Fate Online: Shadow
220 Flame Rose Guild
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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220 Flame Rose Guild

Dylan didn't even try to look back as he knew that they would able to catch to him in a minute now.


He quickly took out a mana potion and drank it.

"If only we had a proper Assassin with us then we wouldn't have been ambushed by those bastards" Dylan groaned in anger.

Their guild is called Flame Rose has been butting heads with this branch of Kunlun Guild in the Strovan Kingdom, a kingdom just south of Sharval Kingdom.

"If only Michael was here, then we wouldn't be in this much trouble with them"

It's not their current Assassin is not skillful enough, but his skills are just not up to par with Michael, he was even the first one to die earlier instead of being the last one to die or should at least be the survivor among their team as they have more escaping skills.

The Flame Rose Guild is just a small guild of one hundred or so players, their guild would have disbanded by now if they weren't allied with one small and one medium-sized guild who are also enemies of the Strovan Kingdom, Kunlun Guild.

Suddenly, his hand that was holding his staff glowed, and he suddenly disappeared and appeared twenty more meters forward, creating more distance between him and his pursuers.

Dylan opened their team channel and said, [Are you guys ready?]

[Everything is ready] Minerva said.

[The trap is all set] Miya replied.

[You're the only one we're waiting for, make sure you don't die on the way] replied Maverick.

A minute later, a shadow came rushing towards a hole at the side of the mountain and entered it, and thirty seconds later followed by multiple shadows emitting killing intent as they chased after Dylan, and their leader was following behind them with eyes filled with hostility and anger.

Every one of the players from the Kunlun guild had facial features of Eastern descent, that's the reason why their guild was called Kunlun, as the name is a place of myth in their home country.

[Everyone ready!?]

Dylan suddenly sent those words through the guild channel as he arrived before a huge cavern, with roughly a hundred players wearing their guild insignia, a rose surrounded by flames tattoed on the side of their shoulders.

All of them are positioned on the top side of the cavern, where they have a good vantage point for the people that would enter this cavern after Dylan.


An excited warcry was their only reply in the guild channel.

Dylan smiled and quickly used [Blink] and appeared beside Minerva.

In fact, Dylan and his team earlier was just acting out and trying to bait the people from Kunlun, they didn't just expect that their Assassin was so dumb that it cost them the last hit on the [Boss} monster earlier and even losing a couple of items from its loots.

And a few seconds later, a group of players no lesser than thirty came surging inside the cavern.


Minerva yelled, and arrows, magic spells, and whatnot came flying towards the dumbfounded members of Kunlun Guild.

"De..defensive spells! Quickly!"

The team leader of this team of Kunlun called Silver Sun yelled at his team members in panic.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Multiple attacks landed on them, some managed to dodge while some executed defensive measures, but at least half of them died from the attacks because they were late to realize that they had just f*cked up!

"Get down and f*ck these bastards up!" Maverick yelled in excitement as he jumped down from his position and charged towards the remaining members of Kunlun Guild, following behind and beside him are the other close-combat players, who roared in excitement and indignation.

They were filled with indignation because they have been hunted down a couple of times by the members of Kunlun during the past couple of days, where they hardly managed to avenge themselves.

And with a golden opportunity presented before them, how could they not feel excited and indignant at the same time?


"Kill these bastards and loot their items after!"

Silver Sun grew red in anger when he heard them, "Tanks! Defensive formation around us!"

The remaining five tanks quickly surrounded them and formed a defensive formation by activating one of their skills called [Bulwark].


A spell that creates a three-meter tall and two-meter wide transparent shield that would extend outwards from the shield of the user, which would negate any attacks for fifteen seconds.

Mana Cost: 100

Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Maverick and the others quickly stopped in their tracks when they saw that and instead slowly surrounded the members of Kunlun from a distance.

"Stay on guard, and wait for my command! Their shields wouldn't last long!"

Silver Sun looked at his enemies and growled in anger, "Dammit!"

He knew that he had f*cked up due to his overconfidence as he didn't expect that the people from Flame Rose would set up an ambush inside this cave, and the most annoying thing for him is that he actually lost almost of his range players, causing them to be sitting ducks, where they can only defend, and can't even muster an attack as there are only two Hunters and a single Wizard remaining, which is him.

"Damn! Damn! Dammit!"

"Fufufu, you probably didn't expect this right, little Sunny?" Miya who is on priestess robe came walking over with a laugh.

"We came up with this ambush plan for an entire week, and now we're harvesting the fruits of our labor!"


Miya quickly issued the order to attack when the duration of their [Bulwark] ended.

"Flame Rose Guild...things aren't over yet..between us!"

Silver Sun yelled in anger, as all of them got drowned out from multiple attacks coming from different directions.


"We finally got our revenge on these bastards!"

"Quit dilly-dallying and get the loots! We need to get out of here fast, their reinforcements are probably already on their way here!"

"Right! Quickly!"

They quickly took the dropped loots on the ground, and immediately made their exit.


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