Fate Online: Shadow
199 Meeting her again
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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199 Meeting her again

"Awoo!" Viper raised his head towards the skies and howled like a wolf, and a burst of powerful wind erupted like a furious wave suddenly gushed out towards his surroundings with him in the center of it.

And those Grey Orcs that were in the vicinity of that attack suddenly halted in their tracks, like they were paralyzed from where they are standing.

Soul Shock

Issues a powerful howl that inflicts fear to the targets within the surrounding 20 meters.

Mana consumption: 100


Stuns the target(s) for two seconds, and lowers their defense by 10 points for sixty seconds.

"Those are some pretty neat skills," Michael said as he plunged his dagger on a Grey Orc while taking a glance at the rampaging Demon Hunter.

'But where the heck did this guy even meet a freaking Hell Hound? Did he went to hell or something?' Michael thought, curious at the creature that he had never seen so far into the game.

A few minutes later, Michael and VIper finally hunted down the horde of Grey Orcs till total annihilation.

Both of them quickly converged towards the direction where they had left Solitary Tempest, where the latter is already waiting for them in the middle of the road with her arms crossed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Hey~!" Michael didn't know what to say as he doesn't know if she would attack him again like a crazy woman like before when they first met each other, and only for a superficial reason that she can't quickly kill him.

"You know her?" Viper whispered beside Michael's ear.

"Yeah, she's that woman whom I was telling you guys about, that one who was relentless in trying to hunt me down" Michael whispered back.

"She's that woman? Wait, what was her name again?" Viper said when he suddenly remembered something that he seems to have forgotten.

"Solitary Tempest, why?" Michael whispered with a skeptical look on his face.

"Ohh, she's that huh?"

Solitary Tempest looked at the two men with a frown on her face, as she knows that the two men in front of her are clearly talking about her.

"Are you two done?" Solitary Tempest said as she took out a small baton from her waist where it slowly transformed into an over a meter in length death scythe!

Michael and Viper thought she would attack them, but Solitary Tempest put her weapon on her back.

"Why are you all the way out here?" Solitary Tempest said to Michael.

"Aren't I suppose to be the one asking you that? Because as far as I know, weren't you at the eastern part of the continent?" Michael said while shrugging his shoulders.

"You're really are as annoying as ever" Solitary Tempest snorted.

Viper just looked at the two people in front of him with a skeptical look on his face before shrugging his shoulders and summoned his mount and rode towards the direction of the Kingdom of Orvon.

Michael then ignored Solitary Tempest and quickly summoned his horse and followed after Viper.

Solitary Tempest felt a bit angry from being ignored and seems to be hesitating about something, but not even three seconds later, she also summoned her mount and quickly followed after Michael and Viper.

"Hey, wait up! I'm coming with you guys!"

When Michael heard the voice from behind them, he answered as he slowly turned his head behind him and said, "Why, are..y-you...what the heck?"

Michael almost choked on his words as his pair of eyes grew wide when he saw the beast that Solitary Tempest is riding on.

The beast that Solitary Tempest is on is a huge black horse whose appearance is somewhat similar to a Belgian Horse, with red flaming manes and horse hooves.

"What are you guys looking at?" Solitary Tempest snorted as she rode beside Michael.

"What kind of mount is that?" Michael said while looking up a bit to Solitary Tempest due to the difference in the height of their mounts.

Solitary Tempest looked at Michael, then at the common grade horse that he's riding on which could be found and bought in any city in the continent.

"Tsk, what a cheap mount you have. This is a Hell Flame Horse, my teacher gave it to me" Solitary Tempest said haughtily, realizing that she finally has an advantage over Shadow.

Michael just glared at her and didn't say anything as they just continued on the road in silence.

"Anyway, you haven't answered my question yet. How did you end up all the way up here like me?" Solitary Tempest broke the silence and asked Michael.

Michael turned his head towards her and said, "Some a**hole threw me all the way out here, what about you? Aren't you working with the guild, Golden Shield?"

"It was just a part-time work because I was bored at that time, and I just arrived here when you guys saw me being chased by that horde of Orcs as I got teleported in the middle of an undead camp because I triggered a trap while exploring a dungeon alone"

"Ohh..so you were also in the same circumstances? I also got here because I triggered a trap when I was exploring a dungeon with my team" Viper butted in when he heard that Solitary Tempest also suffered from the same situation as him.

"What dungeon were you guys exploring?" Solitary Tempest asked.

Viper thought for a second and said, "Undead Lair in Sharval Kingdom, you know that dungeon under the management of the royal family"

"Ohh? That's where I was also at before I ended up in this place" Solitary Tempest was amazed at the fact that the two of them actually ventured the same dungeon, and ended up at the same place.

"Anyway, what place are we in?"

"We're currently at Cympyr Dukedom, and the two of us are planning to head to Orvon Kingdom. Are you really coming with us on this trip? We're actually heading there because there's a teleportation platform at the Freya Church in their capital city"

Michael finally opened his mouth and said those words with a voice full of annoyance, and at the same time, he couldn't understand why he suddenly got the feeling of being annoyed at the fact that Solitary Tempest is talking with Viper when they clearly don't even know each other in the first place.

"Oh really? Then I'm coming with you guys then" said Solitary Tempest after hearing that they're headed for another place, but she didn't have any plans to go back with them as she already planned to stay in this part of the continent and develop more relationships with influential NPCs.

"That's great then, but the two of us will need to log off in half an hour as we have matters to attend to outside of the game," Viper said to her.

"Ohh, me too," Solitary Tempest said as she also needs to prepare herself because she's going out later to meet someone.

"Is it a guy?" Michael couldn't help but asked her.

Solitary Tempest turned her head towards Michael, and creased her eyebrows together and said, "What's that got to do with you?"

Michael just shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything.


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