Fate Online: Shadow
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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"What do you think we should do about him?" said a player called Storm Moonlight to the other people around her as she gestured towards the player in front of them.

"What do you think? This bastard is one of the people who's been causing us a lot of trouble since we appeared" said a player called Black Genesis.

There are currently six players surrounding a lone player in the middle of a forest, and all of them are wearing black outfits with half of their faces covered with a black mask, and the surrounded player is someone Michael is very familiar with.

"Revenants! You guys might kill me again this time, but I promise you all! This grudge between our groups isn't over!" Judgement Fall yelled angrily at them, while he gripped his Wizard Staff tightly as he prepared to give a last hurrah before his inevitable death.

As he knew that there's no escaping from these people.

The six people are actually Miya and the others, and they are inside Forest of Despair where they finally managed to corner Judgement Fall after killing his other companions.

Judgment Fall is actually one of the leading people who are against and one of the enemies of Revenants Guild, where those guilds created an alliance where their sole purpose is to eradicate the Revenants Guild who have been causing them trouble and hindering their plans towards a rebellion.

Yes, a rebellion against the Royal Family of the Sharval Kingdom, an alliance called Dragon Freedom Alliance, formed for the sole purpose of overthrowing the ruling family.

It's a secret alliance between the guilds affiliated to Black Skull.

In fact, Black Skull has the largest player base than the rest of the members of the nine major guilds situated in the Sharval Kingdom.

Black Skull has been trying to cement their foundation to multiple cities just after Judgement Fall had met Michael, but the latter had always been...but more like Michael has always been hindering them without the latter not having a single clue about how he's been causing them a lot of troubles for the Black Skull recently.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

One previous event was when Michael had "snatched" the Night King fragment from them, which was something they had worked hard to hire a thief to steal it from the caravan that was tasked to transport it towards the capital back then, but it was "foiled" by Michael who was just literally passing by and didn't even want to meddle with that event back then.

He was just an innocent bystander who was just implicated back then, which caused him to be chased out from Sharval Kingdom and forced to flee towards the Forest of Despair because he was in the possession of the Night King Fragment, which is still currently in his possession.

And when he found out that Black Skull was related to that time where he was forced to leave the kingdom where he had already worked hard to build a lot of relationships with multiple high-level NPCs, and so he quickly sent a messenger bird to City Lord Gustav and Master Blacksmith Farle.

And when those two influential people received Michael's letter, that's when the nightmare of the members from Black Skull started.

All members from Black Skull were suddenly forced to buy items two times its worth, especially towards the Blacksmiths, some NPCs like an alchemist, baker, herb gatherers or the like even refused to give them any form of a quest.

And those Blacksmith shops who received word from Master Farle quickly started charging two times the price for their services towards any members of Blackskull. Even worst, some of those blacksmiths even banned them from entering their shops for an indefinite time.

This current scene is happening all over the Kingdom of Sharval, some of their high-level members were even captured and interrogated, and were even forced to stay in jail for a few days.

But the most unfortunate ones are those members staying in Haven City, they were literally treated like criminals as it seems that almost everyone is very afraid of associating with them, and if wasn't for those guilds associated to them, then they would've been forced to leave the kingdom and seek asylum to another nation.

And the most annoying thing for them is that they didn't even know what went wrong! They only knew that one day the NPCs had suddenly started treating them differently, especially those NPCs or people in the production classes.

If Sharval Kingdom was the woman, then the members of Black Skull are the man, and that it made them feel like they were being c*ckblocked from getting satisfied from the bed, and what's currently happening to them is very much similar!

Some of them even left the guild and joined another as they can't stand the pressure bearing upon them where soldiers are literally keeping an eye on them whenever they would go, but the thing that they were most afraid of is suddenly getting killed by the soldiers, especially the from the members of Revenants Guild that suddenly popped from out of nowhere like a mushroom that just appeared after a heavy rain.

The scariest about this Revenants Guild for them is that they only have a few members, but every single one of them are all skilled players, and any players that were ever targetted by them all died, no players had ever managed to survive the hit list.

What infuriated them the most is that the Revenants started rejecting any request from them, and instead, Genesis and the others started to only take requests that relate to killing members from Black Skull.

But at least they were lucky that they weren't hired for any services outside of the game, or else...they wouldn't even know what's coming for them.

And of course, their enemies didn't let this opportunity slip past them as they started fanning the flames with the intention of kicking them out from the kingdom and forcing them to relocate somewhere!


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