Fate Online: Shadow
205 A date?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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205 A date?

"Where are we even going anyway? You never told me on the phone" Michael said.

"Just follow me" Amanda replied.

Michael shrugged his shoulders and followed beside her, and from time to time he would glance at her.


On a small island surrounded by the blue seas, a tall and magnificent building stood in the middle of the island, and the place around it looks likes a small metropolis with people moving to and fro around the streets.

And every one of them all had the crest of the company they are working for on the right chest of their clothes, which is a switch off logo with line branches inside of it, and at the end of those lines are small round circles.

It was the logo of the company, Mine Tech. Industries.

At the top floor of the majestic building stood two women as both of them gazed down at the scene below them through the wall made of bulletproof transparent glass.

"What's our next course of action? We have thoroughly made the Republican Party our enemy this time" the younger looking woman on the left asked, the matter sounded serious but her tone was clearly not someone who is worried at all.

Hearing him, the older looking woman just coldly grinned and said, "You're asking what happens now, right? I guess its time to show the world what we are truly capable of. This country needs cleansing, and we'll start first with the president. It's time he steps down for his own good"

The older woman turned to her left and said, "Tell K that its time"

The woman in question looked quite serious this time as she quickly realized that her sister is not messing around this time, and so she nodded with all seriousness.

"I will"

The woman left, leaving the older woman alone in the room.

This very familiar-looking woman gazed towards the horizon and muttered to herself.

"It's time for this sleeping dragon to awaken from its deep slumber"

"Hmmph! Just because we have been acting very low key for the past few years, a lot of people have already forgotten who we truly are"

"This time we're only making an example on one of them, so those monkeys don't forget what we're truly capable of!"


Michael and Amanda arrived at a simple but fancy looking restaurant, which is situated in the middle of the city.

And both of them quickly made their way towards the second floor of a building, where the building is surrounded by vines sticking on its walls, making it look old but refreshing at the same time.

"Looks fancy," Michael said while his eyes kept darting around, he might look like he was just an ignorant person from another persons' perspective, like a person who hasn't experienced a place like this with how he's acting, but Michael wasn't doing that, it was because he was actually taking notes of every corner of the place and the people inside it.

Especially places where it would be easier to escape in case something happens.


Michael raised an eyebrow when he noticed that all of the staff of this restaurant are actually people from War Angel.

'Well, it would be weirder if Amanda actually chose to go to a restaurant operated by the people from Black Skull'

Amanda quickly took to a table by the terrace of the restaurant that looks over on the beautiful trees and flowers below them.

"Hello Amanda, the usual?" a young woman around the same age as them came over and smiled at Amanda, and would from time to time glance at Michael.

"Yes, what about you?" Amanda nodded at the young man before turning her attention to Michael.

"I'll have whatever you're having" Michael smiled, as he really doesn't care what they're gonna be eating, he's just happy to spend time with her.

After that, the waitress left, and Amanda just kept staring at Michael seemingly wanting to say something. Michael felt a bit uncomfortable being stared at by her, like he owes her something huge.

It's that feeling when you're guilty because you can't pay your debt to your friend, from whom you only borrowed a twenty-dollar bill.


"Tell me, do we know each other from somewhere before?" Amanda said, as she really wanted to know if the two of them actually met each other before. It was because she can't get rid of the feeling about why she's always feeling relaxed and free whenever Michael is around her.

Michael tilted his head to the side and said, "Well...we have only met each other the first time back at Grey Gym when that Kevin kid was harassing you and Jenny"

"Really?" Amanda said while raising an eyebrow and not quite believing him, because she has this gut feeling that's telling her that the two of them are familiar with each other.

Sadly, she didn't have any proof that they had already met each other before, because, at the same time, she also doesn't have any recollection that they had already seen each other before all this.

After that, it was just silence between. Michael wanted to open his mouth and say something, but he suddenly didn't know what to say to her.

After all, "that" Amanda and "this" Amanda in front of him is different, where the former is already his wife, while the latter probably only considers him as an acquaintance or a friend right now.

"Sorry for the wait!"

Fortunately, the waitress from earlier along with another staff just came in the right time to break the awkward silence between the two.

The two staff slowly put their orders down on the table, which were two medium-rare steaks, two handfuls of fries and lastly, two cold lemon juice.



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