Fate Online: Shadow
222 Shut up, old man!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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222 Shut up, old man!

At the edge of the Commoner's District in the huge Town of Ugrul.

Inside an abandoned-looking house with a medium-size tree planted at the side of its front yard and a small garden on the side of the house, with some vegetable looking plants growing on it.

And stuck on the side of the door is a flag with a rose surrounded by flames printed in the middle of it, as it softly fluttered along with the wind.

This abandoned-looking house is the current guild residence of the Flame Rose Guild.


Suddenly, tens of voices reverberated from inside the small one-story house.

"Not only did we upgrade our guild from Iron to Bronze rank, Fradin even got assassinated by a member from Revenants, like what are the odds!?" a Priestess said with a joyous laugh.

"Yeah, but those people from Revenants are really ferocious. Their number doesn't even exceed ten, but every single one of them is so scary that even those top players have started to become wary of them" a bald-headed player in monk robes and armed with a pair of gauntlets said.

"Of course, even those nine major guilds can't catch or even kill one of them! Sometimes, I really doubt that they are players and instead are GMs!" Miya said with a smile on her face.

"Or even hackers, you say!" Minerva laughed.

"That self-proclaimed Shadow King is probably wetting his pants by now! Hahaha!" Maverick said.

Everyone is celebrating their success, they didn't even care how much the Promotion Order Token would have been sold for if they had decided to auction it instead of using it to rank up their guild.

For them, the fame that their guild had obtained from this would certainly be enticing to some independent players to join them!

And besides, their guild also received some plentiful rewards for being the first guild to be promoted to the next rank.

Being one of those is that they received immunity for seven days real-time or fourteen days in-game time, where other players can't attack or kill the current members of the guild, and this is really a huge advantage for them towards the other players as they wouldn't be afraid of getting Pked anymore and they can just go out there and raise their levels without any worries from enemy players during those seven days.

"Hey Dylan, what are you thinking over there?" Maverick whispered and nudged Dylan with his elbow when he noticed that his friend seems to be deep in thought.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Uhh...what?" Dylan was a bit startled.

"Are you okay bro? You seem to be deep in thought over earlier" Maverick asked.

Dylan just laughed and said in a whisper, "I'm just thinking that our guild doesn't have a proper Assassin that would lead the others, which worries me. You know how important they are, especially when get ourselves ambushed or raiding a boss"

"Come on, do you think everyone is Shadow?" Maverick rolled his eyes at him.

Dylan just laughed and didn't say anything anymore in reply, but he had already made a decision to ask Michael if he's interested in joining their guild, Flame Rose.

One o'clock in the early morning.

Michael had just gotten off of the game a couple of minutes ago when the news about Flame Rose Guild broke.

"Flame Rose Guild? Isn't that the guild that Dylan is part of? Interestingly, I heard from Tina that her brother is asking her to join them" Michael tilted his head when he read the news.

Then he shrugged off his shoulders and continued scrolling through the items posted in the Trading Site.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Michae's phone suddenly vibrated, and when he looked over, he saw that there's a new message for him.

And when he opened it, he saw that it came from one of his informants in the streets that he managed to get acquainted with, and right now, he had just sent the information that Michael was looking for.

The message goes...

[Zebran International Hotel, Presidential Suite]

Michael closed the phone, and his eyes turned chilly at that moment.

"It seems...I would be a bit busy later today"

"It would be someone's death anniversary, around this time of the year"

Michael smiled coldly, then his expression quickly turned back to normal as he once again turned his attention back to the laptop in front of him.

"Slime Dagger? The heck, an item like this even exist?"

"Is it a gooey dagger or something?"

A couple of hours later, eight o'clock in the morning.

"Michael! Breakfast is ready son!"

The voice of Alice came yelling from the living room.


Michael came out of his room and quickly made his way over to the dining room, and passed by Tom who's in the living room and watching some news about Fate Online on the TV.

"Oh right Michael, the news said that the game is shutting down for an hour starting from 9 AM to 10 AM today for a short update," Tom said while snacking on his breakfast.

Michael halted in his steps and looked at Tom, and said, "What? Again? They just had an update a week ago"

Tom's face twitched when he heard his reply, and then he said, "Don't ask me, ask them about it"

Alice just smiled at the two and said to Michael, "Son, come and have breakfast"

Michael made his way over to the dining table and sat down in one of the chairs, and started putting eggs and bread onto his plate.

"Going out today?" Alice said as she took a bite off of her bread.

Michael, who's wearing a suit today stuffed a mouthful in his mouth, and then said, "Yeah, need to meet someone later"

"Is it Amanda?" Alice suddenly smiled when she remembered her.

"Not really, it's a friend that I'm meeting with today mom, not Amanda" Michael just helplessly laughed, as he knows that Alice seemed to have taken a liking to Amanda ever since that incident with Jin.

"You should really bring her home to see me" Alice looked at Michael intently and seriously said.

"Mom, you already know...that we are not a thing...yet"

Michael didn't know why, but he suddenly felt embarrassed about saying it.


"Shut up, old man!"


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