Fate Online: Shadow
187 I told you this is a Bandit“s Hideout!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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187 I told you this is a Bandit“s Hideout!

"Well, shit"

Michael cursed when he saw the scene in front of them. It was because the place that they had arrived in is a wide room around hundred meters in diameter that has a long table in the middle of it, where there's currently multiple pairs of eyes looking at them.

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in boys!"

A man with a mohawk sitting on the largest seat said to his men laughing, while he slowly stood up from his chair and picked his bastard sword.

"Kuahaha! Looks like we'll get rich this time boss! These two bastards look rich just from the looks of their equipment!" one of the goons laughed while taking a bite from the chicken leg on his hand, as the others laughed along with him.

There are currently thirty bandits in front of Michael and Viper, and all of them are armed with different weapons, and the thirty of them slowly surrounded Michael and Viper from all sides.

"I told you this was a bandit's hideout" Viper whispered with a blank look on his face.

Michael facepalmed when he saw the levels of the bandits. It was because the highest leveled among them is only Level Eighteen, and that's already the Bandit Boss, while the others are just in levels between Level Fourteen and Level Sixteen.

"Let's just this over with and grind someplace else" Michael sighed and slowly pulled his sword from his back.

"My bad" 

Viper pulled out his bow from his back, while the bandits just laughed at them, as they waited for their "prey" to struggle desperately before killing them.

"Hahaha! Boss, look at these fools! They think that they could kill us!"

Slash! Thwack!

The bandits were still laughing, but then they suddenly turned mute when one of their companions was suddenly decapitated, while another one had an arrow stuck on his head.

Both of the bandits died with laughing expressions on their faces, as they probably didn't even know how they died.

"Ahhh! Kill them for me!" The Bandit Boss yelled angrily as he pointed his sword towards the direction of Michael and Viper.

And the bandits quickly charged forward and started attacking both Michael and Viper.

Michael just weaved through their attacks like an agile eel in water and beheaded another two bandits, while Viper on the hand retreated and ran around the corner of the enclosed room while shooting bolts after bolts of arrows towards the bandits chasing after him.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

Viper jumped towards the wall and used it as a footing, as he leaped towards the air and shot an arrow towards the Bandit Boss, who angrily looked towards his direction after he deflected the arrow using his sword.

Viper's class is called Demon Hunter, a hidden class mostly specializes in killing monsters who have dark affinities or attributes like a Necromancer, a Lich, a Death Knight and many more. 

His weapon is a Repeater Crossbow that can shoot either wooden or metal arrows housed in a cylindrical drum of fifty rounds.  It features a small gas tank placed in a skeletal stock and features flip-up sights. The bow on the weapon is easily collapsible for easier concealment and can be deployed at will.

A Demon Hunter is a class affiliated to Sun Temple and serves the Sun God, Balder. Where Viper successfully turned into one after he single-handedly completed and killed a notorious Necromancer using "tricks of his trade".

"Viper, the boss should be killed by me!" Michael yelled when he noticed that Viper has already started to attack the boss while ignoring his pursuers, while he, on the other hand, is still busy taking care of the bandits jumping at him at the same time, unafraid of death!

"It's first come first serve boy!" Viper laughed while he spun in mid-air, dodging the wooden spears that were thrown at him.

Michael jumped back and pointed his right palm towards the bandit that attacked him, and a magic circle appeared before his palm.


A ball of fire, the size of a basketball launched towards the bandit and covered his head, and the bandit started screaming and rolling around on the ground in pain, and not even two seconds later, the bandit died with a scorched head.

"Gahh!" the Bandit Boss swung his bastard sword horizontally towards Viper in anger.

"Not only can you use a sword, but you can also use magic!? The heck kind of a class does you have!?" Viper quickly ducked onto the ground and rolled around as he dodges the attacks of the bandits that are trying to impale him on the ground.

"I told you before, its Herb Hunter!" Michael yelled back in anger, as he hacked down another bandit!

These two people are literally mowing down the bandits one by one in either one or two strikes!

"How are you two so powerful!?"

The Bandit Boss howled in anger when he saw his men dying one by one like they were grass fighting against the lawnmower!

"It's because we're just that awesome!" Michael charged towards the terrified Bandit Boss, with his sword ready to cleave the latter into two!

"Now, die!"

Viper also charged towards the Bandit Boss, as he put his repeater crossbow back and pulled out two throwing daggers from his waist, he halted mid-sprint as he slid forward because of friction and threw the throwing daggers towards the bandit boss!


Michael screamed in anger when he saw that his attack was a second late from Viper's throwing daggers that simultaneously struck the neck and heart of the Bandit Boss.

Michael just sighed, and even though the boss wasn't that high leveled, it's still a boss that could provide him at least two percent of experience points if he had gotten the last hit.

"Sorry lad, I guess I won this time"

Viper came over while laughing, and Michael just ignored him and the items that littered around the floor after the bodies disappeared after they killed the boss.

Instead, he started looking around for a treasure chest or the bandit's treasure room, while Viper busied himself in looting the items littered along the ground.


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