Fate Online: Shadow
206 What do you want?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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206 What do you want?

"Do you always come here? It seems the staff here are very familiar with you?" Michael said while slicing the steak.

"Mmm, this place is actually owned by Jenny herself" Amanda nodded, as she slowly ate her meal.

"Ohh, she's really amazing for someone of her age. She already has quite a big business of her own" Michael laughed, while enjoying the food.

"Stop acting, you certainly know what kind of family she has" Amanda snorted at him.

Michael just laughed and said, "Well, can't say I don't know"

Amanda put her utensils down and looked at Michael and said seriously in a low voice that only two of them could hear.

"Michael, tell me. Just who the hell are you? Don't tell me that you're a nobody, even Jenny's father can't make Jin stay for a month in jail, and let his father stay in the passive position without him even trying to get his son out of jail"

Michael just shrugged his shoulders, and said, "I'm just a simple guy who's trying to pursue you. Well, you already know about that part"

"Yeah right, I'm not dumb you know. How will you explain coming out unscathed after what you did to Jin? Those people are like a pest that wouldn't easily let someone go no matter how small the grievances are. If you really want to pursue me then you should at least be honest about yourself"

Michael looked at her and thought, 'Wow, she's really stubborn huh? And did she just say admit that she knows that I'm pursuing her? It seems my chances are still high on getting her back if she's this interested in me'

"Well, I'm just a simple guy who knows how to fight a little bit, someone who has a somewhat well off parents, considering the fact that they own the popular Grey Gym in the city, and they also run a small apartment building, from where I'm currently living at"

'And they also have very rich relatives, considering the fact that I have also grown very curious about Alice and Tom ever since I saw her sister and brother-in-law'

Michael thought, but he didn't have any plans to tell Amanda that part.

"And about Jin, maybe some powerful family who hates them or even a political rival had taken this chance to bring them down, considering that this is a very good chance for them to oust Jin's father from his seat after Jin was accused of kidnapping you"

What Michael was telling her is the truth, as Jin's family is currently busy fending off their political rivals.

One of those is the Edyrem Alliance, which also has people in the government who are currently pressuring the political party that Jin's father is part of.

At the same time, Michael was sure of something, and that is someone or a group is moving in the shadows who are deliberately making it difficult for Jin and his family.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have any clue of who they are, even the people who are working for Genesis and the others haven't gotten anything about those people are, and Michael knows that they are not part of the Edyrem Group as those people wouldn't waste their time punishing Jin.

And the only clue that they have, is that those people or maybe it's just a single person who hates Jin to the core.

Hearing what he said, Amanda also thought about it and realized that Michael had a point.

'Was I mistaken then?' she thought, it was because she had asked Jenny to look into Michael before, and what Michael had said earlier also matched to the information that Jenny's men had gotten.

But she wasn't convinced of their findings, that's the reason why she had asked Michael out for an early lunch today because she wanted to hear it from the person himself, and she didn't expect that she would also hear the same thing from Michael.

But deep down inside her, she knows that there is more to Michael than what he's saying, it was because she could feel it in her bones!

Amanda just looked at him before continuing with her meal, while Michael just smiled at her and said, "Do you want to go and watch some movie after this?"

"We'll see, that is if there are any good movies" Amanda agreed, as this is a good chance to get to know Michael better.

"Oh there is, there's this horror-comedy movie that's really popular right now," Michael said with a huge grin on his face, it was because he knows that Amanda loves watching those kinds of movies that would get you scared and laughing at the same time.

Michael even thought that he saw Amanda's ears perked from the mention of a horror-comedy movie.

"What's the name of the movie?" Amanda was suddenly curious, it was because she hasn't been checking about movies lately since she started playing Fate Online.

"Tucker and Dale Vs Evil: Chapter 2," Michael said.

"Ohh, I like that movie! We should definitely go see it after this then," Amanda said, seemingly really excited about it.

It was because she really enjoyed watching the first part of that movie, and now she's really looking forward to this new one after hearing that it's already in theaters, and she didn't even know about it till now!

"Amanda? Is that you?"

Suddenly, a man's voice sounded from another corner of the restaurant, just beside the stairs leading to the first floor of the restaurant.

Both Amanda and Michael turned towards the direction of where the voice came from, and what they saw was a man with a buzz-cut hair, whose looks are around eight out of ten, and he has a muscular build, but he's certainly a couple of inches smaller than Michael.

"Wow! It really is you Amanda!"

The man exclaimed and quickly started walking over towards them, Michael didn't know the guy, but just watched him intently while Amanda narrowed her eyes when she saw the guy.

Michael looked at her but didn't say anything as he wanted to see what the man is up to.

"What do you want?"


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