Fate Online: Shadow
224 Imminent Clash
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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224 Imminent Clash


Michael sneezed just as he arrived at the mansion.

"Someone is probably talking bad about me, what an asshole"

Michael made his way inside the mansion after putting on the passcode on the door.

"Hello? Anybody home?" Michael called out the moment he got inside the house.

"Guess, they are all probably busy playing the game," Micheal said as he shrugged off his shoulders and made his way into the kitchen after putting down the guitar case leaning at the back of the sofa.

Michael opened the huge fridge before him and started browsing through the things inside.

"Ohh sweet, pasta. My favorite" Michae said when his eyes landed on the transparent Tupperware with pasta inside.


"The Revenants? They are targetting our Kunlun Guild again?"

A man around the late twenties with a slick back hairstyle looked at the people sitting at both sides of the long table before him.

He is Okhoron, the Guild Leader of the entire Kunlun Guild, the owner of the Kunlun Company and the sole heir of Dhami Group.

"Yes, the branch leader of Strovan, Pharso, Dhurbin, Zendor, and Turkan Kingdoms have been ambushed and killed at least twice now," said a white-haired man sitting on his right while reading the report in his hand.

"What about the others?" Orkhon said.

"Blackskull and Illusionaire are also getting some of their members attacked, but this time, we've gotten it worst than Blackskull before, where their members had only been harassed by the Revenants in the Sharval Kingdom" another guy replied to his question.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The man called Okhoron started tapping his index finger on the table while the people inside the room just looked at him and waited for his decision which would decide the next course of action for the entire Kunlun Guild.

Ten seconds later, Orkhon seems to have reached a decision in his mind.

"Arrange a meeting with the other two Guild Leaders. I want to talk to them"

"Yes, sir!"

"This meeting is over"

After that, the people inside the meeting room slowly left one by one, leaving Orkhon alone in the room, with a look of disdain and wariness in his eyes.

"Revenants huh? Just another group of ants trying to go against a behemoth, but at least this time, the game wouldn't be so boring now"

Half an hour later.

"You wanted to talk to us?"

Two holographic screens of two young men appeared over the table before Orkhon.

They were precisely the Guild Leaders of Blackskull and Illusionaire Guild. Respectively, Dustin who has an annoyed look on his face and Sinclaire, who is just staring at Okhoron with a calm gaze.

"Yes, I do have something which I want to hear your opinions about it" Okhoron replied with a calm look on his face.

"Spit it out, I don't much time to entertain you, as I and my guild still have matters to attend to after this" Dustin said, while his fingers tapped rhythmically at the table before him.

"Is this about the Revenants killing your branch leaders?"

Okhoron was just about to say something when Sinclaire who had been silent until now finally opened his mouth.

"Yes, it is about them" Okhoron replied with all seriousness, and hearing that it's about those people who had been causing trouble to Okhoron's guild lately, Dustin shut his mouth immediately, realizing that what they are about to talk about is very important, which could immediately change the flow of the game world that has been somewhat peaceful as of late.

"And I want them gone"

Ohkoron's eyes turned cold after he said those words.

"Gone? Our people can't even kill them and their skills don't lose out to the skills of the Shadow King, maybe even better than him! Don't forget that I once died at the hands of that bastard, Black Sparrow!" Dustin laughed mockingly in anger like he had just heard the biggest joke in his life.

"What Dustin said is right, those people are hard to deal with normal means, but what if..."

Sinclaire said as he intertwined his fingers and brought it close to his mouth.

"We put a bounty in their heads and have almost the entire player base looking for their heads! I don't believe that they would still be able to properly play the game when almost everyone wants to kill them"

Sinclaire cut off Okhoron and said what the latter was trying to say to the two of them.

"Exactly!" Okhoron said in approval.

"Wait..we're the gonna force them to quit the game? Just like the old days, huh?"

Dustin said as he started chuckling.

"If we do that, we still need to make sure to be wary of them. After all, a cornered rat would still fight back...even when death is already imminent"

Then the three of them started laughing coldly by themselves.

After all, the members of Revenants had been an eyesore to them since day one as they seem to be only targetting their three guilds, while the other two guild alliances are still unscathed.

"But we also have one problem if we go with our plan," Sinclaire said.

"And that is?" Dustin raised an eyebrow and asked.

"The response of the other two guild alliance, I'm pretty sure that those two bastards certainly has a hand in this. After all, we also tried to hire the services of the Revenants before, but we had always been rejected by them" Okhoron said.

"So what? Then we'll just wage war against whoever first step forward to stop us!" Dustin arrogantly said as he seems to not even put the other six guild leaders in his eyes.

Sinclaire and Okhoron just rolled their eyes at the stupidity of Dustin, as both of them knew that waging a war is not easy, especially not this early into the game when everyone is still trying to explore around the game.

Both of them really wonder how this asshole could even become a guild leader of one of the strongest guilds in the gaming scene.


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