Fate Online: Shadow
211 Wickan
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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211 Wickan

"So, what do you need this time?" Robin led Michael at the very edge of the property, just in case the kids stumble upon the two of them and accidentally eavesdrop on their conversation.

Michael didn't immediately answer him as he gave a quick look around their surrounding before putting his attention back to Robin.

"I need something robust..precise"

Robin raised an eyebrow hearing those words from Michael.

"You stole that line from a famous movie, didn't you?"

Micheal just smiled and said with a laugh, "Yeah~ but it sounded cooler coming from me, right?"

Robin just sighed while shaking his head as he gestured for Michael to follow him inside. Both men entered through the backdoor of the house and made their way upstairs while multiple pairs of eyes followed the two of them.

"It seems Michael had gotten himself into trouble again," Miya said as he looked at Michael ascending the stairs.

"En, at most times that he's here, he'd be in huge trouble" Tony replied.

Summer looked at the two sisters in front of her and said, "Is he...a bad guy?"

Tony and Miya looked at each other and gave each other a knowing smile while thinking to themselves.

'Well, you can't really say that an Assassin is a bad guy, or a good guy either. After all, we did kill people for a living'

"Well, I think he's not that bad," Tony said to Summer while she ruffled the little girl's hair.

Hearing her, Summer's face lit up in joy and said, "So daddy wasn't lying then, he told me that Michael is a nice guy, and would buy me things if I'm a good girl!"

Tony and Miya laughed at what the little girl said, and Viper who is making dinner turned stiff for a second before he continued on his work, while Genesis and Circle who overheard the conversation between the ladies just chuckled.

And Michael, on the other hand, had somehow heard what Summer said, and he staggered forward with a stiff smile on his face while thinking.

'Damn that Viper, the heck is he been telling his stepdaughter?'

"I didn't know that you're a "nice" guy now" Robin threw a teasing look at Michael and chuckled heartily.

Michael gave him a helpless smile and said, "You of all people should know that we're not a group of "nice" folks"

Robin shrugged his shoulders and replied in a whisper, "Well, I do think I am. After all, I only took requests related to getting rid of corrupted officials or just nasty people before, and that also counts to everyone living in this house. I don't know about you though, have you killed someone innocent before?"

Michael looked at Robin, and his face quickly turned serious, "Only people who had the intention to harm anyone important to me, or has the intention to get rid of me"

Robin stared at Michael for a couple of seconds before his face broke into a smile and said, "Good"

Both men then arrived before Robin's room, and they went inside as Michael closed and locked the door after him.

Robin arrived before one of the walls inside his room and pressed something on the wall.


Then a soft rumbling sound started coming out from the wall before them, and the wall slowly flipped over to the other side, revealing a weapons rack where multiple weapons are placed in it.

Where there a couple of rifles and pistols displayed before their eyes.

Michael stared at it before a second before turning his head towards Robin and said, "This thing wasn't here before"

Hearing him, Robin just rolled his eyes and said, "What do you think happened then?"

Michael just snorted and started inspecting the weapons on the rack.

"This isn't what I wanted to show you," Robin said, as he once again pressed on the same spot of the wall, and the weapons rack shifted in the inner section, revealing another gun rack appeared.

But this time, there's only a single weapon placed on it.

"You wanted robust and precise, right?" Robin smiled widely when he saw the look of amazement on Michael's face, and then he went over and took out the weapon from the rack and handed it to Michael who subconsciously took it onto his hands.

"Isn't this the hybrid sniper rifle, Wickan?" Michael finally opened his mouth and started weighing the monster on his hands.

It was a robust sniper rifle, whose length is over two meters long and a barrel length of thirty-five inches, and its muzzle brake is an almost triangular shape similar to the once top of the line sniper rifle in the world, the Barret M82.

This sniper rifle could hold up to five cartridges and has an effective firing range of over three kilometers!

It's so powerful that it could even shoot down battle tanks, helicopters, and even fighter jets if the person using it is skilled enough!

Robin just smiled and patted the rifle and said, "Robust and precise, I think this is what you need right?"

Michael grinned like a devil and replied, "Indeed~"

Robin looked at the grinning Michael and couldn't help but thought to himself.

'I really wonder what this young man had experienced that the air around him is always so oppressive whenever he's like this'

"Tell me, who are you planning to get rid of this time?" asked Robin.

"Steve, of the House of Everton from the Kingdom of Angles" Michael answered as he handed the rifle back to Robin.

"What? You're planning to kill Volet's son?" Robin was a bit surprised as he took the rifle from Michael.

After all, the said person is somewhat popular among the masses around the world as a philanthropist.

"Uhmm.." Michael just nodded with a smile on his face.

Robin frowned then turned around and walked towards a closet and took out a guitar suitcase from it, and then he started to disassemble the rifle piece by piece.

"You do know that Princess Volet is a famous philanthropist, right? Killing her son would become an international matter" Robin said while busied himself on slowly and carefully disassembling the rifle.

"Philanthropist? More like a hypocrite to me, Hmmmpf!" Michael snorted in disgust.

Hearing him, Robin snorted with a laugh, then he closed the guitar case, and obviously with an electric guitar inside and under it is a hidden compartment where the pieces of the sniper rifle are placed at.

"Tsk, tsk! Just make sure that it's clean, alright? I'm already too old with all this shit"

"Sure thing, I work clean after all" Michael smiled and said.

Robin shook his head and said, "I really don't know what you have experienced for you to be already in this line of business while this young"

"You can't even imagine it, old man"

"Anyway, you already know where he's staying at, right?" Robin asked, as both men slowly exited the room, but Michael left the guitar case behind for the time being.

"It wouldn't be a problem for me to find him, probably almost everyone in the streets already knows what hotel he's staying at," Michael said, as both men slowly walked down the stairs.

"If you need any help, then don't hesitate to ask anyone of us" Robin whispered.

"I will" Michael replied back in a soft and sad tone.


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