the guy a chance to finish his sentence and punched him on the face.


Michael grabbed the young man's collar and pulled him near his face and said, "Are you going to buy me a cheeseburger now?"

"F*ck..you. You're dead after this...bastard" the young man who now had bloodied nose and mouth just cursed at Michael and laughed.


Michael just slapped him on his face with his left hand, which surprisingly knocked the guy unconscious.

"Holy shit!"

Some of the people watching them exclaimed in amazement.

After all, the fight didn't even last for ten seconds before it was over!


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