Fate Online: Shadow
221 Black Genesis
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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221 Black Genesis


[Congratulation to Flame Rose Guild for the being the first guild to be promoted to Bronze level!]

[Congratulation to Flame Rose Guild for the being the first guild to be promoted to Bronze level!]

[Congratulation to Flame Rose Guild for the being the first guild to be promoted to Bronze level!]

A string of system announcements rocked the gaming world, thoroughly shocking the masses!

It was because no one has any clue of who the heck this Flame Rose Guild is!

"Guild Promotion!? Flame Rose Guild!? Who are they!?"

"Oh my god! An unknown guild actually managed to upgrade their Guild before the nine overlords of the gaming world!"

This string of system announcements thoroughly caused a huge ruckus that high ranking officials of the big guilds scrambled to get any information about this once unknown guild called Flame Rose.



"Flame Rose...Guild!"

The guild leader of the Kunlun Guild in the Strovan Kingdom angrily slapped the table in front of him.

"How...how could you guys lost to them!? F*ck!" the player called Fradin angrily yelled at the players standing before him with their heads lowered in shame.

These group players were the thirty players that got counter ambushed by the members of Flame Rose Guild, causing a not so small loss on their side, but what made this branch guild leader green in anger is that they didn't even manage to get their hands on that Promotion Order Token, and was instead taken and used by an unknown guild that could only be considered as an ant before them.


Then suddenly from out of nowhere, a person garbed in almost all black, with his or her face hidden by a black mask that hides half of this person's face appeared behind the sitting Fradin.

"Leader! Behind you!"

"Boss, watch out!"

The players tried to warn Fradin, but it was already too late for the man to defend from his assailant!

The Assassin had quickly struck the head of the undefended Fradin, which quickly depleted all of his health, killing him in a single blow!


"Kill that person! Avenge the leader!"

Everyone's eyes turned bloodred when they witnessed the death of their guild leader, but at the same time, they were also shocked by how this person managed to sneak inside their guild residence without the players outside of this room noticing this player


Everyone quickly brandished their weapons or magic spells and attacked the Assassin and threw their own attacks in the direction of this intruder.

"Please don't be offended! Someone wanted your leader's life! Remember, I'm Black Genesis from Revenants!"

But the Assassin just calmly looked at them and laughed as he jumped backward and dodge of all their attacks, and disappeared on his back through the wall, phasing through the solid object like a ghost.


The attacks landed at Black Genesis earlier position, resulting in a huge [Miss] to pop out in the air.

"What...what happened!?"

The players outside the room came barging in when they heard the commotion inside.

"Of course something happened! Black Genesis...just assassinated the Boss!" a Hunter yelled at them in anger.

"F*ck, the person even escaped! Dammit!" a Barbarian said, as he slowly stood up from the spot that he had attacked.

"Are they really not using a bug!? How could he even bypass the traps outside without even triggering at least one of them or sentinels stationed around the residence without alerting them!?"

"How did that person even passed through the freaking wall!? Can anyone freaking tell me!" Silver Sun was literally yelling anger, feeling like his lungs are about to burst out from rage and humiliation!

"That's not the point here! The guild leader died and Black Genesis from Revenants had just killed the boss! Meaning, one of our enemies hired him to kill the leader! Do you know what this f*cking means!? It means someone finally ran out of patience and hired someone from Revenants to attack us, and this might not even be the last time that they would!" a certain Priest called Bers said with a grim tone as he swept the players before him with his eyes.


Everyone couldn't help but curse in anger, and at the same time, they were hoping that this attack on them would only happen once, and not twice or else it would seriously disrupt their leveling speed knowing that these mad Assassins are lurking in the dark waiting to pounce on them in a moment notice.


Black Genesis, or more commonly known to his friends as Genesis successfully escaped from the guild residence of Kunlun Guild, using a unique skill that he acquired called [Ghost Walk].

It's a superb skill that lets him phase through solid matter without any harm in the span of only five seconds, but on the downside, this particular skill has a long cooldown of one hour.

A couple of minutes later, a shadow arrived in an alleyway, revealing the figure of Genesis as he came closer to the main street.

[One part of the request is done] Genesis sent someone a message.

And not even three seconds later, a player called Alpha replied, [Awesome, two more to go!]

[Of course, and as agreed upon, I will be sending you the items that he had dropped just now] Genesis said.

[Cool! You, people, don't really disappoint!] replied Alpha, sounding really amazed at the fact that this person could assassinate such a capable figure with ease.

[Of course] Genesis said with a cold grin on his face.

Just as he was about to step foot on the main street, his current attire suddenly disappeared and was replaced by the common clothing of the NPCs in this world, before he blended into the crowd and disappeared.

The death of Fradin quickly spread throughout the Strovan Kingdom and even to the neighboring kingdoms.

No one would have really cared even if he died, but the circumstances this time was different as he died under the hands of Black Genesis, a notorious Assassin whose skills don't lose out to those powerful players in the Top 20 of the Player Rankings!

And any news regarding these notorious group of assassins are always a feast to those gossipy players.


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