Fate Online: Shadow
198 Beast Takeover
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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198 Beast Takeover

"F*ck! A monster horde!"

"To the trees! Now!"

Michael quickly shot his grappling hook towards the nearest tall tree within the vicinity, while Viper on the other hand quickly climbed the same tree skillfully like some sort of a spiderman.

"Wait, is that...Solitary Tempest? The heck is she doing all the way out here?" Michael murmured when he saw a familiar figure running away at the very front of the monster horde that's mostly filled with nasty-looking grey orcs!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Solitary Tempest is crazily running for her life as the horde of orcs behind her crazily chased after her while all of them roared in anger.

"Grey Orcs!" 

Viper eyes lit up immediately the moment he saw the monsters rushing from the opposite direction! It was because these particular groups of Orcs have dark affinities as they were once dead before a Necromancer or a Lich had resurrected them as an undead.

"Let's go down, and hunt them all!" Viper laughed as he quickly jumped down from the tree after taking off his cloak.

"Huh? F*ck!" Michael cursed when he saw what Viper had just done!

The horde of monsters are just around Level Twenty Five, but there's at least a hundred or more of them chasing after Solitary Tempest.

On the other hand, Solitary Tempest had just arrived at the road where Michael and Viper were at earlier and quickly noticed the middle-aged man that had just jumped down from a tree a few meters away in front of her.

"Huh?" Solitary Tempest was confused, as she thought that the man is clearly crazy!

After all, no one would be dumb enough to face a horde of monsters all by themselves, no matter how low the levels of the monster horde are! Especially when the levels of the Orcs on the horde aren't really that far from the levels of the current player base!

"Hell Hound!"

Viper yelled as a huge hound whose stature reaches his chest appeared. The monster was a pure black hound who looks like an oversized Doberman with red flames on its back that looks like a horse mane.


"Hell Hound!" Solitary Tempest exclaimed as she quickly identified the monster that appeared within her sights.

"Over here!"

She looked towards the direction of where the voice was coming from and saw a cloaked figure standing on top of a tree branch gesturing for her to head towards his direction.

She hurriedly pulled out her grappling hook from her waist and shot it towards a tree branch just below Michael, and were quickly pulled towards the tree and barely dodging the ax that a grey orc had swung towards her, with the intention of cleaving her into two.

"Viper! What the heck are you doing f*cker!? Get your ass back here!" Michael then turned his attention back to Viper after he saw that Solitary Tempest had safely arrived on the tree.

Everything from the start until now only happened in a span of ten seconds.

"Shut up! Watch and see how awesome a Demon Hunter is!"

"Beast Takeover!"

The Hell Hound quickly turned into a ball of light and flew inside Viper's body.

Viper's body quickly transformed into an over two meters tall figure, whose body is covered in black fur, with dog-like ears, over an inch long claws and red hot flames swaying around his on his upper body and above his shoulders, along with a pair of scorching golden eyes!

Vipers' current appearance almost looks like the mythical creature, the Werewolf!

His transformation only happened in the span of two seconds, and within that timeframe, the horde of monsters suddenly halted in their tracks just a couple of meters in front of Viper, and their bodies started trembling from out of nowhere as they looked at Viper with fear bearing eyes!

An emotion so very rare towards undead beings, as they are a race that isn't afraid of death...except when they met their true enemies, the Demon Hunters!

The very humans whose sole purpose is to vanquish hellspawn like the grey orcs! Whose abilities are the perfect counters for beings like them!


"F*ck! Are you a werewolf or something!? Freaking awesome!" Michael exclaimed in surprise along with a little bit of envy in his voice.

Solitary Tempest quickly turned towards Michael's direction when she finally realized that the voice seems to be very familiar.


"Hi, there miss! How have you been all this while?" Michael turned towards her and acted ignorantly like there was no past history between the two of them.

"Hmmph! How did someone like you get all the way out here?" Solitary Tempest snorted in annoyance, but her attention is clearly still on Viper whose currently rampaging amidst the chaotic group of monsters who are trying to flee from different directions.

Curious at the so-called Demon Hunter class, and she's really amazed to learn that the class is one hell of a badass!

If only these two people know who are the people behind their masks are, or else, their treatment towards each other would have certainly been very different from what it is currently.

"Talk to you later about it! My boy is currently having fun down there!" Michael said as he took off his cloak and jumped down towards the ground, and started to hunt down any lone Grey Orcs around his vicinity while Solitary Tempest just watched the two of them from up on the tree.

Looking like she doesn't have any intention of joining them.


Slash! Slash! Slash!

"I'll certainly reach Level Thirty after this!" Viper laughed while attacking the fleeing grey orcs with him only using his claws.

Viper sent a couple of fury swipes at the back of a fleeing Grey Orc with his claws, quickly killing the monster as multiple huge damage counters appeared on top of the monster's head before it died.

While Michael can only kill a Grey Orc after attacking them seven to eight times. Viper, on the other hand, could kill one within three to four times, and two out of those four attacks would be critical hits.


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